22 June 2012


My big plans for my day off was to clean Ethel.  And usually I really look forward to days off, when I get to clean/organize something.  But not this morning.


Instead I woke unmotivated and super duper pooped.

So after watching a bit of NetFlix and accidentally falling asleep. (I blame the two snuggly dogs), I drug myself off the comfy couch, got dressed and logged on to pay bills.

I love paying bills and figured that would jump start my day.  Something relaxing about using my pretty yellow bill binder, my colored markers, and getting stuff paid.

And you know what?

It worked.  The bill for Tim's computer and software came in and because of couponing, I was able to click, Pay in Full. 

I frickin' love that.

Maybe I'll make organic tomato sauce, organic brown pasta, and chicken meatballs for the weekend.  Num, num, num.

And in other news, check out my second Wonder Woman mug.  Got it on Free RPG day, last weekend.  Barnes had a sale, I had a coupon and a gift card.

I love Wonder Woman.  She's so cool.

Even though I already have this mug, I had to get a second.


  1. That is one awesome mug my friend!

  2. Well, one does need a matching set of mugs! And she's very cool!

    Even if she has a habit of getting herself tied up in her own lasso all the time.

  3. i love the colour and it's a neat shape. I find paying bills relaxing too. I guess it's a sense of achieving something :) Does that sound strange? haha

  4. Lo-mo: And to think I almost didn't get it because we're saving. But then Tim pointed out the gift card. Such a good egg, he is.

    William: Can never have too many Wonder Woman mugs or glasses. Or arpons, or bags or ...

    Niki: That hits the nail perfectly on the head. I feel like I've accomplished something, and that all the work toward couponing, is paying off.

    Happy Winter, by the way.

  5. I wish I lived closer, if only to smell the aroma of your meals.

  6. LOL I almost bought an extra WW mug to send to you, but I thought, "No, I'm sure she has one already because she always gets the cool WW stuff."

  7. Alex: If you lived closer we'd have you and your wife over for supper.

    Suzan: That is so nice of you. Did you get one for yourself?

  8. Snuggly doggies will do that - just sap the energy right out of you. But, you deserve it!

    Great mug!

  9. Elsie: They have super nappy nap powers.

  10. That is a cool mug. I hate paying bills, especially those college tuition bills. Wish I could find a coupon for that.

  11. Susan: That would be a great coupon.

    Lurker: I hear you are going on holiday, but I really believe that you'll miss Rayolla.

    Rayolla: Who will you take pictures of now that Lurker will be gone for so long?

  12. Oh, I love that new header pic!

    Bork, bork, bork, bork...