04 June 2012

Paying for Toothpaste?

Then you're doing it wrong.

It's a right of passage for every couponer to get FREE toothpaste.  And today marks the fourth month of my couponing journey. 

So far we've paid off the TV, bought a zine printer, saved a little, paid some debt, and bought a computer.  But Tim says he still doesn't have enough toilet paper in his bathroom.

And check it out, last week I landed 4 razors, 16 blades and 4 shaving gels for a total price of $5.20 (includes tax).  Actually $5.14 because the store owed me 6 cents in overage for the 2 free dental flosses I purchased as well.

How great is that?

Until next post, have a groovy day and oogie boogie night.

Single Toothpaste Breakdown:
$2.69 Regular Price (6.4oz/181g)
-$1.19 (store sale)
$1.50 Today's Sale Price
-$0.75 Coupon
-$0.75 Coupon Doubled
FREE Total Price (I got a total of 4)

Promotional Razor Breakdown:
$21.20 (4 Promo Packs w/Tax)
-$16.00 in Coupons (4 coupons each worth $4)
$5.20 Subtotal
-$0.06 Subtracted Overage (from FREE floss)
$5.14 Total Price Paid for ALL 4 Kits

The entire lot cost $5.14 and includes, 4 razors,
16 blades, and 4 shaving creams.

I just made this Tim's new screensaver.


  1. I was here already but things have changed, you're the Queen of the Coupons, nice one my Queen!

  2. Lurker: Thanks for dropping by twice.

  3. You're right, I don't trust people that pay for toothpaste. I get mine by visiting nursing homes and pretending to be everyone's nephew. When they konk out from the over-excitement I take their toothpaste from the cabinet. Also the laxatives that look like chocolate. But then I have to steal generic loperamide tablets from Rite-Aid to counteract the effects. Keeps me busy.

  4. I am so jealous of you right now. I have to go get razors tomorrow and those bad boys are expensive!!

    Great job on your savings!

  5. I want free toothpaste! And free floss. We go through it like crazy.

  6. Well done Whisk, I wish there were coupons for wargames figures!!!

  7. You must have the WHITEST teeth!

  8. Where are you finding all these coupons?

  9. Elsie: I posted a comment on your blog with the Krazy Lady Coupon site, to get you started on the hunt for razor coupons.

    Happy Shopping :-)

    Alex: I am hoping not to pay for either, anymore. But we'll see.

    Haven't seen the Huntsman's yet, or is it Huntsmen? I dunno, can't remember. But I did enjoy the hunter in Avengers. Thought he did a great job.

    Saw Thor over the weekend as well. Liked him in that, didn't care for the script. Kind of bland.

    Ray: That would be very cool.

    Stacy: At least for the next year.

    Dan: Friends give me coupons from Sunday papers. I get a few papers. Then I also go online to print them, as well as sign up for newsletters and promos.

    Just this week I got my first ever free item sent to me. It was a toothpaste.

    But a different brand.

    Do you coupon? Or are you considering it? It is so MUCH fun.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  10. Endra: Crap, I totally missed your comment. I laughed about pretending to be the nephew.

    Funny stuff.

    Hope you are well. Feels like awhile since we chatted. Are you cooking anything good these days?

  11. I so need to carve some time out to do this!!

  12. Melanie: It's fun and pays well.

  13. I am going to get you to do all my shopping from now on. You have become a coupon super star! Holy savings Wonder Woman!

  14. You are just a couponing master!

    I see you waving your hand in front of the cahier's eyes like Obi-Wan Kenobi:

    "This is not the price you are asking for...I can have this product for free..."

  15. Lo-mo: I still have much to learn but it's a fun ride, getting there.

    Hope you're cooking up a storm and enjoying your grill.

    Bard: I cannot believe I'm getting free stuff. It still blows my mind.

    Hope you and Mrs Bard are well.