05 July 2011

Ever been punched?

This past weekend I got my first taste of being punched in the face.  Just as I bent down to get a blanket off the floor, Miss Wiggy leaped for the couch, followed by a loud cracking sound.

Bam.  Upper right.

Never been punched before.  It stings and burns, then swells and itches.

Next time I'll think twice before buying her, Pow! Slam! Wham! fabric.  Meanwhile, check out her new pink pattern.

I bought a wee bit extra so I could play around.  I'm thinking about making her a squeaky toy.

It's time for me to get offline and get to sewing.  The plan is the relaunch the blanket business by the end of the week.

My reward will be a 10k on Friday.  I'm feeling pretty good about the blankets and the reward is exciting.

Have a groovy day, Boogerbutts.


  1. Are you alright Queen Boogerbutt?

  2. I think Dog Punch would have been my username if I hadn't gone with Barking Alien.

    Hurts like the dickens but only for a short time. I hope it passes soon lovely person.

    Wiggy is sorry. She just got excited. Delilah has done it before too.

  3. Oh no - who would have thought a piece of fabric could be such a bad influence???

    Hope you've recovered - and are not intending to sue Wiggy!!!

  4. That's one aggro pooch.

    Unfortunately I have had a few too many incidents of being punched in the face. But I do not regret my tireless defense of cake.

  5. bogeybum. I had an altercation with the high chair the other day: I stupidly walked it into a doorframe and it hit me in the mouth, driving my upper incisors into my bottom lip - blood, swelling, and now about half a dozen ulcers so painful it hurts to talk and eat.

    Also I managed to cut a fellow student's shin with my rapier yesterday, there was a bit of blood, not much, but it looked so painful. I was overwhelmed with guilt but the guy was fine about it (I think he was chuffed to get a fencing scar TBH).

  6. Ouch! I think you need a nice slice of pie to make it alright ;).

  7. i hopes you is okay, cause i needs me daily dose of foods from your fridge...

    really hope you are okay,

    boogerbutt, out.

  8. Have I mentioned that coming to your blog always makes me hungry. Good luck on the blankets, love the fabric.

  9. Punched? Of course. Mrs. destination unknown regularly punches me in the neck when I get out of line, which is daily unfortunately.

  10. Hopefully no one blames Tim. ;)

  11. As Jagatai says, welcome to the club. We few, we happy [?!] few... Yeah, punches (and canine head-butts) are no fun at all. Hope it doesn't hurt too much.

  12. I'm sure she didn't mean to punch you...

  13. Owww. Forget Miss Wiggy . . . I say wrap yourself in that cushy fleece.

  14. So how many XP was that worth for Miss Wiggy? ;)

  15. To her it might have been a love tap...I know how hard my dogs heads are and I'm sure they don't feel a thing when they head-butt my face! Good luck on the 10-k!

  16. Ouch a rooni! Sounds like Miss Wiggy was just so excited to see you she just had to head but you! I hope your face feels better.

  17. Too many times my friend. haha, I clocked my pretty lady hard one time right in the kisser- I was putting a sweater on and I punched my fist up through the sleeve pretty hard, and she had just moved next to me.. bamn!!!

  18. That's rough. I thought it was another clever post title. You've been quiet with it - I hope you're just taking it easy. I don't think I know what a 10k is, and I'm pretty sure it's not related to 40K, Warhammer 40K that is, but I do hope it's something much better, excellent in fact.

  19. Wow. How big is Miss Wiggy if it feels like a punch in the face?! Sorry to hear that.

  20. To All the Boogerbutts: Came home from the shop last night to a bunch of wonderful comments. Thanks bunches for stopping by my little corner of the world. Upper right side of my face doing well. It's a yellow-green. It's my new half-face zombie look. Very stylish.

    Apologies for the late reply, but wasn't online yesterday due to sewing and then working at the shop. It's Wednesday morning here, and I'm going to answer you all below.

    Thanks again for the drop by and telling me your stories. You guys are the best.

    Lurker: I am indeed. Just sore and when it happened, I was confused. I heard the crack and landed on the ground but didn't know what in the frick happened.

    Barking Alien: Miss Wiggy was hyper as heck and she's a powerful little pup. Or, not so little. She six months now.

