25 November 2019

THIS IS MY RANT by The Happy Whisk

Last week I did additional research on nutritional yeast and the various synthetic and non-synthetics added.  Quick side note, nutritional yeast, aka nooch, is a deactivated yeast, flaky powder that I use to make dairy-free cheeses and sauces. Not all nooch is created equal. Some don't contain B12 and some are LOADED with synthetics. But this post isn't about nooch.

I click onto a website and BAM! The page is littered with SO MANY adverts, motion graphics, and fly by banners that I left the site.

Never to return.

I get that the owner of this page makes money through these annoying-to-me-AF, adverts but seriously, who is staying long enough to read anything?

Is this kind of bombardment the new normal, where readers don't mind the flying whirly-twirly banners, popups and even videos playing from somewhere else on the page?

And since I'm here, why can't I easily locate and shut off those videos that are playing?

I hate these sort of formats because they're clutter and bring zero value to the reader.


Since I'm on a roll, let's talk about banners. Why on earth would I, The Happy Whisk blog or website, allow another company to have their banner over mine?

Maybe it's ego, but I don't care. My name comes first. This is my page. I put the work in. I'm not handing the top banner space over to a company that I may or may not use.

F that.

Thank you for letting me rant. If you're still reading, I award you three broken paper clips, a chocolate chip cookie, and two rotten gummy worms.

You're welcome.

In other news, I'm still fighting a low-grade, drawn-out mouth infection so I haven't been able to yippy yap on video or podcasts. But I did make a short vlog of our wall to share with you Boogerbutts. If all goes to plan, I'll complete the primer today.

And lastly ....

12 November 2019

LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! (with vertical video test)

I'm still sick but just at the very end of it, which is good. Boy, this thing held on for TOO LONG. But on the bright side, I still enjoyed Halloween staycation with Smoochie Face. And, we went to the oral surgeon and setup the appointment to rip out 4 wisdom and one front (ish), tooth. They called today and with insurance we have left (used some on the dentist), my extraction and bone graft (not sure if that's the right word), will be 300 smackers. We are both happy about this because we thought the cost was going to be considerably more.

In other news, I LOVE my new Canon M50 I'm learning each day how to use it. I'm learning how to use manual and what it means to let in light. And, I'm starting to see food in scenes and story, which is something I haven't really worked on before. I'm also saving for a marco lens. Much to learn but I tell you, what a fun thing.

And now, I wish you all a Happy Winter (or Summer). Here's a little vertical video I made. I set it to 720p which should upload directly to Blogger and be easy to see on phones.

Let's find out.

PS: If you can't view it, please let me know. I'm curious what works for folks and what doesn't with regards to posting native video on Blogger.

Happy Winter and Boogie Boogie.

PPS: Who else got snow? To be honest, I'm excited for winter. We had snow already but today, it's just such a pretty winter wonderland, that I can't help but smile and take lots of pictures.

28 October 2019


I have a HUGE fridge. HUGE. Too big really, but I do fill it with many jars and experiments so I can't downsize the fridge at this time BUT, I can move it.

So I did.

The living room will become the extended kitchen/studio. Tim's idea is to make the studio bigger and the living room, much, much smaller. Just enough to snuggle in for a big screen movie, read a book or take a nap. And with our annual 10-day Halloween staycation coming up, why not get back to work?


In other news, it's been cold for a billion days and today, somehow, Mama Earth is giving us a bright spring day, side of the mountain. Though I hear, other areas got snow.

And that my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print.

11 October 2019

FQ: Riddle Me This, Batman

Riddle me this, Batman....

There were once only three but soon one exited.
Replaced by another.
Then another gone, also replaced.
Same happened once more.
In the end, there were a total of six.
Though never more than four appearing at once.

Who are we?

Bonus spiders and broken bits of glass if you can name the one below.

And in other news, I love being back to both Blogger and YouTube. To check out my latest video, click here or below. PS: I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA (in case I haven't mentioned it yet today).

04 October 2019


Hey Boogerbutts!

My first food video back on YouTube. Just finished it and uploaded and I am SOOOO HAPPPY to be shooting again.


And, I can use all the eyeballs I can get so if you're into Panko bread crumbs with simple ingredients, please take a look-see.

In other news, it's the weekend. Smoochie Face is home and we're about to go eat a bowl of dairy-free mac n'cheese. I'm gonna try the panko on top, too.

Yeah baby. Life is good.
Whisk, out.

03 October 2019

WHY I DON'T HOLD ONTO THINGS (or beat myself up) + MY NEW CANON EOS M50 by The Happy Whisk

I'm just not into beating myself up at the end of the day, when everything I wanted to do, doesn't get done. I'm so not about that life because I find it cripples more than helps. To hear more about that, click the link to listen to my latest podcast.

