07 November 2014

Friday Question: What Am I?

Hello Boogerbutts and Buttfaces:  Thanks for all the great comments, yesterday.  We spent the first day of staycation out and about on a culinary adventure.  Headed for another one today.  More on that another time.

Meanwhile, answer the what am I and win one used coffee filter, and a ball of Tim's ear wax.  Don't worry if there's multiple winners.  He's got plenty.


  1. Wow, I can't think of a single thing. There goes my chance at a box of ear wax...

  2. It loos like a brown egg shell. Maybe one of the organic type?

  3. Foam of some description? Culinary, of course.

  4. I first thought foam from hot chocolate, but it could be an egg shell, too. I'll stick with the foam, though, because it sounds yummier. :)

  5. A map to the kingdom of the jade empress?

  6. Hmm ... it looks suspiciously like someone's speckled back?

    Or an egg shell?

  7. Earwax for everyone who showed up today.

    It's an image of an egg from my friend's chickens. The freshest, yummiest, egg ever.

    Those who guessed egg of any kind will be sent two balls of Tim's ear wax. That's right, two.

    Enjoy those prizes along with the used coffee filters. Thanks for playing and boogie boogie.

  8. Too late for some of that yummy earwax?

    Linda :o)

  9. I dated someone a long time ago who's back looked like that...but let's not go there. Been lurking around your blog for a while. Love it.

    1. Thanks for stopping in with a comment, Camille and thanks for being a lurker for awhile now. Glad you like it here. We've got a good bunch of bloggers, here.