27 May 2016

FQ: What Are We?

It's the start of our 10-day staycation, it's Frankenberry's birthday, we've got a lunch packed and we're headed out for an adventure. But, before I go, tell us what these are and win two birthday boogers and a shoe.


20 May 2016

Friday Question ????

I'm hesitant to write this because a few weeks ago, if someone told me that they got rid of 80 percent of their personal belongings, I would have thought that was extreme and maybe even, a little nuts.

But now, that's just where I'm headed, and I could not be happier. I started Thursday at 50 percent and ended the night at 60 percent of my own belongings, gone. I feel light, free and happy. Beyond thrilled. Truly.

But enough about me, I want to hear from you. Friday Question: Have you ever done a major purge? How did you feel?

If you've never done a purge, would you and if so, what percentage of your stuff would you be comfortable ditching and/or donating?

16 May 2016

Light, Happy & Free (oh my)

I'm two weeks into getting stuff out of the house. With the clutter gone, I feel happy and light. And I'm free to jump into new adventures.

There are bakes to write, pictures to shoot and videos to film. Which is not maintainable in our current state of clothes we don't wear, piled papers, extra fabric and zero space to house a photographer's box.

I finally got out of my own way.

13 May 2016

Friday Question: Ditching & Donating

Yesterday, I donated several good boxes of stuff to the local second hand store. Proceeds go to the pound and vet hospital. Both places keep their prices low. And our personal choice is always go with a pound puppy over a pedigreed, any day of the week.

Anyway .... most stuff was easy to donate, but when it came to donating gifts that were given to me, I felt a little bad. But we just don't have the room. More so, I don't want to extra stuff. Once I dropped everything off, those feelings of guilt vanished. Whoosh. Gone. I felt light and happy.

Today, I finished sorting the fabric and I'm happy to report that I'm down to a few boxes of prints that I love. No more of this, keep the fabric just in case business.

No more I say, no more.

Friday Question: Is it easy for you to ditch and donate? Do you ever feel bad about giving away a gift that someone gave you? Or, do you ever hold onto an item for that fan favorite reason of, just in case? Or, or, or, the other classic, because said item reminds you of a memory or person?

Do tell. Do tell.

Friday Question: Mung Beans

The goal was to make these last night and tell you what I thought. But I was out longer than planned and when I got home, I plumb forgot. Instead, we each had a BIG bowl of steamed potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli. Then I made a wholemeal spelt flatbread thingy. It was yummy.

But I digress ....

Let's get to Friday's Question.

12 May 2016

What Are We?

I've never eaten these before. Gonna try them tonight. Pretty excited because I love trying new foods.  Tell us what these are and win a broken rubber band and a pickle. Those allergic to pickles may swap out for a tub of toe-jam.

09 May 2016

Ready to Rumble (suck on that, corn)

We went to see Captain America but my allergy to corn (just smelling it), continues. Albeit, the rash this year was not as bad as last year during Avengers. However, the next day was horrible. I'll omit the details and just say it sucked wet monkey balls.

On the bright side, here's a tip. Don't want anyone to sit next to you. Then wearing blue plastic gloves, and over-sized sweatshirt/hoodie, noise canceling headphones and a mask around the mouth and nose should do the trick. Nobody wanted to sit next to us and it was great!

Anyway, it's Monday and I'm rested and ready to rumble. Suck on that, corn! The goal this week is to continue downsizing the kitchen/lab and office. More about that another time. See you in four days, when I'll play catch-up on your blog posts.

Until then, have a yummy week.

02 May 2016

My First Half Marathon, DONE !!!!

Hello Buttfaces!

I'm rootin' tootin' excited. If I sound obnoxious, it's because I jogged a half marathon this past Friday. Actually, 13.44 miles because I love fours. The best part about jogging is when I do it, I don't know that I'm sick.

It's really that simple.

What I was sure of though, was that I would complete my first half marathon because I went into it with the mindset of walk/jog. BUT, what I didn't know, was that I'd jog practically the entire distance. That, surprised me.

So, to my autoimmune issues I say ...