27 April, 2022

Melted Brain & Wiggy's Gotcha Day

You know what? It's been so long since I posted on Blogger and IG that I almost forgot how to do both. I'm trying to add a photo and I feel like my brain is melting and can't figure it out. Think I got it now though. 

Guess what else? Today is Wiggy's Gotcha Day! 11 years flew by since we got her at the puppy pound. She didn't even know how to use stairs. Now she bolts up them like lightening, even at 11. 

Best dog, ever!

In other news, there's been a lot of reno/demo, moving of things, moving of rooms and building going on. Almost too many things at once but it's a big space. In the end, I'll have 350 square feet for a kitchen and studio area or 32.5 square meters. To me, that's huge. Pictures to come, but for today, just the shot of Miss Wiggy on her Gotcha Day!

Know what else? I miss reading and writing blogs. I don't even know how long I've been away. Awhile. And remember Friday Questions? Those were fun. I'd like to bring that back. But for now, I just wanna say howdy, and show off Miss Wiggy on her Gotcha Day!

See you Boogerbutts soon, if not sooner.

Whisk, out. 


18 August, 2021

I'm Back, Baby! (and we're debt-free!)

Hello Boogerbutts!

Guess what? It's been 13 months of living DEBT FREE! We got out of debt just over a year ago and I still cannot stop smiling.

In other news, tomorrow our new fridge and oven arrive and I'm pretty sure that I won't be able to sleep tonight.

I went for a smaller no-frills oven and a thinner, taller fridge. The fridge we have now, we could bury ourselves in and still have room for more.

It's honkin' huge.

I lose stuff all the time in the back because my arms don't reach. That, and the fridge is about dead anyway, so this was the perfect time. I could have gotten it fixed but the smaller, thinner fridge is something I've wanted for a long time so I just went for it. 

Insert BIG SMILE, here.

Total budget for the appliances: 2,000 smackers and we came in under budget with 427 left. That included the shipping, taxes and removal of the old stuff.

Now, the real question is ... what colour will I chalk paint the new fridge and oven?

I'm crazy into Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Pictures to come another day. For right now, I gotta get my butt in gear and move kitchen stuff out of the way for the deliveries. 


And that my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print. Hope you are well and I'll be about later to catch up on your blogs because I've been way for a year but now, I'm back, baby!

Cheers and boogie boogie. 

01 July, 2020

HOME! HOME! HOME! (I love it!)

This is Whisk, reporting LIVE from Smoochie Face's office. I'm still in my jams, just ate a big-ass everything bagel with mock nuggets, local maple syrup and dried habanero peppers. With nothing but sunshine in the forecast, I predict a wonderful 5-day weekend. Happy Canada Day! Happy 4th of July! Happy Summer! Or ... depending on where you live, Happy Winter!

In other news, I have zero plans to get dressed today and later, I might make brownies. But if you're interested in frozen treats, I've linked my two most recent cold desserts at the bottom on this post.

And in other, OTHER news ......

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24 June, 2020

FLIPPIN' FLOOPIN' FLAPPIN' (that's the title I'm going with today)

Okay ... ready? Here's the BEST thing about having a small 1,000 dollar emergency fund set aside BEFORE we started to pay down debt. That little bit makes me feel safe. Makes me feel like okay, if there's a bump, we got it. And got it we do, because when the bill comes (see cartoon), we're good to go. We have it. And you know what that means? For me, no stress. Zero.

Nadda. Nadda. Nadda.

Plumbers came today, we have the money, debt still gets paid down and I didn't have to cancel the order for my new studio mic.

How flippin' floopin' flappin' groovy is that?

I had planned on writing about food today but that got blown out of the water because I had to get all the reno stuff out of the way for the plumbers, which meant I was up very, very late. So instead, I made you this cartoon and I'm sharing my latest two videos.

And that my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print.

Cheers and boogie boogie. Whisk, out.