31 December 2017

ON THE BENCH (being sick, sucks!)

At 3AM on Christmas morning, our furnace died. The trailer was so cold that the inside of the fridge was warmer than the kitchen. Furnace got fixed on the 26th for just under 200 bucks. I was happy with that price and thankful we didn't need to buy a new furnance.

Right now, we have 2 days of staycation, left. Tim was supper sick during the first part, then I caught it. He's moving about now, I'm still on the bench. Currently shopping online for a new wavy waffle cutter. Deciding between white or orange. My head is stuffed up and I've blown through 1,004 tissues.


18 December 2017


Look at these POTATOES!!! I love this machine. I mean, the basket is slightly chipping BUT, the bakes are killer fun. Last night, I made pear crumble pie in the air-fry. But today, it's more POTATOES for breakfast.

After that: find a new home for my cookery and bake books. Right now, they're in a pile on the bedroom floor, and on the top shelf in the closet (wardrobe). I moved my books when I gave Tim my shelf for his office. But today, I've got a big old fire under my butt so I'm gonna find them a proper home.

PS: New video at the end of this post!

14 December 2017

AIR FRY "BAKED" JACKET POTATO (plus Friday Question)

I'm on a potato roll but there are a zillion other veggies that work in the air fryer, as well. So fun! By the way, her name is Mable and I love her. Also, I'm on the hunt for a waffle knife for waffle fries.


PS: This first video is comin'atcha live from my phone. That's all from me. I'm done with work for the day and I'm about to go make a Jersey plate of fries.

Friday Question: Do you like potatoes and if so, what kind? Are you able to eat them deep-fried? I cannot. Hurts my tummy.

07 December 2017

BAKER'S RACK (I'm THIS close!)

Hey Boogerbutts! It's Thursday and I made a video of my new baker's rack. The red wall behind it will get painted white. I'm this close.


01 December 2017


In better news, two kitchen shelves arrive soon. All of the decluttering, demo work and building of new rooms was driven by having a permanent place to shoot real videos for me to share recipes. It's been a long haul with plenty of setbacks.

For anyone who declutters and feels like it's a big job that takes forever. To anyone who gets discouraged over starts and stops. I promise you, the end-result is worth it.

Keep going.

Keep going.

Keep going.

Keep going.