31 October 2014

Friday Question: Halloween Food

If you grew up eating these, you know the excitement of seeing the monsters on a box, even as an adult today.

It's just good fun.

If you had these Monster Cereals in front of you, which would you open first?

For me, Franken Berry.  No contest.

Last night I surprised Tim with all three boxes, and he opened Count Chocula first.  Now, in his version of the story, he'll say that I tricked him into eating a big honkin' garden salad before he ate a HUGE bowl of Count Chocula.

But on my side of the story, which is the true side of the story, I didn't do that entirely on purpose.  Though I enjoyed that it worked out that way, especially when Tim asked ...

"If we had Count Chocula, why the hell did you make me eat that big salad?"

I said, "I didn't even realize it."

"I noticed you didn't eat a salad," he pointed out.

"Yeah," I said, "Because I knew we had cereal."

The photo is blurry because of Tim. 

After I Drew on the Pumpkins ...

We're headed to take the girls to the vet today.  Bug has two tick bites and Wiggy keeps licking her left paw.  I'll catch you later with a Friday Halloween Question. 

Until then, have an oogie boogie Halloween.

Pumpkins Play Dress-up

Back in September Tim got me a new tablet as my Halloween gift.  The first thing I did was dress-up the pumpkins.  Iron Man has some issues, but who doesn't. 

Best Halloween gift, ever.  I love this tablet.  LOVE IT!

And that my Boo Berries, concludes this post.  It's after two and I'm still in my jams.  That's okay, because it a holiday weekend.  It's all about fun, spooky and gross things.

Speaking of gross, click EWW to see my morning post.

And now .. I'm off to make Tim's Halloween dessert.  He requested vegan chocolate cake.  Then I'm thinking I might make Halloween bread in the shape of the word, SPOOKY.   Don't know if it will work, but then, that's half the fun.

Happy Oogie Boogie Day.

29 October 2014

Zombie Expressions & Halloween Giveway

I permanently stained Tim's zombie shirt with Vicks VapoRub.  Now it's my new sick shirt.  But don't feel too bad for Tim.  He stole my zombie brew cup the same day that he bought it for me.  That's how we roll here at The Manor.

Thanks to all who played yesterday's Ghoul Quiz.  If those prizes didn't knock your teeth out, click Suzie's, FoodieTV and enter to win a bake book.  Winner can be from ANYWHERE in the world.  Drawing held on Halloween.

Check out her blog at, Suzie the Foodie.

Suzie is a big honkin' bowl of inspiration.  She's remains instrumental in getting me to produce food videos, and she takes the time to answer my questions.

Suzie my friend, you're the Ghostest with the Mostest.  But being it's Halloween I won't get too mushy.  Though I will add this - if I ever turned zombie, I would eat you last.

I'm hiding in the Halloween blanket.

Nose Hairs for Everyone

Thanks for playing - Well done Boric and Linda you win the big prizes.  For everyone else who tried, two nose hairs coming your way.  Enjoy and Happy Halloween week.

Here's a shot from the night when I couldn't sleep.

28 October 2014

Dented Skull

Last night I got hit with insomnia AGAIN.  Now my head is clogged worse and I feel like someone whapped me on the side of the skull with an Easy Bake Oven.

Name the creature(s) or movie, from last night's insomnia fest, and win a bag of slimy spinach, two nose hairs, and one seriously dented Easy Bake Oven.

And that my ghouls concludes this afternoon's post.  I'm off to shower and then I'm crawling back into my coffin, until Frankenberry gets home.  

Boogie Boogie, Buttfaces

Last night we had real food, cooked from my oven, with homemade rolls and everything.  It was the first meal that tasted good to us, since we've been sick.

Then Frankenberry had Game Night and I took the pups with me to the bedroom.  For some reason, as soon as Tim puts his headphones on to game with the guys, Bug goes nuts.

We don't know why?

I'll be back sometime later today with another post.  My goal is to hit 44 posts for the month of Halloween, and I'm THIS close.  THIS close I say, THIS close.

That's all for now.  Boogie boogie, Buttfaces.

