19 July 2011

4 Carcasses and a Pizza

Hello.  My name is Ivy.  And I love to shop for ingredients.

Guess what I bought yesterday?

Four more clean chickens. That's right.  It's time to chop 'em up and FoodSaver the parts.  After that I'll make a big-ass cauldron of carcass broth. 

Now that's good livin'.

Not made from chicken carcasses.


  1. No fair...I'm hungry and I'm not supposed to eat pizza. Carb diet you know...oh, but that is so yummy looking. I have to shut you off. :)

  2. Mmmm... Carcass broth... My favourite!

  3. Holy guacamole that looks good!

  4. Pizza...
    BBQ Chicken Pizza! Even better.

  5. Somehow you make carcasses sound delish...how did you do that??

  6. ooh that looks so good. I've had zero carbs aside from the croutons in my salad and that pizza makes my mouth water. What is it about bread products that we love?

  7. speaking as someone who is 90+% carnivorous and not because of a diet, Carcass broth sounds delicious.

  8. Ha! Carcass broth! I have some carcasses saved up in the freezer just to make such a thing! I should get on that....that pizza looks to die for! Thanks for reminding me to clean out the freezer of one set of items just so I can re stock it with the another!!

  9. Really, Ivy, you must move to Houston and open a restaurant with delivery service.



  10. Laila: Why aren't you supposed to eat carbs? I can't even wrap my head around that? No thanks. Life is too damn short.

    Harald: See, and I knew that too.

    Lurker: That girl in Cage's movie looks like his kid. Just creepy, if she's not.

    christian: Tasted good. Sorry about your Roma. Poor little guy.

    Alex: Lots of fun and easy to make. Do you cook?

    Chuck: It's all in the name, carcass broth. What's not to like?

    mshatch: I don't get you girls and your extreme dieting rules. Life just too short for that crap.

    2eDM: Nice to see you here. It's a great way to use all the bird. What's your favorite meat? I rather like Coleman bacon and clean chickens.

    Lo-mo: Loved your bread on the grill. Absolutely brilliant. And those ribs looked mighty good, too. Num num num.

    Suzan: Another Texas Blogger ... there's quite of a few of you folks. Do you have a favorite Texan-style meat dish?

  11. Ah, I'm a transplanted Yankee, so I honestly can't say I cook Texan. I can make a mean pot of Cincinnati chili though.

  12. Suzan: Nothing like a good chili.

  13. If the pizza goes missing through cyberspace, can we frame... er, finger Wiggs for the loss?