08 June 2012

Bug in My Coffee

Work went MUCH better yesterday.  Showed up wearing my Spidey red shirt, my favorite bandana, and a ready to try again attitude.

Day went pretty darn well at that.  I think the Spidey shirt helped.

And today I have the ENTIRE day off.  My big plans include removing all the clothes from my closet that no longer fit, or I stopped wearing.  I'm excited to get cracking.

As for the blog post title, I just now opened a new bag of organic decaf and right there on the top was a little maggot looking fellow.  I called the company, they're sending me a new, hopefully bug-free bag.

Meanwhile, I'm also waiting for Tim's new computer to arrive, which was purchased ENTIRELY with money saved from couponing.  How frickin' cool is that?

That's all from me.  Cheers and boogie boogie.


  1. Maggots like coffee? Who knew?
    Glad the Spiderman shirt helped you have a great day. Now, go attack those closets.

  2. If cleaning your closet makes for a fun day off - go for it!

  3. Now I want a lucky spidey shirt! What would have been funny is if you had found a spider in the coffee while wearing the spidey t-shirt :)

  4. I would have though coffee would kill maggots. Was he really active because of the caffeine?

  5. Oh May a bug in your coffe?? so sorry:(
    I love your new header!!!

  6. @Susan: DECAF. That's the problem.

  7. a new computer bought with $ saved from couponing? I may have to try this...

  8. Glad you and Tim are still blogging! Gonna spend a few days catching up on what I've missed while I've been away lifting weights and... err... not blogging. I'll be back to updating soonish though! Cheers!

  9. Urrggh! Bug in your coffee? At least you found it BEFORE you made yourself a cup ;)

  10. Yuk! What did you do with the maggot?!?

  11. Hooray to a day off! Boo to a bug in your coffee - I'm glad their sending you a new bag.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Maggots in coffee are like worms in tequila...don't let it bother you.Cool deal on the coupon computer!

  13. glad work went better for you! and ewwwww on the maggot. nice that they're sending you a new bag.

  14. Time for more Spidey shirts! And fewer maggots in the coffee. Eww!

  15. Alex: Hope your night went well. I got a lot done yesterday on the closet. Still doing more work today.

    Stacy: Been looking forward to yesterday for a about a week

    Jess: That would have been better.

    Susan: Little dude was dead. It was decaffeinated.

    Gloria: Thanks. The header was originally animated but lost that part when I adjusted the size to larger.

    Endra: How goes you?

    mshatch: I kid you not. It's a BIG difference in savings.

    DocStout: Welcome back. Glad to hear you've been working out.

    Tim: I still want to call you Flea -- And yeah, at least I didn't find it floating on the top of my cup.

    Ray: Put him back in the bag. He was dead.

    Elsie: Have a great weekend, back.

    Chuck: I almost drank it anyway. But then couldn't do it.

    Melanie: Woohoo for customer service.

    Suzan: So fun that I can wear super hero red shirts.

    Everyone: Thanks for dropping by and boogie boogie.

  16. Well, coffee is toxic sludge, after all....

  17. I love that toxic sludge but not with maggots :(