PS:  Comic expands.  I'm pretty sure.  But I'm not 100% sure.  I'm about 94% sure.

27 October 2014

Suckin' on Sunshine

I'm outside suckin' on crackers and peanut butter.  Perfect fall day, aside from the oozie bits. 

But I'll tell ya' what, I'd take being sick on a warm day over a cold one.  Because at least with the warm sun, I can feel some life on my snot-filled face.

Meanwhile, both dogs are suspiciously quiet under the deck (below me).  The kind of let's pretend to be real good, but really we're digging another hole to China, quiet.

Best go see what they're up to and grab another cuppa.

This concludes another broadcast day.  I'm your host, the soon to be better, Whisk.

I Smell Poo

26 October 2014

Better & Worse

Today I feel better and worse at the same time.  Better outlook-wise but worse, sick-wise.  I'll spare you the gory details.

On brighter news, Frankenberry is out now getting me Sunday coupons and crackers. 

I dunno why, but when I'm sick, crackers are one of my go to eats.  Sometimes with peanut butter and a hot cuppa tea.  Other times, with a cuppa homemade chicken stock.

And that, my buttfaces, concludes this post.  I'm headed back to lay down for a bit.  Right now I'm looking more like the girl from The Ring, than myself.

Hoping you all feel a lot better than I do. 

PS: It really is 1:44 PM - I love that.

24 October 2014

Friday Question: Spiders or Worms?

In front of you is a bowl of spiders and a bowl of worms.  You have to eat one.  Which do you eat?


I'm tempted to go with the worms.  Maybe they won't be so bad.  You know, a little earthy tasting.  Although, if the worms were still alive and squirmy, that might be a tough bowl to get down.

But then I love spiders so the idea of eating them, I dunno.  That might gross me out the door.  Though I've heard fried tarantula are to die for, not sure I could do it.

So ... which do you eat?  Spiders?  Worms? 

23 October 2014

That's NOT Rubbish

Would ya look at this pile of money someone tossed in the bin at the gas station.

That's not rubbish.  That's money.

22 October 2014

Scary Movie Quiz: Now with MORE Eyeballs

Time for another scary movie quiz.  Brought to you by the makers of our spooky movie room, the season of Halloween and me, your host.

What movies are these eyeballs and noses from?  Here's a clue, one movie has Spock in it (not as Spock), and the other doesn't.

Winners receive two exquisite rotted carcass bookends, three chunks of stinky cheese and two teeny tiny pieces of lint.  Swap outs for our veghead friends are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Sorry, no rain checks.

21 October 2014

Baker's Report: Bakes Gone Wild

I did it.  I baked everything I set out to bake from Holly Sinclair's, The ABC's of Desserts

Hot dog.  I'm jazzed.

I gotta tell ya, I don't know what was more fun.  Playing with Holly's recipes, taking the photos, eating the bakes, or showing everything to Frankenberry when he got home from his gaming con.

It was such a blast that I'm buying 4 digital copies of Holly's dessert book and giving them to Martha, Suzie, Wendy, and Jen.  Surprise, girls.  Hope you have as much fun as I did.  

But wait, that's not all.  Holly will give a FREE digital copy of ABC's of Desserts, to one Boogerbutt from this post.  To learn more about Holly, click the Foodie images on my side bar.  You can join her Foodie Blog Hop, buy her books, or just say howdy.

But first, check out all the stuff I made from her book, from my bakes gone wild weekend.  Our favorites were the lemon treats.  We both love lemon and I love baking with citrus.  Such a great taste.  It's a win, win.

Before I wrap up today's Baker's Report, please pull up a chair.  We have coffee, tea and water, plenty of plates and lots to eat today.  Enjoy!

PS:  There's some sort of wonky distortion going on with photo number one and being that it's 15 minutes to 4AM, I don't have time to fix it.  So here's both.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

20 October 2014

Printer's Down

I'm not here again today, but please enjoy the cartoon and have spooky day.  I'll catch up with ya'll tomorrow.

PS:  Can't wait to show you what I've been baking all ding dong weekend long.  So much fun.

PPS:  Frankenberry got back yesterday from his gaming con and today has the WHOLE DAY off. 