Or Find Me @
Google Podcasts

And in other news, Frankenberry got me a new camera and oh my gosh, I can't stop shooting video. I am in happiness overload.

My old camera was a DSLR (digital single lens reflex), and now, I'm into mirrorless (a much lighter camera). Not only that but I jumped ships from Nikon to Canon EOS M50 and lemme tell you, I'm one Happy Freakin' Whisk.

Originally, I got the camera for vloggy type stuff and other videos but turns out, I'm having a heck of a good time shooting stills and ... this is the first time that I'm taking the time to learn things like aperture, iso, the differences between 15mm and 10mm. And .. I'm no longer shooting in auto. Noppers. I'm shooting in manual and soon to learn raw.

I LOVE this camera. LOVE IT!

Check out Wiggy and Bug. I shot these stills on my Canon EOS M50 the first morning of shooting stills.

In other, other news, I love October. Frankenberry gets his usual Halloween staycation at the end of the month and also, our electric is back on, my teeth are in the process of being fixed and also, in case I didn't already mention it, I LOVE MY CANON M50!!!!

23 September 2019


Hello Boogerbutts! Happy Autumnal Equinox or .. Spring Equinox depending on where you live.

In other news, I've been writing my butt off and studying for a possible nutrition course I may take next year. Some of you may remember awhile back, I wanted to go to cookery school so I started eating meats, then got all kinds of sick. Then I went back to only eating plants and even though my original plan can't work, I'm still happy because the course I'm looking at is plant-based nutrition, an eCornell certificate program. The cost is $1260 and right now, we have electrical problems and my broken tooth to deal with. But like my friend Holly said, "It's something to look forward to."

I'll take it.

In other, other news, check out these super duper cute pumpkins we got over the weekend and check out my latest podcast titled, THE SCOOP.

And that my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print. Happy Fall! Happy Spring!

25 May 2019


Hello Boogerbutts!

Guess what week it is? STAYCATION week and I am over the moon to have Smoochie Face home for 10 days! Count 'em 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Yeah, baby. I'm a happy whisk!

In other news, I removed all the upper cupboards from my kitchen and I love the open space. I also removed part of the lowers along with the prep station top that went with it. The kitchen/studio/lab still needs a lot of work but I like where things are going.

And in other, other news, Tim's on 10-day staycation. I opened with that but it's such good news that it's worth repeating. Staycation, baby.

20 April 2019


Hello Boogerbutts and Happy Weekend! Right now, no snow and the rain stopped and it's super sunny out.


In other news, I've been away working on a new page to release soon and it's pretty much sucking up all my time but I figure once it's done, it'll be done.

And that my friends, is all that's fit to print!

Catch you soon and boogie boogie.

19 March 2019


Hello Boogerbutts! It's been a minute and that's because I've been busy building my empire and taking over the world. Insert evil laughter ...


In truth, I never had clue about how much time is needed to build a brand and do everything that needs done. But to be crystal clear, that's not a complaint. I truly love it. I'm making 14 bucks a month and get that that's not a lot of money, but I'm happy - and excited to see where things go from here.

But more on that another time because today, I'm all about cleaning house and welcoming in the new season.

Happy Spring (or Autumn!)

25 February 2019


Hello Boogerbutts! It's been a weird month of being sick and I'm thrilled to be all the way back.

In other news, we moved the living room around last week and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! What a difference. To hear more about it click my podcast, FUNCTION OVER FORM.

Two years later, living a clutter-free life is FREEDOM.  We have to space to make new compartments and works stations. Hope you give it a listen.

In other, OTHER news, Tim got me and my friend Jo Instant Pots for Valentine's Day. Best hubby, ever. So fun. So, so fun. I can't stop making stuff. Jo made pork tenderloin and you can read about it by clicking her blog, JO ON FOOD, LIFE AND A SCENT OF CHOCOLATE. And me, I've made more beans than I can count. LOVE THE BEANS. I dunno why I'm shouting.

And now ... I'm just waiting for Tim to get home. I'll be around this week to see what you've all been up to and lemme tell ya', I'm so FREAKIN' happy not to be sick anymore.  Thanks for your patience.

Whisk, out.

04 February 2019


I hate being sick but then, I don't remember the last time I heard someone say, "gee, I'd love to catch a bug and be out for the week."
The good news is, I'm on the end of this thing and able to do light work. Which leads me to the last installment of my 3-part podcast.


I gotta tell ya, it feels good to finally be comfortable with self-promotion. Took me forever to get here but now that I am, I feel lighter and free to do the jobs that I need to do without the clutter that comes with feeling uncomfortable.

Goodbye scary monster. Goodbye emotional clutter. You can suck it.


In other news, it's freakin' BEAUTIFUL here today and has been all weekend. I tell you what? I'll take being sick on a sunny day over any other kind because at least in the warm sun, I can sit on the porch, close my eyes and suck in some healing rays. Makes me breathe better, too.

