27 June 2015

Carrot Fried Rice - How-To

It's a quiet, cold and drizzly Saturday morning and I'm in the mood for carrot fried rice, so when I'm done here, I'm off to make a new batch.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of the last batch I made. To hydrate the rice you see below, I used one part white rice and two parts combined liquid of homemade chicken stock and freshly juiced carrots. About three parts chicken stock to one part carrot juice and bam, look at that pretty yellow rice.

Turmeric does a nice job as well and so does saffron, but I wanted to use carrot juice instead of turmeric and saffron is out of my price range.

As the rice hydrates on the stove-top,  I prep and cook the carrots, onions and celery. Sometimes I add fresh locally grown organic garlic and ginger, other times I leave it out.

That's how I make yellow rice.  Basic but oh so yummy.

PS: The rice isn't really fried, but that's what we call it.
PPS: I love my new car.
PPPS: I love my new Breville
PPPPS: I have the best Hubby in all the land.

I love spicy peanuts on mine, but was out that day.

26 June 2015

Friday Question: Do You See My New Car?

The mower hit a rock (thanks to pups that love to dig holes). So we took the mower to get fixed and on the ride home, we stopped into the car dealer and Tim bought me a new car.

I swear, that's how it happened. 

Zero interest for the life of the loan (66 months), they pay the first three months worth of payments AND, they took my old clunker. Which I was able to drive there, but then once we got it on site, it died for good.

Perfect timing.

I can't even believe this week. It's been a whirlwind. We've never had a new car, ever. Only clunkers. We drive it and can't believe it's ours. Do you know cars come with automatic windows? And brakes that works? I did not.

Between the new car, new Breville, organic nuts shipped here to make nut butters, I've had a week-long rash, and I didn't even eat dairy. Just the way it is now.  But that's okay, this boiled lobster look is starting to grow on me.

And now, onto Friday's Question: Which car is ours?

Image expands to 800px

24 June 2015

Ice Cream Fun Fact #2834

I researched this one and in some cases, this is true. Now it's got me wondering. I was already going to make sweet potato pumpkin pie ice cream and I've done the zukes, so why no mash? Could be gross. Could be good. 

Whelp, back to chores for me as I await the Breville Beauty to arrive. Have a yummy day and boogie boogie.

22 June 2015

Carrot Cake, Cookies

This was my first time baking with arrowroot starch/flour, as well as amaranth flour. Now I'm on the hunt for quality amaranth seeds so I can mill my own flour, as the store-bought was rancid (probably before it hit the shelves).

Not so yum.

I have another brand of amaranth on hand and I'll give that a go but ideally, I like homemade seed flours. I can make them as needed, no rancidity and often less expensive.

What I did love, was how well the amaranth worked with the arrowroot. So while the recipe (not mine), didn't quite work or have enough flavour, the method of amaranth and arrowroot is a technique I will now use in other bakes. I love that.

Without further a-do-do, here's what I baked.

21 June 2015

Ack! It's Back ....

Maybe I jinxed myself in the last post because everything was going good until we hit the used bookstore for Free RPG Day.


In other news, it's Sunday and I'm not planning on getting out of my jams, at all. It's cold, overcast and the perfect day to be home. Big plans include, making pepperoni rolls for Tim and carrot cake cookies for us.

And that concludes my Sunday post, I'm headed offline to play Zuma. Over and out.

20 June 2015

True or False? Fun Fact #1352

Hello Boogerbutts: It's a little chilly here this morning, but overall, very nice. I'm half-ready for the day. Got my jam bottoms on, but the rest of me is dressed. I'm moving slow and feeling lazy. Which is not a bad thing after such a good week. I was even strong enough to walk the treadmill three different times this week, one hour each.

Hot dog. And, dig this, no new rashes this week. I still have the underlying base-rash but even that's slightly calmer. I'm slowly healing, double hot dog!

Now onto our weekend Fun Fact. It is true or false?

17 June 2015

Gadzukes! It Worked!

The white creamy flesh of the zuke, severed as an inexpensive way to add nutrients and bulk, without compromising on flavour or texture. Add to it, that summer squash is 95 percent water (compared to winter squash at 81 percent), and we have a truly cooling dessert.

As always, my ice creams and frozen yums, are dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, soya-free, refined sugar-free, artificial dye-free, and allergy-friendly.

