22 March 2017

Traybake (oh my yum)

Today's lab didn't work as a pumpkin roll so I made SuzieQ-style sandwiches, filled with maple peanut butter. Oh my yum. Cannot wait for Frankenberry to get home. Only thing, I'm not sure I'll have any left. Just kidding.

Or am I ...?

In other news, I've been MIA, working on the new room. Apologies to anyone who has emailed me, that's been off too. Figure I'll get back in the game soon but had to pop in and share some photos.

PS: What's for lunch? I had these and they were goooooood.

06 March 2017


I don't have a wordy post. Don't get me wrong, I'll talk your ear off on what I've been up to but instead, I'll show you this picture of Wiggy. Taken with my phone.

I love this picture.