26 July 2011

I Cheated

Hello.  My name is Ivy and today I used store-bought rolls for my homemade chicken meatball Parmesan sub.

For shame.

However, I'd like to think I redeemed myself with homemade chocolate chip mini scones.

That's all from me today.  I'm working on Etsy and drinking a new coffee.  I had to switch to a new brand after Seattle's Best started to taste like burnt arse (that's for you Lurker).

Have a groovy day and remember to eat nummy things.

25 July 2011

Home Alone

There's something fantastic about being in a hot kitchen with a ton of ingredients and a double batch of bagel dough.

So while Tim spent Saturday with Rob and Dwayne.  Wiggy and I cranked some Theory and played in the kitchen.

She didn't so much play, but she was real supportive when it came time to bake a batch of peanut butter doggy biscuits.

20 July 2011

Figured it's been awhile ...

Good Morning Sunshines

It's Wednesday morning here in the Land of Wiggy.  Just finished breakfast and we're headed for walk.  After that, it's another scheduled writing session for me, followed by more Etsy work.

I'm getting closer to opening my shoppe and I'm pretty darn excited about that.  Woohoo.

And dig this, I'm actually having fun with it.

Double woohoo. 

Of course, Etsy will never be as fun four chickens and a good knife, but then, so few things are.

Homemade Carcass Broth
Stored and frozen, for easy use. LOVE that.

19 July 2011

4 Carcasses and a Pizza

Hello.  My name is Ivy.  And I love to shop for ingredients.

Guess what I bought yesterday?

Four more clean chickens. That's right.  It's time to chop 'em up and FoodSaver the parts.  After that I'll make a big-ass cauldron of carcass broth. 

Now that's good livin'.

Not made from chicken carcasses.

18 July 2011

I Love This Day

I’ve got my original writing table back where it belongs, completed a kick-ass scheduled writing session, the house is spotless, and I'm about to hit the market for ingredients.

I love this day.

14 July 2011

Makes Me Smile

I was planning on a puppy hug post, but then my camera caught this. She never sat there before. That's my seat. But she can have it, anytime. 

Note the Scary Frog in the background.

Have a groovy day, Boogerbutts.

12 July 2011


Hot dog.  Today I finally got some solid work done with the relaunch.  As my regulars know, I've been in my own way for awhile now, regarding this one project.

But today, I feel hopeful.

And now, I bring you more Wigglebutt.  While I worked on Etsy, she sat under Tim's desk, looking cute as ever.  I tell ya, she just gets cuter and cuter each day.

What a little love bug she is.

And here she is being ever so good as I continue to take photos of her, on a hot day, under her new blanket.  Very patient little pup.

Time to make her another batch of Oatmen.

07 July 2011


This made me laugh, so I stole it from Suzan's blog. Click the picture of McGregor to watch the video. He's yummy.

Enjoy and Happy Blogging.

PS: I tossed in four pictures of Miss Wiggy, on her new blankets. As editor, I should be able to select the two top shots, but I can't today.  I love them all.  And her.  She's a good pup. 

With one pointy-ass skull.

PPS: Thanks to all you Boogerbutts for the great comments on my last post. I enjoyed reading them. You guys rock.

05 July 2011

Ever been punched?

This past weekend I got my first taste of being punched in the face.  Just as I bent down to get a blanket off the floor, Miss Wiggy leaped for the couch, followed by a loud cracking sound.

Bam.  Upper right.

Never been punched before.  It stings and burns, then swells and itches.

Next time I'll think twice before buying her, Pow! Slam! Wham! fabric.  Meanwhile, check out her new pink pattern.

I bought a wee bit extra so I could play around.  I'm thinking about making her a squeaky toy.

It's time for me to get offline and get to sewing.  The plan is the relaunch the blanket business by the end of the week.

My reward will be a 10k on Friday.  I'm feeling pretty good about the blankets and the reward is exciting.

Have a groovy day, Boogerbutts.

02 July 2011


Guess who's getting a new superhero blanket? Eight rotten peaches and two gluten-free crackers, for everyone who guesses right.

Figured since I'm having a hard time getting excited about restarting the blanket business, that I'd buy new fabric to play with. And I gotta say, I had fun buying this fleece. 

And just so Poopyhead didn't feel left out, I bought him a few big-ass steaks for the weekend. 

That's about all from me.  Hope you had a good work week.  Mine is officially over and we have two days off in a row.


01 July 2011

My Stumbling Block

I'm supposed to be working on Etsy today.  Taking pictures of blankets, writing ad copy, cropping and all that gunk.  But I gotta tell ya, I'm not enjoying it.


I'd rather be jogging or rewriting an entire manuscript.  But since my legs are resting today and the manuscript is done, I thought I'd be a good girl and get Etsy going.

Only that ain't happening.

So I made these banana cakes.  Half filled with Nutella and half filled with vanilla cream cheese icing.

It's not Etsy but at least it was fun.

If you're new here, you can see just how long this has been a stumbling block for me, by clicking Stupid Sewing Room and Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.

Now I really should get to work.  Oh wait, Tim just called and is bringing home supper.  Guess I can't get to it now.

Gosh darn it.  So close.