But that's far too long a list, so I just call them ice creams and frozen, yums. Those looking for the how-to, enlarge the last two photos.

Got questions? Ask below or drop me an email.

PS: Tonight we're ordering my new Breville Beauty. OMG!

12 June 2015

Friday Question: What Am I?

Today, I'd like to say that I'm not going to watch more Breville videos for the new toy that I'm saving (or selling my kidney), to buy. But that would be a lie, as I've already watched two short clips.

Oh my gosh. I just cannot wait. In the past, I prepped EVERYTHING by hand. But now that I'm sick and will be for a bit longer, it's time for some help. Breville to the job.

So much fun.

Fun videos aside, it's time for me to unplug for the day, and get to my chores. Before I go, tell us what these are. As usual, winners will receive something useless and gross.

PS: I can't wait to make this. Click Amy Learns to Cook, Homemade Butter. Organic butter and homemade bread. Tim loves that.

And then here's Love Your Land's Demo

Both are home videos but there's also a bunch of pro-videos, and I've watched them ALLLLL, twice. Lucky buggers, to you who have access to the 2000 watt and the quad blade, which is an impressive toy.

Whelp, time to unplug and clean house and in even BETTER news, my body feels strong today, which makes me happy.

That's a wrap, folks. Cheers and boogie boogie.

11 June 2015

OH MY GOSH!!!!! 1200 Watt Breville Beauty

Yesterday, I researched MANY machines and for reasons I'll write about another day, I picked this Breville Beauty. Complete with Inspector Gadget box, 1200 watt motor (2000 in the UK), and a 25 year warranty on the motor.

More on the details later but for right now, I cannot, not even for a second, express how flippin' excited I am, that THIS Breville Beauty will be in my lab.

Right after I sell a kidney to pay for it.

10 June 2015


Time for a new banner and a new ice cream. This morning, I worked on organic mint using frozen green veggies, which I'll tell you about once the formula is done. But for now, here's my new banner, and my new frozen treat.

In other news, today I'm cleaning the house, making carrot fried rice (my favorite), and brewing another batch of sun tea in one of our Big Bertha Jars.

It's a banner day, all the way around. Which I need because yesterday, after having a major allergic reaction, I was pooped, rested and still pooped. But today, watch out. I'm gonna get some serious cleaning done.

PS: I realize the ice cream looks like vomit balls.

08 June 2015

Made My First Video Today

Oh my gosh, half the video is missing. Well, not missing, it's there but all black screen with the sound of my food processor blitzing about. Then when I thought I was recording, I took still shots and when I thought I wasn't recording, I got my feet. So there ya' go. That was my day at work.

I don't know what I'm doing but I am having fun.

Let's move on to the today's dessert, apple and banana soft serve. Not my top pick in the collection but super smooth and scoopable. Even held shape after the photo shoot.


Food processor, rubber spatula, scooper (optional), and the ability to wing-it. Allergy-friendly doesn't have to be bland or boring. Have fun with different fruits (and veggies).

INGREDIENTS: (makes 4-5 medium scoops)

1 Organic Banana (sliced and frozen)
  * I used almost ready-to-eat, nanners
2 Organic Apples (w/skins on, chunked and frozen)
  * For this, I used organic POMMES from Chile
100% Pure Maple Syrup (from fridge)
  * For this, I used medium grade amber
Organic Cinnamon, to taste
Organic Nutmeg, to taste

NOTE: If you're adventurous also add ground allspice and cloves, taking care not to over-power the apple. 

ORGANICS: I choose organic non-GMO ingredients. If not using organic apples, please discard the skins, especially for those with compromised immune systems, like me :-)

MAPLE SYRUP: I use local medium amber, or Canadian dark amber. Both 100% pure.

FREEZING FRUIT: Slice and place fruit on an uncovered bake or cookie tray. Freeze overnight or shorter, depending on your freezer, taking care not to over-freeze.

Once properly frozen, allow fruit to defrost slightly so that it easily comes off the pan. From here, the fruit should not clump when stored in freezer safe container or baggie.

