Tuesday, November 12, 2019

LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! (with vertical video test)

I'm still sick but just at the very end of it, which is good. Boy, this thing held on for TOO LONG. But on the bright side, I still enjoyed Halloween staycation with Smoochie Face. And, we went to the oral surgeon and setup the appointment to rip out 4 wisdom and one front (ish), tooth. They called today and with insurance we have left (used some on the dentist), my extraction and bone graft (not sure if that's the right word), will be 300 smackers. We are both happy about this because we thought the cost was going to be considerably more.

In other news, I LOVE my new Canon M50 I'm learning each day how to use it. I'm learning how to use manual and what it means to let in light. And, I'm starting to see food in scenes and story, which is something I haven't really worked on before. I'm also saving for a marco lens. Much to learn but I tell you, what a fun thing.

And now, I wish you all a Happy Winter (or Summer). Here's a little vertical video I made. I set it to 720p which should upload directly to Blogger and be easy to see on phones.

Let's find out.

PS: If you can't view it, please let me know. I'm curious what works for folks and what doesn't with regards to posting native video on Blogger.

Happy Winter and Boogie Boogie.

PPS: Who else got snow? To be honest, I'm excited for winter. We had snow already but today, it's just such a pretty winter wonderland, that I can't help but smile and take lots of pictures.

Monday, October 28, 2019


I have a HUGE fridge. HUGE. Too big really, but I do fill it with many jars and experiments so I can't downsize the fridge at this time BUT, I can move it.

So I did.

The living room will become the extended kitchen/studio. Tim's idea is to make the studio bigger and the living room, much, much smaller. Just enough to snuggle in for a big screen movie, read a book or take a nap. And with our annual 10-day Halloween staycation coming up, why not get back to work?


In other news, it's been cold for a billion days and today, somehow, Mama Earth is giving us a bright spring day, side of the mountain. Though I hear, other areas got snow.

And that my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print.

Friday, October 11, 2019

FQ: Riddle Me This, Batman

Riddle me this, Batman....

There were once only three but soon one exited.
Replaced by another.
Then another gone, also replaced.
Same happened once more.
In the end, there were a total of six.
Though never more than four appearing at once.

Who are we?

Bonus spiders and broken bits of glass if you can name the one below.

And in other news, I love being back to both Blogger and YouTube. To check out my latest video, click here or below. PS: I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA (in case I haven't mentioned it yet today).

Monday, October 07, 2019