12 July 2011


Hot dog.  Today I finally got some solid work done with the relaunch.  As my regulars know, I've been in my own way for awhile now, regarding this one project.

But today, I feel hopeful.

And now, I bring you more Wigglebutt.  While I worked on Etsy, she sat under Tim's desk, looking cute as ever.  I tell ya, she just gets cuter and cuter each day.

What a little love bug she is.

And here she is being ever so good as I continue to take photos of her, on a hot day, under her new blanket.  Very patient little pup.

Time to make her another batch of Oatmen.


  1. Hi Ray: I'm using the second one as wallpaper. Thanks for dropping in. Hope all is well on your end of the world.

  2. Hello Queen Boogerbutt, she's looks happy and content, good work.

  3. Angry Boogerbutt: I dunno. I think Miss Wiggy is more the queen these days. I'm just here to give her only the best treats ever. But seriously, it's great to have her. Can't imagine no one wanted her. Just because she wiggled too much.

  4. inspiration comes from everywhere... cute little monkey... and if it wiggles... ahhhh

  5. iZombie: And a good little monkey, she is. She's still tucked under Tim's desk now, a I type this comment. Too cute.

  6. My two-year-old won't stand still for pictures as cute as yours! What a sweetie :)

  7. Hope is a good thing to have. :)

  8. All your doggy love photos makes me miss my old guy.

  9. Bartender: I take more pictures of her, than I do food.

    Jess: Have you tried rewarding her with peanut butter?

    Trey: It really is. Changes my entire approach and willingness to get the project off my desk, and out there.

    Alex: Those floppy ears get me every time.

    TIMMYTHEROBOT: She's a little honey bunny.

  10. Lovely photos and beautiful dog!!!
    I wish you a happy summer, why am away from the INTERNET, until September.
    Sorry about that.
    Many greetings and kisses

  11. She's a great model. Her tongue even matches the blanket. I've said it before I think, but pink really looks good on her fur.

  12. Susan: I barely saw you there, my bad. No icon these days? Sorry about the reminder. Did you get a new dog since?

    magda: I look forward to your upcoming photos. I wish you a happy summer. Hugs.

    Porky: I like the pink with her colors, as well. So cute. I have another new doggy print for her to model, as soon as I get a good backing for the front fabric.

  13. Oh my goodness...If I were to bring a doggy home, it would be a cute dog like this...she looks so darned happy and cozy!!