26 February 2015

What's for Supper?

The lime cookies are cooled and under the dome. Now I'm waiting for Frankenberry to get home.

Not sure if I'm making chicken and waffles or hamburg with pub chips. Both sound good. But the second pairs better with dessert. Something wonderful about a light lemon/lime cookie after a beef meal. Just works.

What's for supper at your pad? Did you make dessert?

The Husband Test

This week it's all about cookies, cookies, cookies.

Dairy-free but that doesn't matter. If I've written the formula correctly, the husband should never be able to tell if it's vegan, wholemeal, no meal or made of bugs.

Because a good cookie is a good cookie.

So far, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Lemon Kisses, and ...

23 February 2015

Happy Writer - Happy Baker

The correct oven temperature makes all the difference and now, I can write and test, with happier results. Yesterday's tear bread had a lovely crusty top, and a soft crumb.

Love that.

As for today ... it's after 9:30 in the morning and I'm headed offline to finish the work that I started on the weekend. Didn't get the new flour containers because I decided that I'd go restaurant food grade.

More on those another day. Right now, it's time to get back to work. Happy Monday to all, and to all a yummy day.

22 February 2015

Bagel Chips

In our little Easy Bake oven are homemade cinnamon raisin bagel chips, happily toasting away. Last batch in, as I sit and tippy tap this post.

Smells like heaven.

From the kitchen, I see the back of Frankenberry's head, he's working on what might be the longest blogpost in the history of ever.

Thank you Gamers, for helping him hit is goal. 

You rock.

As for me, I'm about ready to hit the store for some new containers (glass and plastic), for my flours, as I evicted them from their previous homes (see last post).

Tonight's menu: Roasted chicken and tear bread. Simple. Heavenly and delish. Thanks for reading.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

21 February 2015

Ripped Out Innards

I had a good day of cleaning and moving the shelves around in Ethel (fridge). Followed by moving ALLLLLL of my various flours with the exception of nut and seed flours, to one central dark cool location. Ideally, I'd love to keep all of my flours in the fridge but there's not enough room.

SO, I gutted a few cabinets, ripped out the innards, made a HUGE mess, and found room elsewhere. Headed to take a big fat break soon. What's not done will keep 'til morning.

On the menu for Saturday night. One scary movie and several pepperoni rolls. Cheers and boogie boogie. 

Fun Fact #169

19 February 2015

I Call Clear Down

Running Shoes

Thanks to little Bug (who HAD to pee), I'm awake and about to crank my oven.

Thanks to a restful yesterday, I'm ready to work, today. So I might as well stay up. Best part is when Frankenberry stumbles down the hall in a two hours (seen below),  he'll walk into a yummy bakery of goods.

Best get my hair up, and apron on.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

17 February 2015

Goodbye, Hello

Goodbye smoochie weekend, hello brand new week.

Up today, filling the waffle box. Speaking of which, it's been a year of waffle making madness. Because last year for Valentine's Day, Tim got me the waffle stick maker.

I've since grown out of the stick maker and moved on to the Double-Butt Waffle Maker (Xmas gift Tim got me).

So much fun.

After that, it's onto LOTS of cleaning. Just as soon as I shove hubby out the door, fill the box and crank the music.

Catch ya' later, and boogie boogie.

16 February 2015

Barnes Cafe' Selfie

We're home from Barnes (see picture of me), and on the kitchen table are rolls filled with pepperoni. They're cooling. I never liked pepperoni. I would tolerate it or pick it off my pizza, but hardly ever ate any of my own pepperoni bread.

Until I developed an allergy to dairy, where even if the dairy is melted in the air, I get a face rash. Far worse, if I eat it.

So I don't.

And you know, I don't miss cheese at all, which I thought that I would by now. Instead, I'm making new bakes like simple pepperoni rolls or allergy-friendly muffins.

Pretty neat.

Well, Boogerbutts and Smoochie Faces, the rolls should be cool enough to eat. Tim's got Friday the 13th queued. We're off to drink iced tea and eat until our bellies are full.

14 February 2015

Saturday Night - Chicken & Waffles

Frankenberry asked for Chicken & Waffles, so Chicken & Waffles it is. I finished making the waffles and as I type, the chicken is in the oven.

Yum, yum, yum.

