27 June 2012

I Quit My First Job

Last night I gave prep my two week's notice, because that's when I learned that keeping both jobs, also meant working seven days a week.

And while I LOVE my prep job, I'm not willing to put my health through that kind of test, and I certainly don't want to never have the same day off with Poopyhead.

In brighter news, I hit my goal of reaching $100 in FREE stuff for the month of May.  That makes it $100 closer to a house.

We will get there, one coupon at a time.

That's all from me.  I have work later but for right now, I'm going to make a cup of tea and veg out for a bit.

Until next time, boogie boogie and all that spooky stuff.


  1. I don't blame you. Who the heck wants to work 7 days a week?

    Glad you're getting closer to your house. I love mine. It may be small but it's mine all mine :)

  2. Quite right too - seven days a week is ridiculous. There's this little thing called "work/life balance" that's become quite popular in the 21st Century...

  3. Seven days a week is so much dear,you need breath! Im happy youare getting closer of your house.Love your header!x

  4. 7 days a week.....sod that!!! Don't blame you at all!

  5. mshatch: Not me, that's for sure. I'm on six days now and that's not bad, but more than that would be zero fun.

    Tim: I'm not into the whole burn myself out gig. Seems stupid to me. Rather have some time home with Hubby.

    Gloria: We all do. Thanks.

  6. Ray: Yeah, it's no fun saving for a house that I'll be too tired to shop for.

    How's things without Lurker?

    Miss him yet?

  7. Well done! Take that job and shove it!

  8. Seven days a week is far to much. I'm glad you made the decision to quit for your health and to be with your hubby.

    Congrats on the great savings - you rock!

  9. As a rare blood courier and Product Management tech, I work 7 days straight every other week. But I get days off. Would they have given you days off?

    You must do what you feel is right for you and your body, of course. I wish you well. But it is always a smart move, to resign ONLY after you have another position lined up.

    My best to you and your husband, Roland

  10. So just one full time job now? That's all I could handle!

  11. Matt: Thank you, Sir.

    Carter: It's hard to say that when I'm crying. Maybe after I toughin' up a bit (but still probably not). Prep was fantastic.

    Learned a ton.

    Elsie: I'm not a burn out kind of gal. So once I learned what the new schedule was, I did what I did.

    Besides, I need energy to shop for those new house or land.

    Roland: Nice to see you again.

    Don't know how much you read my blog, but I've been working two gigs for a bit now, and the second one just leveled me up to full-time.

    Keeping both jobs means seven days a week. No days off.

    Alex: Just one full-time job, that has a wonderful ring to it. Even makes my shoulders feel lighter. I might steal that for a blog post. Thanks for the idea.

  12. Good for you, Whisk =)

  13. Good for you. Who the heck wants to work that much anyway? Not me! And congrats on your coupon savings. That's pretty awesome!

  14. Good for you~ even if you could physically handle it, working seven days a week isn't mentally healthy. Congrats on reaching your FREE stuff goal!

  15. Elsie: Thanks. Hope your headache has passed.

    Stacy: Me either. I need some fun time to play in my own kitchen.

    Maurice: Thanks.

    Jess: I agree. And thanks on the congrats. Fun stuff, this couponing.

  16. Pizza rocks, plus you need some down-time. boogie boogie.

  17. Thanks, Paladin. Boogie boogie, back.

  18. All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl as they say. Good luck on the house hunting! I'm glad you are liking your new job and best of luck finding those coupons. Seems like our paper has been get chincy with the coupons lately.

  19. Sorry about going right over the two gigs part of your post. Now, you see what one gig, working me 7 days straight does to my comprehension!! :-)

  20. Oh, girl! Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. I'm down to two jobs, and I'm hoping to ditch one of them sooner rather than later.

    Break a leg on your new adventures!

  21. Todd: I still like prep better than the new gig, but I'm learning more at the new gig, and they are giving me full-time.

    Thanks bunches.

    Roland: No apologies needed. I've been talking about my new job and working both on my blog for awhile now.

    But after you comment I added two jobs to the first paragraph, for those that didn't read my post before that one, about leveling up to full-time.

    So thank you, for making me, make it more clear in the current post.

    Suzan: I really really didn't want to ditch prep. I love that job and still can't believe I gave my two weeks. But the other is WAY more consistent with hours, and more so, there's room to grow.

  22. Given the circumstances, it's entirely understandable.