29 June 2012

Today I Play

Today I'm experimenting  with organic peppermint extract, dark chocolate and my pizzelle formula.

I'm also chatting on IM, drinking coffee and doing laundry.  And lucky me, the radio is kickin' butt with good songs.

Even better, I feel more relaxed than I have in the last two weeks.

However, I reserve the right to cry, be grumpy and/or feel blue, come the 9th of July (my last day in prep).

But not today.  Noppers.  Today, I play.

27 June 2012

I Quit My First Job

Last night I gave prep my two week's notice, because that's when I learned that keeping both jobs, also meant working seven days a week.

And while I LOVE my prep job, I'm not willing to put my health through that kind of test, and I certainly don't want to never have the same day off with Poopyhead.

In brighter news, I hit my goal of reaching $100 in FREE stuff for the month of May.  That makes it $100 closer to a house.

We will get there, one coupon at a time.

That's all from me.  I have work later but for right now, I'm going to make a cup of tea and veg out for a bit.

Until next time, boogie boogie and all that spooky stuff.

25 June 2012

I Leveled Up

Last night I leveled up to full-time status at the pizza shoppe.  Even though I've had a few tumbles and fumbles, going from being a prep cook to working the line, I really am happy to be there.  In a very short time, I've already learned a ton, not to mention found my dream chopping block table for our new home.

I'll  have to take a picture of this table.  It's a fantastic work space.  I'm telling you, that chopping block table will be in my new kitchen.

I'm going to start saving for it now. 

And get this, now that I leveled up, I won't have as many of those weird little four hour shifts, and my hours will be steady from 35 to 40, which makes things so much better.

As for leaving my prep cook job, I still haven't done that.  I thought I would today, but then I heard that our 3rd preppie put his two week's in yesterday.  And truth be told, I really enjoy my Mondays in prep, and I'm not ready to quit.

That's all from me.  Catch you Boogerbutts, later.

24 June 2012

House Hunting Pictures

Check out the pictures from yesterday.  Not a fan of the kitchen myself.  Especially after working in a prep kitchen.  Even at the pizza shoppe we have a prep kitchen.  Nothing fancy, just all workable and good solid spaces.

And you should see our butcher block table.  Man alive, I love that table.  Pizza boss told me he got it for a decent price and lucky us, it's a price we can afford.

As far as the house below ... it's a big old PASS.

Which is good, because we don't have our down payment saved yet.  But looky here.  I scored $5 more in FREE stuff.

And to me, that's $5 closer to owing a house.

Didn't like the bathroom tile-like fireplace.
Or the plastic wood shelves.

This is useless to me.  Don't like it.

I liked the sunshine eatery area.

Don't want two small sinks. 

There's a pillar here.  Pass, pass, pass.

Just too many cabinets and not enough prep shelves.

Entrance way shot.
A better shot of the pillar. 

$5 closer to getting a house.

23 June 2012

Sucks Monkey Balls

It's Saturday here at the Manor.  Tim has the day off and I am working the pizza shoppe later tonight.

It's an odd short four hour shift, smack in the middle of our Saturday fun.

And that sucks monkey balls.

To make me feel better, we're going house hunting.  We can't afford one yet, but looking at houses reminds me why I switched jobs, and helps me stay the course.

The picture in the top corner was supposed to be a Who Am I? Quiz, but instead I wrote a blog.  Extra points if you know who he is and what show he is from.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

22 June 2012


My big plans for my day off was to clean Ethel.  And usually I really look forward to days off, when I get to clean/organize something.  But not this morning.


Instead I woke unmotivated and super duper pooped.

So after watching a bit of NetFlix and accidentally falling asleep. (I blame the two snuggly dogs), I drug myself off the comfy couch, got dressed and logged on to pay bills.

I love paying bills and figured that would jump start my day.  Something relaxing about using my pretty yellow bill binder, my colored markers, and getting stuff paid.

And you know what?

It worked.  The bill for Tim's computer and software came in and because of couponing, I was able to click, Pay in Full. 

I frickin' love that.

Maybe I'll make organic tomato sauce, organic brown pasta, and chicken meatballs for the weekend.  Num, num, num.

And in other news, check out my second Wonder Woman mug.  Got it on Free RPG day, last weekend.  Barnes had a sale, I had a coupon and a gift card.

I love Wonder Woman.  She's so cool.

Even though I already have this mug, I had to get a second.

20 June 2012

Green Magic

Yesterday I talked to the bank about mortgage rates.  I left her office feeling good.  We're not ready yet, but couponing will be a major factor in saving for that down payment.

I want a house.

And now it doesn't feel like such a far away goal.  Now I feel like we can do it, and more so, we will do it.  To help kick things off, I've got a goal for June to get $100 in FREE stuff.

I'm about $16 bucks from reaching that goal.  Every $100 I save, goes into saving for that down payment.

Check out my latest FREE deals.  Matt, a prep buddy calls my couponing Green Magic.  I like that, Green Magic.

$21.18 for 2 packs of laundry tablets. 120 tabs, all FREE. Tax paid with a prior coupon that I had for $2 off my next order.

Kmart printed the $2 off my next order, after I bought a bunch of crapper paper for a good deal.  I had no idea the $2 came with it, I was pretty excited though when it did.

The liners and candles both had overage.  Overage is when a store owes me money.  I used that overage to pay the tax on the FREE candles and FREE Lysol Dual Action wipes.

