27 May 2020


We recently celebrated Wiggy's Gotcha Day! And boy did we ever. 9 years ago. Whoosh.

So here's how it went down. We went to the pound and saw her, then I went back without Tim and asked to see her in the pound yard. I sat on the ground and she came barreling and I do mean barreling toward me and gave me a hug. Did a puppy flip. Gave me another puppy hug. Dashed over to other side of the yard. Peed the longest pee in the history of ever and then charged back my way, almost knocked me down (I was on the ground already, but she almost sent be all the way over). Gave me third puppy hug. I paid for her on the spot and brought her home.

I remember, she didn't know how to use stairs or jump in the car and ... they told me that she had a brother and sister but nobody wanted Wiggy because she wiggled too much.

She wiggled too much? Seriously?

Also, I LOVE this photo. I shot it from my phone back in 2016 right after The Great Declutter and removal of 95 percent of my stuff. The room was bare and simple and this shot just puts all that together.

In garden news, I haven't done ANYTHING. Not a thing. Hope to fix that this weekend. But, in other news, I've been cooking and baking my butt off. Writing food and filming in the new studio area and guess what?



Today's foodie offers are: Spicy Onion Relish (or chutney) and it's so flippin' good. I've been eating it non-stop. I love it. And the last video is Air-Fry Pizza. The BEST reheat ever. No soggy bottoms. I put the relish on the pizza and it's a slice of heaven. Get it, slice. Pizza. What? No good? Not funny? I'm honestly giggling as I type this. I crack myself up.

And that my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print. See you next Wednesday with Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownies and photos of the front porch.

Cheers and boogie boogie!

Wiggy's Gotcha Day 9 Years Ago

20 May 2020


Now that we don't have a living room anymore, I moved the fridge AGAIN only this time, farther away and I LOVE IT!

I get up, I shoot videos and it's WONDERFUL. So much more room to create food. As for the big-ass pantry shelf, I did redo it but I'm asking too much of that poor shelf. It can't be ingredient storage, cereal, snacks, tools (like Instant Pots, Vitamix and a DeLonghi Air Fryer), PLUS a baker's rack (cavity pans, baking sheets, cheesecake pans, cooling racks).

Ack! I'm asking too much of one space.

My poor shelf is doing a so-so job at many things, instead of a really good job at one thing. Which by the way, I've changed my own work day flow to focus on one major thing per day and IT'S WORKING.

But more on that in another post, as I fear the rain drops will be falling on my head, if I don't get my booty outside and enjoy some this non-snowy day. Today's goal. Mow lawn and finish the raised beds in front of the messy porch (see picture below).

Ding, dong, I'm on it.

And that, my Boogerbutts, is what's going on in my world. What's going on in yours?

PS: Latest Spicy Vegan Reaper Noodles, video at the end. I had it yesterday for breakfast and it was GOOOOOOOD. And, dig this, I shot in in the new studio.

Hot dog. Life is good.

Before Shot - Taken Today

04 May 2020


Hello Bloggers!

During the last week I went back to publishing videos and I LOVE it. Because this time, I'm JUST making videos. Where in the past, I'd do laundry, dishes and other chores in between scenes and edits. Now, I film, edit and schedule my video upload. No dish. No cleaning. No hanging the bedding over the back deck railing in between edits. Just video work.

It's heaven.

Which brings me to my 6 minute video, Mac 'n' Cheese Soup. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it. For those who don't eat almond cheese, cow cheese would work too. Either way, it's a great way to use up leftovers.

Thanks for watching and boogie boogie.

PS: For anyone who watches the Curry Spiced Lentil Soup video, that was shot BEFORE I set into motion, no chores during work hours.