27 March 2024


This just in ... I love baking. More specifically, writing bakes. The latest is Blueberry & Fig Bake. Never put those two together in a bake and wanted to give it a go, so I did and we LOVED it. Of the last five bakes written, the Blueberry & Fig Bake, takes the cake. Though the Apple Cinnamon Date Bake, the first one was good. The second one, not so much. I added pecans to the batter and couldn't taste a single nut. And, I didn't really love how they set up in the muffin cases. On the sunny side, it gave me and idea for a pecan oat crunch topping for another time.

Guess what tomorrow's bake is? If you guessed Vanilla Banana Bake you win three bottle tops and a piece of ABC gum. You're welcome.

In other news, I started a sprouted radish experiment. These sprouts should be spicy. Can't wait to eat them. Can't wait to snap shots with the macro lens. Hopefully the sprouts are ready in time for my next post. 

In other, other news, below is a picture of my haul. I can't add and that's why I ended up with two big bags of popcorn kernels. The sprouting lids came with a coupon (hot dog). And The Detectorist we've seen many times. We haven't seen the movie that takes place five years after the series. That'll be fun to watch. The real star is the vanilla bean pods. Have you ever made vanilla cashew milk?


And I guess, that about wraps up this post. Tomorrow is a half-day, which means head to the market, get done and get home to bake. For now, I'm gonna flop on the couch and watch a little something something before it's off to Snoozerville City. 

Wishing you a yummy week.

Huggs & Bugs, Me. 

24 March 2024

HOT DOG! I'M ON THE MEND (hoping for good this time)

Hellooooo Boogerbutts. Guess where we are? 

If you guessed Barnes you get a star on your forehead and an A on your paper. Haven't been here in weeks. Weeks, I say, weeks.

You know when we get sick, heal up and yet don't feel all the way better yet? Just tired and off. When I got Covid in February I never recovered. A month later I still wasn't right. Turns out, I had bronchitis, water in my ears, a nasty sinus infection and needed eletrolytes.

I never had an infection that messed with my eyes so bad as this. I thought, my eyes were going bad. Soon as I got on the cleanup-this-sickness plan, my eyes were the first things to correct themselves.

Being able to read and write again is heaven. Heaven I say, heaven. 

I'm using an inhaler for the first time and I love it. I'm long-past contagious and it's just sooooo nice to be at Barnes, reading and writing again. I had no idea the sinus infection could mess with my eyes. Feels good to be on the mend. 

Speaking of writing, this past week I wrote three new bakes. Yesterday's bake: Apple Cinnamon Date Bake, made with spelt, oat, medjool dates and 50ml of local-down-the-road, maple. Sooooo yummy. Next bake, same formula with pecans. Then after that, the same formula moved into muffin form, just to see how the batter I wrote, holds up. Sometimes a bake behaves one way in one bake dish and another way in another pan/shape. I'll shoot for mini muffins and breakfast muffin, sizes. Just to compare. 

In other news, I'm sleeping better. Less worn-out before and after work which means that I get more out of my day (like writing three bakes last week and preparing good meals). We did eat out twice last week and it's up in the air if we do takeaway on the ride home. 

In other, other news, who loves Barnes? Sometimes it takes me a bit to get myself here and then when I'm here I'm like, duh, I could have had a V8. I feel a lot of hope and good energy when we hit Barnes cafe'. We read, write and enjoy good drinks. Sipping on my second Soya London Fog, as I type. 


Even walking around Barnes, feels good. Guess what? My lungs were able to slowly make it up the Barnes stairs and I didn't need the inhaler. Hot dog! I'm on the mend. 

And that my friends, is all that's fit to print. Chat again soon. Huggs and Buggs, Me. 

05 March 2024

I'm Pooped - Pooped I Say, Pooped!

Raise your hand if you're tired from the day. I really, really am. Even though we like homemade food better, it's just not gonna happen today. Smoochie Face is on the ride home with eats and boy, I'm starving. 

After we eat, I'll shower, get into my jammies and plop on the couch. I have more Spring Baking Championship and also I started a Kong, I wanna say Skull Island. Can't recall for sure. We have Max now. 

Does anyone else trade out streaming services? We do. I love that too because we can't watch them all and this saves us money. Plus, we enjoy it more this way. We've been doing this for a few years now. Swapping out the streaming. 

Love that. 

In other news, I have more sprouts started. Mung beans and also quinoa. Never did the quinoa before. Excited to see how it goes. Haven't shot any macros yet. That's gonna be fun. Tonight though, Tim uses the computer for game and me, I'll be on the new couch watching Kong and/or spring baking. 

And that my Boogerbutts is all that's fit to print. 

Huggs & Buggs, Me.

02 March 2024

Helloooooo Booooteeeffful Boogerbutts

Hello Booootttteeeful Boogerbutts. It's been a hot minute since my last post. I'm here today, Saturday at the clean kitchen table (is that not a wonderful thing or what? A clean kitchen table - it's the best I say, the best). 

Also wonderful is that it's Saturday and I've been up since the wee hours. Love that too. We're gonna hit Barnes when they open which likely means we'll get the best seats in the house. 


Less delightful is how we wasted money this past week eating out. If the kitchen had been clean (like it is now), we'd still have that money. 

That's not a bad or good thing. It's just a thing. It gives me something to share and write about as we go through this fun-money-saving-big-goal of ours. 

To help save money we moved our car loan over to a better bank that allows principle only payments. The bank we had, didn't. It was stupid. So now, it's a lower interest rate and easier payoff and the other bank can suck it.

Another thing we did to move the needle is we have money meetings. Had one last night before bed where we talked about the kitchen and how going into next week we'll improve that. With a nice clean kitchen table, it should mean I blog more and read more blogs. I like sitting at the table. So peaceful here. 

In other news, we're still using the $350 gift card to Barnes so all we'll spend is gas money to get there. We're okay with that. Yes, lots of savings going on and getting the car paid down however, we still hit Barnes when we can. Today, I'm home, Tim's home and it's a perfect Saturday to get there when they open and enjoy our morning. Later tonight we'll watch a Creature Feature Movie and dig this, we already bought our Creature Feature Movie food. Cauliflower pepperoni pizza for Smoochie Face and organic red pepper hummus with veggies and homemade fermented salsa for me. Oh my gosh, have you ever made fermented homemade salsa?

Seriously, the best salsa in the history of ever. 


And that my Boootteeeeful Boogerbutts of BloggerLand, wraps up this post. I'm about to make breakfast potatoes from instant pot leftover potatoes along with maybe pancakes, maybe waffles. Not sure which yet. Either way, homemade goodness on the way. Then later I'll catch up blogs (and IG as well). See what you've all been up to since I've been gone. I think, I missed almost all of winter here on BloggerLand and TheGram. 

PS: For those who guessed grapefruit on my last post I award you one slimly button mushroom, three broken twigs and two rocks. You're welcome.

Until next time, big huggs from me to you!