20 June 2012

Green Magic

Yesterday I talked to the bank about mortgage rates.  I left her office feeling good.  We're not ready yet, but couponing will be a major factor in saving for that down payment.

I want a house.

And now it doesn't feel like such a far away goal.  Now I feel like we can do it, and more so, we will do it.  To help kick things off, I've got a goal for June to get $100 in FREE stuff.

I'm about $16 bucks from reaching that goal.  Every $100 I save, goes into saving for that down payment.

Check out my latest FREE deals.  Matt, a prep buddy calls my couponing Green Magic.  I like that, Green Magic.

$21.18 for 2 packs of laundry tablets. 120 tabs, all FREE. Tax paid with a prior coupon that I had for $2 off my next order.

Kmart printed the $2 off my next order, after I bought a bunch of crapper paper for a good deal.  I had no idea the $2 came with it, I was pretty excited though when it did.

The liners and candles both had overage.  Overage is when a store owes me money.  I used that overage to pay the tax on the FREE candles and FREE Lysol Dual Action wipes.

And, my 33 cents overage canceled out my 33 cent tax.

How's that for Green Magic?


  1. Soon you'll know the joys of homeownership!
    And your place must be really clean. Bet it smells good as well.

  2. We own our trailer, paid the mortgage off a long time ago. But we don't own our lot.

    I want my own land/house.

  3. Land Ownership is awesome :) Homeownership...Meh :) Lots of maintenance and upkeep :P But LAND! You can have a Garden and grow your own veggies! Even MORE money saved!!

    And I'm sorry...but Green Magic sounds like a strain of...um...Special Cigarettes...;) I laughed out loud when I saw your blog title...

  4. Alicia C: Thankfully, we have a great lot and a bit of room for a garden. Just that it's not OUR land.

    Soon will be, though.

  5. How much is a down payment in the US of A these days?

  6. Its good getting on the housing market, something to leave the Kids!

  7. I have to disagree with Alicia, Green Magic sounds like the title of a forgettable 80s fantasy novel to me.

  8. That's my brand of laundry detergent. My husband has sensitive skin.

  9. We're not ready for a mortgage yet, either...maybe I'll put more of a focus on coupons and try to put some extra money away, too!

  10. I understand you like LOL
    sounds nice!

  11. The American Dream :) Here's hoping it becomes a reality very quickly

  12. Loveing the green magic name LOL

    wiping your but for free, can't beat it!


  13. Lurker: Sent you an email.

    Ray: Looking forward to owning our land.

    Trey: With terrible hair and possibly leg warmers.

    Susan: This is the first time I used the packs. Those suckers are expensive.

    Jess: I'm tellin' ya, it's a big difference with coupons. If you have any questions on getting started, please let me know.

    Gloria: I wish you had coupons where you lived. They are so much fun.

    Kim: Ah ... soon, soon.

    Ian: Wipe Your Butt for FREE, might be an upcoming blog post title. Thanks for the idea. I love it.

  14. You are the master! Green magic - definitely catchy. You'll be a great homeowner!