Hot dog.

19 October 2014

Sunday Bake: Angel Food Cake


17 October 2014

Friday Question: Who Would You Fight?

You're about to battle a monster.  Choices are The Mummy, The Monster, a vampire or a ghost.  I'm thinking of going the easy route and unraveling The Mummy.  Although I could use a big blowtorch on the Monster of Frankenstein, but that would be hard to do because he's my favorite.

I don't think I'd win against a vampire, unless garlic really works or I could trick him into the light.  And a ghost?  No idea how to fight that one?  Not a clue.

In the spirit of Halloween, which monster do you fight? 

16 October 2014

What to do? What to do?

Whelp.  Today Franken Berry heads to CON ON THE COB, and that means me and the pups have to place to ourselves for the weekend.

What to do?  What to do?

What I'd love to do is gut my lab.  Turn it into an industrial prep kitchen.  But it doesn't make sense to throw good money down the crapper.  So that's out. 

What to do?  What to do?  

I know.  I'm gonna work on Holly Sinclair's ABC's of Desserts.  She gave me a copy and what better time to do a little mad scientist food testing, then when Tim's not home?

Yep.  That's an excellent idea.  I really am brilliant.

14 October 2014

Monsters & Dice

No one got last Friday's Question, except Tim, who teased me that he would tell.  But then I told him I would vacuum up all his dice, thus winning that battle.

Trust me ladies, go for the dice.  Always go for the dice.

Anyway, here's the tie-in to last Friday's Question. What monsters, said these lines? Answer correctly and you get one fungus filled toenail and eight dingleberries.  I won't tell you who supplied the dingleberries but I will tell you he's got a huge dice collection.

Now onto the game. 

#1) "That's right dear.  It's your great big green lump of sweetness."

#2) "Pardon my appearance but I've been fixing supper.  We're having curried lizard casserole and you know what a mess that can be."

"You're forced to eat lizard?"

"Well, it was either that or pickled frogs ears and my husband insisted on lizard."

13 October 2014

4 Years of Blogging & Turkey Giveaway

Four years ago I started my blog.  Holy cobwebs on a headstone, that flew by.  Happy to have you all reading and commenting.  Extra thanks to the Gaming Goobers who read me first, and still show up.

Very cool.

And since I started my blog on Canadian Thanksgiving 4 years ago (11/Oct), here's a clip from WKRP's Turkey Thanksgiving Giveaway. 

Gobble Gobble & Boogie Boogie.

12 October 2014

Sunday Bake: It's THAT Good

So far, it's been a killer weekend.  Yesterday we drove around the country side, stopping in all the little country shoppes that were open.  Got some great little goodies, pictures to come.

Meanwhile, it's Game Day here and well, things aren't lookin' good.  Thankfully though, we've got more stuffing on the way, though I'm not sure what I'm making on the side of it ...

... Maybe more stuffing.  It's THAT good.

Watching Horror Movies

09 October 2014


Hello Buttercups.  Here's two photos from my day.  The first one I just took and the second one was from earlier, when we were chillin' in the Halloween Room. 

Looking forward to Tim getting home because we have Thanksgiving LEFTOVERS!  So yummy, they deserve all caps and an exclamation mark.

That's all from me.  Headed back outside to the cafe table to drink a cuppa and catch up on a few blogs. 

What Goes Crunch?

08 October 2014

Chicken Stock to Make Dough, is a GO!

Today was supposed to be restful and it was but in a much different way than I had planned.  Not only is Thanksgiving dinner about ready, but I got to take many many pictures of produce outside today.  What a great day.  Perfect light.

I love Autumn.

Meanwhile, using homemade chicken stock to make dough is a go.  I repeat.  Chicken stock to make dough, is a go.  I'd show you pictures but I took like a billion more today and they need cropped.  That, and sometimes it's good for me to crop and edit the next day.  Gives me some distance.

Anyway, my Boogie-Butts - that concludes my afternoon post.  Time for me to make a cuppa and take a proper break, before Frankenberry gets home.  Thanks for reading and have a fright-tastic day, evening and night.