I'm wearing three shirts because it's THAT cold. After supper we're going back to watching a scary movie, can't think of the name.

I remember, it's called, I don't care what the name is because my husband has a three day weekend.

Cheers and smoochie smoochie.

Hungarian Smooch Cakes

It's a little after 10 in the morning. Smoochie-Face is working on his Patreon page (that's how it's spelled). And I'm letting my palacsinta batter (Hungarian pancakes) and bacon come to room temp before I bake the bacon in the oven, and whip up a killer batch of Hungarian pancakes.

It's snowing and we're not going any ding dong where. Also, if you missed it, check out Tim's blog, I made it girly for Valentine's Day.


As for gifts, Tim bought me brand new palacsinta pans and a pair of Smooch Sneakers (new treadmill shoes for Monster). I also got him Smooch Sneakers, along with a new game and headphones for work.

And that my Boogerbutts, wraps up today's live posts. Happy Valentine's Day and Smoochie Smoochie.

13 February 2015

11 February 2015

Happily Zonked

I'm about to call it a night. Which is good because my brain is zoning out, big time.

Thankfully, before my brain started to ooze, I had a killer day which included, writing and baking a test batch of Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins with Maple Brown Sugar.

Also, we got a new perfectly-sized, easy to carry, pretty little laundry basket.  Laundry is so much more fun, now.

10 February 2015

Baker's Report: I Love Writing

Since last week's Baker's Report, I've written and baked eight different muffin formulas with zero allergic reactions.

Zero, baby. Zero.

Recipe number two, a Honey-Kissed Cranberry Lemon Muffin, remains my top pick. I loved the brightness of the lemon, with a zing of cranberry.

No rash. No issues. Just a yummy little muffin, and the start of an unexpected writing adventure.

07 February 2015

Mister Smoochie-Face

Today we're going Valentine's Day shopping. Somewhere electronic-ee for Mister Smoochie-Face, and the big store of absolutely EVERYTHING cookery/bakeware, for me.

And I'm not talking about the gadget store at the outlets.

No, no.

This store, is for the big kids. The way we see it is, we only get so many birthdays and silly holidays per lifetime.

Why not have fun?

06 February 2015

Friday Question

I interrupt today's Friday Question to tell you that today makes 404 days of blogging, in a row. The time whooshed by. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the world.

This was a fun blogger challenge.

Now ... it's time for disgusting prizes. Tell us what this is and win three rotted eyeballs and several buckets of poo.

I'll be back Monday with the answer.

05 February 2015

Box, Stock & Barrel

My old freezer drawer containers were good, but these boxes are GREAT. Here are three chickens bagged, tagged and boxed. The carcasses were made into a barrel of stock.

Also, I made confetti.

Not for the chicken, because that would be weird.

04 February 2015

I'm Going In

Today it's me against the pile of fabric that's been stored in the bedroom and collecting dust for the last six months.

I'm going in ...

03 February 2015

Baker's Report: FUN

The chocolate chip agave muffins that I wrote, gave me a face rash. Though the science was right, in that the muffins baked and rose properly, the taste however, needs a few tweaks. I'll also need to locate, remove and replace the allergen.

But that's the fun of writing food.

Sometimes the science is off but the flavours are good. Other times it's the other way around. And on occasion, nothing works and it's a complete rewrite.

Whichever the case, it's all fun....except for the face rash.

02 February 2015

Frosty's Big Dump, Trumps Chores---- ----News @11


Today my goal is to bake one dessert, and sort through a pile of dusty fabric, using my new super hero mask (see last post).

By the close of Friday, I want that pile sorted and the donated stuff out the door.

Meanwhile, as I write this it's Sunday before bed and Bug must of pooped, because she's running up and down the hall like a crazy dog.

She cracks me up.

01 February 2015

Dig My New Mask

I have a pile of fabric stashed away in the bedroom from when I put it there last spring.

Last spring!

Good golly. What I'm not using has to go, but sorting fabric puts my nose in a frenzy, my eyes swell and I look like a puffed up marshmallow peep.

It's not a good look. So Frankenberry bought me this mask. I only wore it for a few minutes but so far, it works. 

In other news it's almost 2 in the afternoon and I'm still in my jams, lots of snow falling and we don't have to be anywhere.

Love these kinds of days.

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