    Flea: I didn't even know Wiggy could read? Guess I'll be more careful. Her second blanket is pink. Maybe that will be less dog-punch worthy.

    Cake: I'm trying to imagine what it would feel like for my fist to hit hard on someone's face. I'd think it would hurt, as well. Miss Wiggy has a pointy ass head, and she didn't feel a thing.

    Dungeonmum: An altercation with a high chair. My word. I hope it doesn't hurt today. Ouch. And double ouch on the rapier to shin injury. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Hottest Elf Chick (aka Pie): I might just make one. If I can figure a way to make a puppy pie, I'll do that as well. Really dig your new apron.

    iZombie: I am good. Sporting the new look this season. Half-face zombie girl. Very in.

    Patti: Howdy. Haven't chatted with you in awhile. Nice to see you again. Thanks for the well wishes.

    William: Noooooo. She's a good pup. She ran right over and kissed me a billion times, while sniffing my face. Whenever I get hurt, she does this kiss and sniff thing. Sounds more like a piggy, but that's Wig.

    christian: I think you're pulling my leg. Hope you come back to blogging. You will be missed.

    Jagatai: Thank you. It was a loud crack. Got me good.

    Trey: I thought about that and how no one ever believe the real story of a black eye. Or in my case, yellow-green zombie half-face.

    Bard: Thank you for the welcome. Just stings and itches today.

    Alex: Congrats on your second book. Woohoo. I know she didn't meant it. She was in puppy spaz mode, jumping around like a nutball.

    MG Higgins: Be taking a picture of her in her new blanket, soon. Hope your research is going well.

    Pere Ubu: 4,300 points. I would have given her an even 5,000 but it wasn't a complete knockout.

    Chuck: Thanks. Excited for the 10k. I don't think Wig felt anything, as she was fine.

    Lo-mo: Thanks. Feeling good. Wiggy gets mega excited over things. She wiggles like crazy.

    Pierce: Ouch! Oh my goodness. That really had to hurt. Boy, it's great reading these comments and learning more about you all.

    Porky: Yes, sorry about being late. I wasn't online until I got home last night, after work and the market. 10K is ten kilometers. It'll be a nice reward at the end of the this work week.

    Bought a wee bit more doggy fabric yesterday so I can make her a pillow too. Maybe she can head butt that, instead of my face.

  21. Maurice: She's a good sized pup with a sharp pointy devil bone on the top of her skull, traveling fast toward my face.

  22. My dog has given me a few bruises too.

  23. Mr. Cactus: What kind of dog do you have?

  24. Oh, sweetie! I hope both you and Wiggly are feeling better.

  25. Suzan: Wiggy didn't feel a thing. I'm real good. I don't look good, but I'm feeling rather groovy.

  26. Believe it or not I actually had a rather small house cat do that to me once. She was staring out the front window and growling, it was dark so I leaned in close to see what she was growling at. Turns out it was another cat that took off to the left as I leaned in, my little cat launched herself in the same direction; directly into my face; which then launched her like a rocket into the ceiling. She was surprised by this and not terribly amused as she landed on my head and shoulders, but I didn't suffer her wrath long because I managed to dislodge her from me to the nearby couch. From there she was a little freaked out and kept running until she hit the bookcase, then leapt to the floor; where she should have been safely able to run and hide wherever she wanted to, but she landed on top of our other bigger sleeping cat, which started another new entirely different and unpleasant chain of events for her, the other cat, myself and my wife. I escaped the incident with minor cuts and bruising.

    Other than that, I have been punched a bunch of times because I worked my way through college as a bouncer.

  27. Greg: What's a falcon punch?

    Jagatai: Great, great story. And funny. Thanks for sharing it. I enjoy hearing more from you guys like this. Makes blogging even more fun.


  28. Falcon Punch is a video game reference. In the Nintendo game Super Smash Brothers, you can play a character from an early Nintendo game called Captain Falcon. He had this really powerful punching move where he would yell out "FALCON PUNCH" and then knock the other person off the map.

  29. Greg: Ohhhhhh. Groovy. Thanks for explaining. And I like what you did with the play on Spartacus. Good stuff.

  30. Thanks, Whisk.

    You know, I just realized Happy Whisk isnt in my blogroll. Whoops. I guess I just always find my way here via your hubby's blog. ;)