22 December 2022


Hello Beautiful Boogerbutts! Here's an old cartoon I did years ago of my cartoon Whisk dressed as THE BEST SUPER HERO EVHAR ... Wonder Woman. So fun.

In other news, I'm THIS close I say, THIS close to getting to unwrap my new KitchenAid Yellow Stand Mixer.


When I tell you that I go to sleep each night dreaming of things to create, that's no lie! Even bought flour, yeast and cinnamon today. Bring on the cinnamon rolls for Christmas weekend.

Speaking of dreaming of cinnamon rolls before bed, I'm soon to crawl into my coffin for the night. Tomorrow the new dryer arrives, which means no more hard crunchy cold dried clothes.

Hot dog.

Chat again soon.
Huggs & Bugs, Me. 

18 December 2022


Spent most of the weekend being lazy, lazy, lazy. Watched a lot of David in the Kitchen and ate fried spaghetti in my jams, on the couch, in the snug. 


Today, I need to get my butt back into gear. Can't share what I'm working on because it's a gift for Tim and I don't want him to see it on the blog.

In other news, Tim wrapped my gift and since I helped pick it out, I know it's a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. OMG. I never had one before and now all I wanna do is crack that baby open and play, play, play, play, play!

Can't wait to make stuff and share those pictures here. And, now that the work room so so freakin' functional, I've been writing down EVERYTHING I make and bake. Just so easy to do in a proper work room. 

In other, other news, I read a lot of blogs lately with some of you sick. Ugh. So sorry. Here's to everyone healing up and getting better. Let's go kick some Monday butt! 

Huggs & Bugs, Me

13 December 2022

Bug Hunting

This is Miss Bug. Within the last six months she fell and badly hurt her leg so I carried her up and down stairs until she healed. Not long after that, she got into a big container of organic raisins, plus part of the second container and spent an emergency night at the vets as they thankfully, got the raisins out before she absorbed them. 

Best vet EVER!

And if that wasn't enough to rock Bug's world, shortly after that, she got stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction, foaming, swelling and off to the vets we went. No overnight stay, they gave her meds that calmed things down quickly.

Again, best vet, EVER! 

So that's our Bug. Half shepherd, half beagle and all trouble. 

In other news, the couch we had in the office, that moved into the snug is too low to the ground. It's always been. So I flipped that baby over, make-shifted a platform and legs with what I had on hand. The goal was the raise the couch without a trip to The Home Depot.

Eventually, I'll build a better couch, this one will hold us for now. Building our own couch, absolutely on my Builder's Bucket List.

I love using only what I have on hand. No new money spent. Couch higher. Smoochie Face's knees no longer hurt when he sits here. Win, win. 

And that my Boogerbutts is all that's fit to print. 

Talk again soon. Huggs & Bugs, Me.

09 December 2022

Friday Question: Tea Time (yum)

Hey Boogerbutts! Got some new-to-me, tea to try. From the UK. Anyone try it before? It's steeping as I type. Though so far, it smells like the hippy dippy co-op that I LOVE going to. Which is fine for the co-op. Not sure I want it in my tea. Find out soon enough. Love trying new teas. 

Friday Question: Have you tried this brand? And/or what tea do you fancy? Lately it's been all decaf Tetley, which I love.

In other news, it's the weekend and I'm soon to add a brace and bottom shelf to that table I made a few weeks ago. As well as adjustable feet, since the kitchen floor is wonky.

And that my Boogerbutts is all that's fit to print.

Friday Question: Have You Tried This Tea?

05 December 2022

Drumroll Please ...

Helllllooooo Boogerbutts! 

Remember Friday's post with the new photography setup? Well, that quickly changed because the floor heat vent and table were in the way of each other. Shaking the table. Blurring photos.

Can't have that!

So I fixed it. Check out my new area in the video below. Shot Friday. Then today (Sunday night as I write this), I went to DG (Dollar General), and got black out curtains (see below). 

Black out curtains should block the sun and make it easier to shoot with artificial light any time of day. I also got a black out curtain for the doorway. 30 bucks total. Think it should work.

Fingers crossed.

Also, I can't believe that I get to shoot pictures here. The reno, the mess, the reno, the mess, the mess, the mess. All worth it. 

All worth it. 

Lastly, remember the table I build from scratch. Well ... the homemade stain and the store-bought poly don't like each other. Tonight, I sanded it back a bit and used another top coat I have on hand. Two coats added three hours apart. Drying now. Add another coat in the morning.

Toes crossed.

And now ... to show you the set up by the window for natural light and then the setup for light bulb light. Hopefully the native video plays well. It's playing for me now, wouldn't last week.

With that, it's time for me to crawl into the coffin and catch some zzzz's. Come morning, I make more clusters with chocolate, cashew and raisins and then, drumroll please ...

... shoot them in the .... 

02 December 2022

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ding! Ding! Ding! After a morning of Table Tetris, by gosh, I think I've got the new photography set up ready to play. Hot dog! Happy FriYay!!!!