30 November 2022

2 Posts in 2 Days ... Say Whaaat?

What is this? Two posts in two days? Eh, why not? I'm in kooky fun holiday spirits and in real life, I really am wearing a Santa hat. 

Is it kooky or kookie? How did they spell it on the Addam's Family? 

Yesterday I didn't get squatolla done with cleaning. Happy to report that today, dish is DONE! I also whipped up Cinnamon Maple Butter, Honey Butter and another test batch of homemade Alfredo sauce. 

All three things in my new Vitamix (pics and recipe to come), and none have dairy.

Hot dog!

Lastly here's the table I talked about yesterday and the tethering photography station. My camera connects to the desktop via that orange wire and the image appears on the big flat screen monitor. So if there's say, yet another dog hair on a doughnut, I'll see it on the BIG monitor right way. Rather than see it later in post, after everything's been cleaned up and I've eaten the doughnuts.

A photography area in this spot wasn't part of the original plan but by gosh, it's gonna be good. Can't wait to share some of the good foods with you. 

Chat again soon.

Huggs & Bugs, Me.

29 November 2022

Knock Your Socks Off!

Hello Boogerbutts! Whatchya’ doin’?

I'm in the middle of top coating a new table/wood bench I built over the weekend. I'm also cleaning the house today (sorta kinda). And if that’s not enough to knock your socks off, it’s also new banner day!

In other news, the office is coming along very well. With the couch, TV and big bean bag in the snug (other room), this office feels like a proper work space.

Here are a few pictures. 

In other news, I don’t remember the last time I took a shower so I should probably add that to my list. 

And in other, other news, I cannot get over how much space we have in this office now. There's a wall of books, a computer desk writing area and then room to paint and stain. Also, a photography area for tethering. Which I'll show you once that's set up. 

That my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print. 

Huggs & Bugs,


23 November 2022



In other news, I pivoted yesterday and instead of painting the rest of the office, I lugged the big honkin' butcher block bench from the kitchen into the office and then the little white wheelie cart thing, from the office to the kitchen.

Now there's a neat L-shaped for the desk which holds the printer yet keeps the printer out of the way too. And as an added bonus, there's a little Christmas tree on the table too.

Win, win.

After Smoochie Face finishes putting the last of his books back on the wall, we'll move the photography gear - lights, soft box, C-stand, cameras - onto the far wall. 

This office has excellent natural light or, shut out the one window and use artificial light. This room no longer houses a couch, TV and big bean bag because those got moved into the snug. Now, this office is for writing and photography. A proper work room. 

Cannot wait. 
Cannot wait.
And wait for it ....
Cannot wait.

Pictures to come. 

Catch you Boogerbutts again soon. 
PS: I LOVE being back to blogging. 

Whisk, out. 

22 November 2022

Christmas Cozy Corner (aka our snug)

What a good freakin' day. I moved bookshelves and in the office to all go along the wall. Most where there, three new ones arrived the others just got pushed down. Pictures to come.

What I do have shots of is our new snug which contains a couch, TV, ottoman and behind the couch along the wall, a big-ass bean bag. HUGE! On the big screen is Calmed by Nature on YouTube. Christmas music (no words) and falling snow.


The tree has been up along with the lights and I just love this space for day dreaming, writing, drawing, reading and watching movies. 

It's been a good day and I am POOPED! That good kinda tired where I know I'll sleep well and tomorrow, get cracking on the last office wall that needs painted, along with another coat on the side wall. 

And that my Boogerbutts is all that's fit to print.

Talk again real soon.