29 November 2014

Breakfast Rolls & Pumpkin up the Wazoo

Check out the rolls I made last night, before bed. I wanted to have them for breakfast today.  Good golly, they rocked.

Meanwhile, it's noon on Saturday and we're both still in our jams. Headed to Barnes if we can get our rears in gear.

Neither of us are moving fast. Tim is working on his gaming stuff and I'm writing to you. In my jams.  At my desk.

Might break out the sewing machine if he's gonna keep writing. Still haven't sewn any napkins yet. Somehow, I ended up in the lab last night, breaking down a big ass pumpkin. Cooked and baked several ways. We're talking pumpkins up the wazoo.  More on that another day.

Right now I'm gonna get dressed. I think.

28 November 2014

Friday Question: Who Am I?

I'm shocked that not one person wanted yesterday's prizes.  Boy oh boy.  Maybe today's winnings will be more to your liking.

Answer the question and win three toothpicks, two beetles and seventeen mostly alive, porcupines.

Good luck and boogie boogie.

27 November 2014

Spot The Bumble

Spot The Bumble and win a lifetime supply of snowflakes and frozen boogers, freshly chipped off bus stop benches.

26 November 2014

Vomit, Poo & Heaven

Time to get serious, as I've been resting (goofing off), all ding dong day long.  Yeppers.  The only thing I did today was draw cartoons.  Watch 1.2 star Christmas movies, wash sheets (that Wiggy upchucked on this morning), and cleaned poo from the yard (not the bed).

That was my day.

Oh totally forgot, I also made chicken stock.  Now the house has a weird smell better left to the imagination.

But on the bright side, the herb and spice cabinet that I redid earlier this week, is fantastic.  I went in there today to get my chicken stock herbs, and that cupboard is heaven.

Heaven, I say.  Heaven.

Meanwhile, it took until this moment to realize that the additional vomit odor is coming from my jammies. 

This Happens to Tim

25 November 2014

Cake - Yum!

Normally, I don't enjoy these signs but this one I like. And you know what else I like now?  If you guessed the taste of cake then you get a an A on your paper and a star on your forehead.

The more and more I bake them, learn what they are, the more I love them. And now, my own cake formulas are writing themselves.  

I'm enjoying a whole new level of baking fun.

And I love it.

21 November 2014

Friday Question: Meatloaf

I've made meatloaf once before. Only then I was a veghead, so I don't know how it tasted. Now that I eat meat, I'm ready to make give it another go.

Linda adds shredded carrots to hers. That sounds yummy. The one I made had onions, garlic and celery. My next one will have carrots.

Do you eat meatloaf? Ever try carrots? What goes in your loaf? Beef? Turkey? Bean curd? Toe jam?

How about that tomato glaze thing on top? Good? No good?

Do tell.

18 November 2014


I'm on the bench and out of the game for the rest of the week.  Which means, no major cooking or baking until at least the weekend.  Eyeballs, crossed.

I didn't realize that sitting at the kitchen table (see yesterday's post), was not proper rest for my leg.  Then last night that deep pain returned, and I knew I'd better get my butt back to the bench (couch).

Meanwhile, I'm itchin' to write/test bakes.  I've got an idea for little chocolate honey fudge cakes,  little maple vanilla cakes and wooffle sticks for the pups, and, and, and ...

17 November 2014

Tim Didn't Use No Stinkin' Electric Whisk

Today is my easiest day yet after a weekend of not moving, thanks to screwing up my leg after working too long.  Lesson learned, I'll move forward from here.

First, I have to tell you that Tim did all the weekend chores and baked his first bird with veg and homemade gravy.  I'm not just saying this because I love that man to bits, but he did a killer job.  Then, after that, he made homemade, by hand, vanilla whip to go over leftover apple crumble.

Homemade topping people.  He didn't use no stinkin' electric whisk, either.  Noppers, not my Bumble.

