Monday, February 04, 2019


I hate being sick but then, I don't remember the last time I heard someone say, "gee, I'd love to catch a bug and be out for the week."
The good news is, I'm on the end of this thing and able to do light work. Which leads me to the last installment of my 3-part podcast.


I gotta tell ya, it feels good to finally be comfortable with self-promotion. Took me forever to get here but now that I am, I feel lighter and free to do the jobs that I need to do without the clutter that comes with feeling uncomfortable.

Goodbye scary monster. Goodbye emotional clutter. You can suck it.


In other news, it's freakin' BEAUTIFUL here today and has been all weekend. I tell you what? I'll take being sick on a sunny day over any other kind because at least in the warm sun, I can sit on the porch, close my eyes and suck in some healing rays. Makes me breathe better, too.

Sunday, January 27, 2019


For me, it's not creating that's an issue. Creating content comes natural and easy for me. Plus, I'm never going to only write, draw, podcast, make videos or write the science behind allergy-friendly air-fry bakes.

I'm always gonna have my hands in various projects at once. I enjoy the work a great deal with no plans to stop.

But ... as I start to build my brand, I want that whitebox (like back when I decluttered), I want that main platform to drive at (with the other platforms in support). And I think... I very much think, I figured it out. But that's a podcast for another day.

For today, please have a listen to, I'M UNCOMFORTABLE - much thanks and boogie boogie.

Friday, January 25, 2019


I'm very, very happy with my ability to sustain a high level of productivity. Writing, drawing, baking, comes nature for me. I value that in myself and I'm happy it's part of me.

But ...

Let's jump into the TARDIS and visit The Great Declutter of 2016. Entirely motivated by a want for a whitebox. A place to shoot food photos. That single focus fueled an entire letting go of 95 percent of my stuff.

With food, videos, cartoons, blog posts, IG captions, podcast and so on, I don't have that single focus or whitebox in mind. In fact, I don't even know what my main is?

Which brings me to my podcast,

Friday Question: What do you suck at?

2nd Friday Question:

Name the last baked good you ate? For me, CANDY CANE SCONES, from my air fryer - Yeah baby. Life is good.

And now, drum roll please... the answer to last week is ... Lucy's kitchen! If you look to left, she's coming into the room.

Stale Oreos and hairy pickles for everyone because let's face it, everyone should have a plate of that. So gross.

Happy Weekend, Boogerbutts!

2 ways to listen: Click the video or the play button.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Hello Boogerbutts and Happy Freakin' Tuesday. Super duper sunny out, lots of good snow, just simmered a batch of almonds for almond date paste and before that I had breakfast.

So far, this is not an exciting post.

That'll happen.

What is exciting to me, is Tim's new website for both desktop and mobile. To see it, go to Gothridge Manor or by click on the cartoon below.

What I love about his site is it's everything in one. Patreon, blog, podcast, store and social links. Now I've got the same vision in my head only, it'll be pictures of my food with video, printable recipes, blog, podcast and merch.

I feel like Blogger is limited for everything that I want to share. But I also want to keep blogging and I like the way Tim has it all right there on his page.

Lastly, this past weekend I made the creamiest hummus ever, even Tim liked it and he's not a bean dip dude. See, if I had my page, I could share the printable, video and photos.

And for today's breakfast, I made this in my new DeLonghi air fryer and mulit-cooker. I love this machine. Love it!

And that my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print.