13 June 2012

Livin' Large

We got slammed at work yesterday.  Every table filled.  And guess what? I didn't get frazzled.  And, I didn't even cry once.

Noppers.  I had my big girl pants on.  We all worked together, communicated, and had a damn good day.

I still cook more in prep, but I'm learning more at the pizza shoppe.  And right now, I'm more interesting in the learning.

Meanwhile, I'm off today.  Tim may get home early, I hope.  Might hit the movies or Barnes.  With my new schedule, I can sometimes stay out past 10PM.  That part is nice.

And check out what I got for FREE so far this month.  Didn't have to pay tax on any of it either. 

I love couponing.

Now I suppose I best be getting to my chores.  Only I kinda don't want to.  Nope.  We've got this second computer (paid for with the savings from couponing).  That means double the printable coupons.  Two prints per coupon/per computer.

That's four, count'em four coupons for the same item.

Oh yeah.  I'm livin' large.

$52.00 in FREE stuff (zero tax).  Click to enlarge.
There's a 4th floss missing.  I think Bug stole it.


  1. All that for free? Damn!
    Go see a movie. Lots to choose from right now.

  2. Alex: The boogerbutt still isn't home. Both pups are passed out and I'm a couponing fool.

    Oh yeah.

  3. That's quite a haul. You're set for tooth products for some time.

  4. Trey: Including what I have in stockpile, about a year of toothpaste.

    Not too shabby.

  5. So what's your biggest couponing secret??

  6. Kim: Do you coupon? How goes the jogging?

    Elsie: There are no secrets. That's the thing about couponing. It's all right there, cards on the table.

    But the key is to stay organized and current. Falling behind can be a real mess.

    Are you thinking of giving it a go?

  7. I hope you have a place to store all that stuff. Hate to see you waste your savings on storage shelves!

    Or is that why you cleaned out your closet earlier???

  8. Yours and Tim's teeth must be gleaming!!!

  9. Stacy: Closet was spring cleaning. We already have shelves in the office - but if I do need to buy more, you can bet I won't pay full price for them.

    Ray: Part of the couponing initiation is to get FREE toothpaste and toothbrushes.

  10. Ha, this is awesome! And yay about not stressing at work. I need a dose of that.

  11. alexia: It's been a rough start with the new job. But it's getting better and I'm having a fun go of it.

  12. Good on ya, mate :)

    Have you ever baked with guar gum?

  13. Stop blaming the dog, there must be some good dental hygiene in your house my Queen!

  14. Wow for a moment there I thought you lived in England because I recognised all the products. Do you have freecycle in your part of the world? I've just been trying out a carpet cleaner my hubby picked up for me free, though we did have to buy the cleaning liquid ourselves :-)
    Maybe I should get a coupon lol

  15. Niki: I started researching gluten-free last summer, but never played with that ingredient.

    I do fancy ground almonds in pastry. So good. Or mixed with lemon for a almond lemon bar.

    Num num num.

    Much luck to you in your baking. Drop me an email if I can help you or test something for you in my lab.

    Cheers & Hugs.

    Lurker: Ha. I tell you she took it.

    Susan: Kind of you to say. I'm still learning. Only four months in.

    I remember you saying you used coupons, have you been using them more these days?

    Paula: I have not seen it yet but will keep an eye out. I love new cleaning toys and agents.

    So much fun.

    Happy Couponing.

  16. Glad to hear things went better at the pizzeria. Last night, I made home-version pizza for the first time in a while. GK got his full braces on a week and a half ago and couldn't chew for a while.

  17. Suzan: Thanks for stopping in today. Homemade pizza. Woohoo. That's the best.

    Here's hoping GK can start chewing more regularly, soon.

    Happy Almost Weekend :-)

  18. We clip coupons in our local paper on Wednesday and Sunday and that's it and we shop at commissary which give us military coupons...but you save a TON of money it seems!!

  19. Elsie: I enjoy the work. You?

    Also, I'm not sure about the details but I believe that military (and their wives) are allowed to use expired coupons.

    But again, I do not know the details.

  20. Sorry I haven't comment in a while Ivy but I have been reading.

    You go girl! Large and in charge on the coupon barge!

    Be well and say hi to Tim and the puppies for me.


  21. BA: Will do on the hellos. Tim is at work now and the pups are under my desk as I type.

    They are so cute.

    Cheers & Happy Weekend :-)

  22. I'm going to see Prometheus tomorrow - can't wait! Hope you go see something fun with Tim :)

  23. William: She surely has.

    mshatch: That's what we saw. Have a great weekend and boogie boogie.

  24. Great deal!! And congrats on a great day at work! Awesome! :)

  25. Only overseas military families can use expired coupons and we are in the states. I think I'm going to have to begin relying on some good internet sites for coupons. Our subscription to the paper ran out and it's not worth it to renew it again =(

  26. Jen: Good to see you here. Hope you're eating lots of yummy things and having a groovy day.

    Elsie: Ah ... I see.

    Sorry to hear that your paper. Here's hoping you find more to your liking with the printables.