27 January 2019


For me, it's not creating that's an issue. Creating content comes natural and easy for me. Plus, I'm never going to only write, draw, podcast, make videos or write the science behind allergy-friendly air-fry bakes.

I'm always gonna have my hands in various projects at once. I enjoy the work a great deal with no plans to stop.

But ... as I start to build my brand, I want that whitebox (like back when I decluttered), I want that main platform to drive at (with the other platforms in support). And I think... I very much think, I figured it out. But that's a podcast for another day.

For today, please have a listen to, I'M UNCOMFORTABLE - much thanks and boogie boogie.

25 January 2019


I'm very, very happy with my ability to sustain a high level of productivity. Writing, drawing, baking, comes nature for me. I value that in myself and I'm happy it's part of me.

But ...

Let's jump into the TARDIS and visit The Great Declutter of 2016. Entirely motivated by a want for a whitebox. A place to shoot food photos. That single focus fueled an entire letting go of 95 percent of my stuff.

With food, videos, cartoons, blog posts, IG captions, podcast and so on, I don't have that single focus or whitebox in mind. In fact, I don't even know what my main is?

Which brings me to my podcast,

Friday Question: What do you suck at?

2nd Friday Question:

Name the last baked good you ate? For me, CANDY CANE SCONES, from my air fryer - Yeah baby. Life is good.

And now, drum roll please... the answer to last week is ... Lucy's kitchen! If you look to left, she's coming into the room.

Stale Oreos and hairy pickles for everyone because let's face it, everyone should have a plate of that. So gross.

Happy Weekend, Boogerbutts!

2 ways to listen: Click the video or the play button.

22 January 2019


Hello Boogerbutts and Happy Freakin' Tuesday. Super duper sunny out, lots of good snow, just simmered a batch of almonds for almond date paste and before that I had breakfast.

So far, this is not an exciting post.

That'll happen.

What is exciting to me, is Tim's new website for both desktop and mobile. To see it, go to Gothridge Manor or by click on the cartoon below.

What I love about his site is it's everything in one. Patreon, blog, podcast, store and social links. Now I've got the same vision in my head only, it'll be pictures of my food with video, printable recipes, blog, podcast and merch.

I feel like Blogger is limited for everything that I want to share. But I also want to keep blogging and I like the way Tim has it all right there on his page.

Lastly, this past weekend I made the creamiest hummus ever, even Tim liked it and he's not a bean dip dude. See, if I had my page, I could share the printable, video and photos.

And for today's breakfast, I made this in my new DeLonghi air fryer and mulit-cooker. I love this machine. Love it!

And that my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print.

19 January 2019


Part of why I'm productive is simple. I was born this way - it's got nothing to do with me. I get it from my grandma. The other part is because of The Great Declutter of 2016. Doing that, increased my productivity and creativity by a gazillion percent.

A gazillion percent. Not a typo.

To hear more about it, check out today's podcast on Anchor also available on iTunes and a bunch of other places.

Now ... onto Friday Question (one day late). FQ: What's the chore you wish you never had to do? For me, it's dishes. If I never did another dish in all my life, I'd love it.

FQ Bonus Round: Name this messy kitchen and win three stale Halloween Oreo Cookies, two hairy pickles and one bean bag chair (beans not included).

15 January 2019

Stinky Socks & Dumplings for EVERYONE!

Ever have one of those afternoons where your iPod knows exactly what you want to hear? I love those kind of days. That's the kind of day I'm having right now and I love it. Makes chores more fun. I swear.

In other news, Pam did a post about adding baking powder to her dumplings and that was PERFECT timing because I've been working on my dairy and egg-free dumplings and they needed a little something, something. So I added baking powder and guess what? It worked!

Hot dog!

The baking powder makes the dough softer and the chew is lovely. But it also makes it more salty - I'm a cupcake when it comes to salt - so when I make dumplings again tonight, I'll adjust my formula. But Pam's idea to add baking powder was spot on.

Thanks, Pam! You rock.

PS: The answer to the last Friday Question is, The Dentist. A round of stinky socks for everyone who played!

PPS: Pam's direct link to her, The Best Classic Chicken and Dumplings. Enjoy and boogie boogie.

04 January 2019

Friday Question ...?

Hello Boogerbutts and Happy Freakin' Weekend. I'm supposed to be doing dish and putting away the last of Christmas. Instead, I'm texting and drawing cartoons. I dunno, I think I'm still in holiday-mode.

Not a bad thing for me. Less good for my kitchen and holiday packing. That said, I'm having a fun day. Now .. onto Friday Question.

Winners receive three bricks of dairy-free, salt-free, oil-free, taste-free cream cheese and one stinky sock. Items inside stinky sock will remain a secret until prizes are given out. You're welcome.