16 January 2018

RESTAURANT STORE (muwhahahaha!)

Today was my first FULL work day and I flippin' loved it. And guess what else? Tim came home for lunch. Bonus points all around.

Over the weekend, Tim helped me clean out the fridge and I'm happy to report that the kitchen/lab is working - or at least will work until spring when we you know what happens ....

Knock the flippin' cupboards OUT!

Those interested in seeing my new toy (from the restaurant store), and my temporary baker's rack solution, click the video below.

And that my little blueberries, is all that's fit to print.

11 January 2018


Even after decluttering to the tune of 95 percent, I'm still stuck in limbo when it comes to my lab aka, kitchen. But once we demo the cupboards, I'll be able to make my industrial work space with major focus on shooting videos. Lots and lots and LOTS of videos.  But until then, limbo it is.

If you want to see my hot mess, check the vlog below.

In other news, we have a 3-day weekend coming up and I REALLY, REALLY want to be well enough to go to the restaurant store.

Fingers and nut sacks crossed.

10 January 2018


So ... my kitchen is all moved around again. The baker's rack which I use as a filming bench, is sorta working and sorta not. I still don't have a home for my cookery and bake books. BUT .... none of this (including being sick), has stopped me from shooting video.

Which I flippin' love doing. 

I gotta get my face in front of the camera, if I want my channel to keep growing. Having a face, helps. But I'm still too chicken shit.

Meanwhile, check it out. Air-fry potatoes for breakfast. No oil. No preheat. Look at that golden colour. Want to know my secret? It's turmeric. Oh my yum!

Video below. 

And now ... I'm gonna make a cuppa and get back to tinkering in the lab. I think if I move the spices, that might help. 


09 January 2018


Two things: One, I hit my second big YouTube goal of 204 subs. Second, I made more liquid nut cheese and third ....

07 January 2018

NO WORDPRESS FOR ME (much thanks!)

Hello Booggerbutts!

Much Thanks for your help the other day with blogger vs wordpress. Even with my hosting package (which I think we're dropping), it doesn't sound like WP is for me. On about a million levels. Thanks bunches for the help.

In other news, it's Sunday here. I'm still sick. It's our last day off and ... I made MY FIRST longer, how-to video. Check it out if you have time. The views, comments, likes, subs and shares help rank me as a YouTuber and are much appreciated.

Thanks again for the help the other day.
Catch you guys during the week!

How-To Make Sweet Potato Wraps & Tortillas

04 January 2018

FQ: Have you ever changed your blog?

When I'm sick, I'm also moody about food. Can't taste so I go for texture. Enter, the sweet potato. I love them. Even sick, I love them. Click FULL VIDEO, to see how they baked in the air fryer.

In other news, I'm ready to make a new blog. I might try WordPress. Not for sure yet. Right now, this blog feels cluttered crowded and I want room.

Lots and lots of room.

Plus, I no longer like how the comments are setup here. Though, I might be able to change that before moving to a new place. Either way, that's where I'm at.

Friday Question: Have you ever changed Blogger templates? Or have you moved to a new blog format? Anyone like Wordpress? What comment form works best for you? Any and all feedback is welcome.

Thanks Bunches & Boogie Boogie!