Then when I was resting with my latest issue of BBC GoodFood, Tim brought me my favorite snowman mug, filled with tart cherry juice (which reduces inflammation), along with unsalted organic cashews (which I'm not allowed to ask how much he paid for).

I'm tellin' ya.  I'd marry that bugger all over again.

14 November 2014

FridayQ: Fiddle Faddle & Crunch 'n Munch

One thing we did during staycation was hit Dollar Tree, where they sold boxes of Fiddle Faddle & Crunch 'n Munch. 

I almost bought a box of each just to see which was better.  But in the end, I went home with neither because I figured I could make with better ingredients and for less money. 

Does anyone remember Fiddle Faddle & Crunch 'n Munch?  If faced with both boxes, what would you do?

PS:  I really enjoy saying Fiddle Faddle & Crunch 'n Munch.  Not sure which I like saying more though, because after I say one, I gotta right away say the other.  

13 November 2014

One of Two Ways

Today will go one of two ways.  Either I'll wake pain-free and bake mini pizzas for the freezer.  Or, I'll be hummed-up in the movie room with bookend pups, watching the movie, White Christmas.

I'm itching to watch both White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life, but having Ethel stocked with personal pans will save us money during the weekends.

So I'm hoping for a fun bake day.  Thanks for my menu planning (thank you Pat and Jen), both supper and dessert are made and ready.  That means everything I bake today is just pure fun for later.

Time for me to check my crumble (it's Wednesday night as I write this), then hit the showers and get some rest.  Before I go, here's Miss Wiggy.

11 November 2014

Apple Crumble Bumble Pie

Guess what I did yesterday?  I did a food menu for the week.  I even know what Bumble (Tim), is having next Monday for lunch.  So excited.  I'm hoping to save money and get more organized between labs and home cooking.

In other news, I've been working on a go-to crust that works for many applications.  Yesterday I tested the pastry in an Apple Crumble Bumble Pie.  As I write this, the pie is cooling, so I cannot tell you how it worked out. 

That's all for now.  Thanks for reading & boogie boogie.

09 November 2014

Tim was NOT Happy

So I'm looking through old photos, tossing stuff I don't need, you know the drill.  That's when I came across this old photo, from when we had the office in the other room.  Anyway, one morning when Tim woke, this is what he found. 

07 November 2014

Friday Question: What Am I?

Hello Boogerbutts and Buttfaces:  Thanks for all the great comments, yesterday.  We spent the first day of staycation out and about on a culinary adventure.  Headed for another one today.  More on that another time.

Meanwhile, answer the what am I and win one used coffee filter, and a ball of Tim's ear wax.  Don't worry if there's multiple winners.  He's got plenty.

06 November 2014

Locked Doors & Bolted Windows

Lock the doors, bolt the windows and toss the mobile down the crapper.  Frankenberry has four days off in a row, the fridge is stocked with all kinds of good foods and desserts, and we're on a four day stay-frickin'-cation.

05 November 2014

Swish Swash & Snooze

As I write this, it's Tuesday afternoon and I'm sitting on the couch with two pups and a peppermint mocha, looking at the Christmas tree covered in pretty lights.

Bug's warm little butt is snuggled next to me and she's got me thinking.  Decorating is hard work.  A nap sounds good.

Technically, I'm still sick and rest is the best thing.  So I'll finish my peppermint mocha and nap to the sound of swish-swashing laundry, and snoozing pups.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen there's a homemade apple pie cooling and a loaf of smooch bread the first rise.  More on those another day.  Right now there's a Santa blanket and a big couch, calling my name.

03 November 2014

The Switch

It's Monday and I'm not here today. Meanwhile, yesterday I took down the Halloween decorations and today, I'm transforming the Halloween Room into a Christmas Wonderland.

Best part is that Tim doesn't mind me doing the switch a week earlier than normal.  I love that man. He even bought me new Christmas lights and they are beautiful. 

That concludes this post.  Catch up with ya'll when I'm done.  Have a groovy day and boogie boogie.