1) Dump frozen fruit, then the spices in the food processor bowl and hit blitz. Those using 4 cup mini preps, select grind.
2) Once crumbly, open lid, knock back down and taste. Adjust spices, if needed.
3) Blitz again and drizzle 30-60ml (2-4 TB) of maple syrup. The maple will emulsify the frozen fruit, resulting (depending on your machine), in a smooth and scoopable texture.

Over processing will create a mush. Give yourself a few goes to get the texture and taste the way you like.

4) Eat straight away.  

Below is what I thought was being shot on video. It's the smooth texture at the end. If using a small processor or mini prep, you may need to cut this formula in half. 

Thanks for reading & boogie boogie :-)

07 June 2015

Strike While the Iron is Hot

One of the things I suck at is taking the time to properly write-up my formulas, and post them with photos. It's not because I don't want to share, but more so, because I never believed anyone would want or use them.

That's not to say that I think my food is bad, just that l didn't feel there was an interest. Though I do sometimes feel that I don't have enough to share, food-wise.

Regardless, it's time to move to food videos and How-To posts, so I best strike while the iron is hot, which feels like now, given the recent interest in my homemade, allergy-friendly ice creams.

Big thanks to those of you who have expressed interest. Today, I'm headed to my lab to get started on my first official How-To, with photos. Should be ready for Monday's post.

Wish me luck. I'm scared.

06 June 2015

My New Toys (better than diamonds)

Look at the new toys. Oh my gosh, I love these things. I have all kinds of sizes but I NEVER had the wee baby and the Big Bertha's, before. I'm almost too excited.

As I type, I have loose herbal tea setting overnight in one of the Big Bertha's. But before that, I made a second serving of cherry ice cream and ate it out of the baby size.

Perfect. Love it. So happy.

Fun Fact #1663

05 June 2015

2 Turds 1 Shoe

If you guessed apple, you win two turds and a shoe. Please enjoy. In other news, it's Friday and pouring rain. Perfect for a day of rest. But come Saturday, I want to party. And when I say party, I mean go buy half-gallon mason jars and hit Barnes.

Thanks for playing and boogie boogie.

PS: This is one of the first ice creams I made a few weeks ago, when I got my taste buds back. Since being able to taste food again, I've been making all kinds of fun things. More on that another day, because right now, I'm headed to put an organic bird in the oven. Simple. Easy. Delish.

Friday Question: What Am I?

04 June 2015

Want Some? I Have Extra (not really)

Before I Hit The Slab

This is what my writing day looked like, Monday. I did a few different batches of allergy-friendly ice cream sandwiches. This one below, has 5g of homemade organic cacao powder, but the cookie didn't taste of cacao.

Back to the drawing board.

But not now. Now it's after midnight (again), and it's been a long, good day. Even got some new chocolate and new cacao to play with (more on that later).

Right now, I'm about to hit the slab.

03 June 2015

Blueberry Almond Coconut Crunch

What a morning. Back from running around and with a pretty good face rash at that. Not from pollen, from the food store. Right after I touched something, I got a rash on my hand and soon, my face.

I look like a hot mess.

Good thing I know how to make Blueberry Almond & Coconut Crunch, ice cream. Ah ... all better now. Well, not really but at least my purple blueberry tongue, matches my hot pink rash face.

See, always the silver lining.

Pineapple, YUM!

I'm working on homemade ice creams, sherbets, sorbets and soft serve, yums. All free of dairy, eggs and refined sugars.

Special THANKS! to my new friend Elizabeth. My plan was to mush the banana and then freeze. But her experience was freeze, then blitz in the food processor. Brilliant. I'll never eat store-bought ice cream again, there's just no need, this stuff is THAT good.

From there, I've been working on all kinds of combinations. The one below is pineapple, apple and banana with a wee bit of local maple syrup.

Allergies might suck, but the writing sure doesn't.

02 June 2015


We're about to close the lid on our coffins. Before we do, check out the new apron that Tim's mom sent me.

I love it.

01 June 2015

Stretchy Arms Make Cleaning Fun (I swear)

Stretchy arms makes Monday chores, so much better, and MORE fun. Okay, granted, I enjoy the whole homemaker bit. I love it. And soon, I'll be done for the day. Love that, too.

In food news, I'm working on MORE dairy-free ice cream but this week, I've bumped it up a notch. That's right, if you guessed dairy-free ice cream sandwiches, give yourself an A on your paper and a star on your forehead.

Gonna be a good week.