20 April 2020


Guess what I'm doing this week? If you guessed ripping apart our broken down couch and taking it to the dump, followed by turning our living room into a temporary wood shoppe, then ding, ding, ding. You win three paper clips, two balls of wax and one shoe.

Carrot greens from my last post and the celery (that I didn't post). Both grown in water, soon to transfer the carrot tops to the yellow tins that I painted earlier this morning.

And that my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print. I'm going back outside to enjoy the sunny shine day, crank the ear buds and mow two lawns.

Cheers and boogie boogie. Whisk, out.

06 April 2020


Music on. Instant Pot going. Second Instant Pot going. Laundry swooshing down the hall. Dogs barking outside. Hello Monday!

So nice to see you again. 

Up next, bills, budget and all things good. That's because our crusade against debt continues, even during a pandemic - as we continue to put positive energy and empowerment into every single day.

For those who want to hear more about that, click my podcast EP: 103 EMPOWERMENT (even during a pandemic), or click the play button at the end of this blog post.

Now, let's get to the past weekend.

Tim and I celebrated our wedding anniversary outside. Thank you Sunny Day Spring. He wrote, I shucked peanuts. We listened to music and after that, we worked on the not-done-yet but soon-to-be, food lot.

When I woke this morning, the new area reminded me of an old black and white Sherlock Holmes or a Classic Monster Movie. I love them both, so I'll take it.

We also took measurements for additional areas where the garden boxes, raised beds and straight to soil plantings will go. Pretty good day, pandemic or no.

And before this post, I also made homemade orange-scented bleach wipes for the first time. Then I wiped down the a few things and so far, I love how they clean. I'll continue to test-drive them and report back. Have you made your own? So easy. 

And that my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print. But before I go, pictures! (and an embedded play button for podcast episode: 103).

Stay safe. Be well. Whisk, out.