And, my 33 cents overage canceled out my 33 cent tax.

How's that for Green Magic?

13 June 2012

Livin' Large

We got slammed at work yesterday.  Every table filled.  And guess what? I didn't get frazzled.  And, I didn't even cry once.

Noppers.  I had my big girl pants on.  We all worked together, communicated, and had a damn good day.

I still cook more in prep, but I'm learning more at the pizza shoppe.  And right now, I'm more interesting in the learning.

Meanwhile, I'm off today.  Tim may get home early, I hope.  Might hit the movies or Barnes.  With my new schedule, I can sometimes stay out past 10PM.  That part is nice.

And check out what I got for FREE so far this month.  Didn't have to pay tax on any of it either. 

I love couponing.

Now I suppose I best be getting to my chores.  Only I kinda don't want to.  Nope.  We've got this second computer (paid for with the savings from couponing).  That means double the printable coupons.  Two prints per coupon/per computer.

That's four, count'em four coupons for the same item.

Oh yeah.  I'm livin' large.

$52.00 in FREE stuff (zero tax).  Click to enlarge.
There's a 4th floss missing.  I think Bug stole it.

11 June 2012

The Whisk Has Been Hijacked

Hijacked by her husband.  I thought I would come over to this side of the blogosphere.  Why?  Because Ivy talks a lot about couponing.  Yes, it is an action verb in this house.  She is beside me with her cutter, it looks like a miniature version of those cutters the teachers used to use in grade school.  The kind that could take a hamster's head right off.  Because of her couponing and scouring for deal she was able to save enough money for me to get my new computer!

As Ivy would say.  "How frickin' cool is that?"

Pretty frickin' cool.  It's a great machine.  Now she wants one.  So I better stop cutting off hamster heads and get to couponing.

09 June 2012

Me vs. Cleaning The Closet

                Guess who won?

08 June 2012

Bug in My Coffee

Work went MUCH better yesterday.  Showed up wearing my Spidey red shirt, my favorite bandana, and a ready to try again attitude.

Day went pretty darn well at that.  I think the Spidey shirt helped.

And today I have the ENTIRE day off.  My big plans include removing all the clothes from my closet that no longer fit, or I stopped wearing.  I'm excited to get cracking.

As for the blog post title, I just now opened a new bag of organic decaf and right there on the top was a little maggot looking fellow.  I called the company, they're sending me a new, hopefully bug-free bag.

Meanwhile, I'm also waiting for Tim's new computer to arrive, which was purchased ENTIRELY with money saved from couponing.  How frickin' cool is that?

That's all from me.  Cheers and boogie boogie.

07 June 2012

Work Sucked

Yesterday was filled with a series of errors and miscommunications that all equaled a suckin' muchin' day.

But I still want to go back today because I love cooking.

Add to it, there's something thrilling about when things go smooth on the line, and everyone is communicating.

It just clicks.

And now I understand why professional cooks in Hell's Kitchen get confused and make stupid mistakes.

While I'm a long way from Hell's Kitchen, I have a better understanding of how kitchens work and more important, how I work within them.

Time to grab my cleaver and get back on the line.

06 June 2012

Finding My Groove

This work week is going MUCH better.  I'm adjusting to the change in work schedule, which for me meant going from steady opening prep cook hours, to all over the place pizza shoppe hours.

I still work both kitchens, but for this month, only one set day in prep.  Mondays.

And last night I was able to stay out past 10PM, which is almost a nearly never for me.  Not only that but I drank cafe caffeine drink past 7PM.  And I've NEVER done that.

Even better, I'm working on the cookery book again.  Started back last week.  Did an experiment with dinner rolls baked in cupcake tins.  Did not go well.  But that's okay because I enjoy the trial and error process.

Here's the photos.  I oiled one side and sprayed the other.  The oiled side tasted better, while the spray side tasted more oily.  Texture-wise the rolls were dry, flavor-wise they were good.  Overall, the formula needs a rewrite. 

Left side sprayed.  Right side oiled.
Straight from the oven.
Completed experiment.

Happy Eating & Boogie Boogie :-)

04 June 2012

Paying for Toothpaste?

Then you're doing it wrong.

It's a right of passage for every couponer to get FREE toothpaste.  And today marks the fourth month of my couponing journey. 

So far we've paid off the TV, bought a zine printer, saved a little, paid some debt, and bought a computer.  But Tim says he still doesn't have enough toilet paper in his bathroom.

And check it out, last week I landed 4 razors, 16 blades and 4 shaving gels for a total price of $5.20 (includes tax).  Actually $5.14 because the store owed me 6 cents in overage for the 2 free dental flosses I purchased as well.

How great is that?

Until next post, have a groovy day and oogie boogie night.

Single Toothpaste Breakdown:
$2.69 Regular Price (6.4oz/181g)
-$1.19 (store sale)
$1.50 Today's Sale Price
-$0.75 Coupon
-$0.75 Coupon Doubled
FREE Total Price (I got a total of 4)

Promotional Razor Breakdown:
$21.20 (4 Promo Packs w/Tax)
-$16.00 in Coupons (4 coupons each worth $4)
$5.20 Subtotal
-$0.06 Subtracted Overage (from FREE floss)
$5.14 Total Price Paid for ALL 4 Kits

The entire lot cost $5.14 and includes, 4 razors,
16 blades, and 4 shaving creams.

I just made this Tim's new screensaver.