24 June 2012

House Hunting Pictures

Check out the pictures from yesterday.  Not a fan of the kitchen myself.  Especially after working in a prep kitchen.  Even at the pizza shoppe we have a prep kitchen.  Nothing fancy, just all workable and good solid spaces.

And you should see our butcher block table.  Man alive, I love that table.  Pizza boss told me he got it for a decent price and lucky us, it's a price we can afford.

As far as the house below ... it's a big old PASS.

Which is good, because we don't have our down payment saved yet.  But looky here.  I scored $5 more in FREE stuff.

And to me, that's $5 closer to owing a house.

Didn't like the bathroom tile-like fireplace.
Or the plastic wood shelves.

This is useless to me.  Don't like it.

I liked the sunshine eatery area.

Don't want two small sinks. 

There's a pillar here.  Pass, pass, pass.

Just too many cabinets and not enough prep shelves.

Entrance way shot.
A better shot of the pillar. 

$5 closer to getting a house.


  1. You can never had too much work surface! Nice to have a sink with a view though.

  2. Alan: Loved the view from the sink. Especially when we have the house on our own land, overlooking a Cook's Garden.

    Ah ... heaven.

    Happy Cooking to you. Great to see you here. I'm still holding onto your apple and pork recipe for this fall.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  3. Really dear I love so much the pictures! anyway you have to see, in our case we bought the houe to the Bank " like was all" tha means maybe some things dont like me but was an opprtunity to us have a house, xx
    (my kichen is a litle small LOL)
    and I need more gabinets ha!

  4. You hold out for the perfect house, Whisk!

  5. thinking about the "cooks garden"...dreamy, dreamy, dreamy. I finally planted the basil just outside our front door, very good move, eating tons more basil this year.

  6. I'm glad you're on the hunt for a house early. Remember that every closed door brings you closer to the open one!

  7. I liked the look of the place, just how much work surface are you looking for, you could prepare enough food there for an army!! Well maybe Fran anyway??????

  8. I just came from grilling over at a similar looking kitchen in State College. It's like the idea of a good kitchen is there, nice-ish cabinets with something that looks like decent wood details, but then you look at the jammed in 8" wide cabinets to the left of the range and it's obvious that all that space in the corner is useless. There should be a Lazy Susan under there if anything. That stuff kills me. Only thing that could make it worse is a built-in glass top range, which is designed for people that care more about cleaning than they doing about cooking. It just kills me that folks involved in designing and installing that kind of pre-packaged kitchen have no idea how kitchen space is actually used by people. Give me a big open asymmetrical kitchen with doorless cabinets any day.

    And there ends my rant. I hope you find a copacetic place along the way!

  9. I agree with Spawn.. :) The double shallow home sink thing. ARGH. So frustrating when you're trying to..well...cook! My personal kitchen is totally useless (I literally have one counter that is 2'x3') BUT we're saving our pennies for a TOTAL overhaul. And it's a square space..so..Perfect! Hold out girl! Or...A sledge hammer comes in handy...

  10. Gloria: I'm looking more for a workable kitchen, or space that can be made into workable.

    Alex: One house tossed, many more to look at.

    Daisey: Ah, fresh herbs. That's what I love. Happy Eating.

    Hanny: It's a fun thing to do and reminds me why I switched jobs. Helps keep me on track with the savings, as well.

    Ray: More of an industrial style kitchen. A prep cook's kitchen. Nothing like Homes & Gardens.

    Endra: I agree. I don't know sometimes what the hell they are thinking. Then I see houses set with glass jars on fake lemons, fake plants and garlands.

    Meh, that's not a cook's place.

    Great hearing from you. You cooking? I thought you were away.

    Alicia: Saving those pennies is great stuff. Yes, yes, on the shallow double sink. We have that same sink now and I can't properly wash my chicken stock cauldron.

  11. That bright white pillar in the kitchen is wild. It seems out of place.

  12. Southpaw: So out of place and even odder looking in person.

    Just not even close to my kind of workspace.

  13. The dining area is as shiny as a diamond! :) You should ask Pizza boss to make pizza with you in the kitchen one of these days! Despite of the bathroom tile-like fireplace, I like the ornament on top of it. :)

    Nannie Toller

  14. Nannie: Welcome to my blog, I don't believe we've met.

    I'm not sure I understand, as we make pizza at the shoppe, all the time.

    That kitchen is not mine, nor would I like it to be. It's just a little too much Home & Gardens, and not enough industrial prep kitchen/lab-like.

    I agree about the eatery area.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  15. The pillar's definitely out of place.