27 March 2018


I spent MOST of the day outside. My hands are beat up from working, but I don't care. I loved every minute and even found more wild garlic.

And... it's been four months of air frying and I'm still OVER THE MOON with this oven. Today, I baked stuffed peppers for the first time. 15 minutes. No preheat. Stuffed pepper for one? Yes please!

Pepper video isn't ready, so I answered Friday Question in the first clip.

PS: No post this weekend. Be back in April!

Also, check out Tater Tot Waffles. Since making that video, I've eaten about a million tater tot waffles.

This is not a typo.

23 March 2018

FQ: (with bonus round)

Name this chef and win three jars of BBQ sauce, two empty tin cans and a kilo of pebbles. Bonus Round: To win a cellar filled with butterflies, tell me what the items in the first picture have in common with each other. 

Be back with the answers on Tuesday!

20 March 2018


Each new season means a fun challenge and for Spring, I pick jogging. I miss the meditation and effort that comes with getting to the half-marathon mark. Second half-marathon, here I come.

In other news, it's Monday night. Tim's gaming with the guys, the pups are crunching bones and I'm at the kitchen table listening to Bon Jovi's, Knockout. I haven't jogged to it yet, but you can bet your front teeth, that's what I'll be doing first thing Tuesday morning.

FQ: Pumpkin. Ugly toe rings for everyone!

PS: I made you this clip. Apologies for the cut-off beginning. I started yappin' before the camera was ready.

Happy Spring! Happy Autumn!
See you Friday.

16 March 2018

Unplugged +Friday Question

I wasn't raised with Internet so spending my time unplugged, rather than online, comes naturally. I'm a mad scientist who picks lab days over anything else.


But let's travel back to my post about consistency, which refers to publishing on social. There's no point in doing the behind the scenes work, if I'm not consistently uploading.

I invested in better video editing software, implemented deadlines, and dropped one YouTube publishing day. That last one sounds counter-intuitive.

By dropping one posting day on YouTube, I doubled my total published works across multiple platforms -- WITHOUT sacrificing my unplugged quiet time -- which is when I do the bulk of my creating.

Hot dog!

Next obstacle, get my mug in front of the camera.

Now, onto Friday's Question. Tell me what this is and win three frozen boogers, two ankle bracelets and one ugly toe ring.

Toe not included.

To see the answer, click Tuesday's Blog. Thanks for playing and boogie boogie!


13 March 2018


Hey Guys! I'm shooting for a weekly blog post with an optional Friday Question. I've tried this before and failed but I want to give it another go. I like how Alex posts once a week and how Christine, Jo and William post at midnight and 1:00 am, consistently. So I'm stealing from you four. 


Speaking of FQ. It was, Chocolate Chia Pudding. I never noticed the strawberry until I read the comments so, a round of stinky socks for everyone.

No give backs.

09 March 2018

Friday Question: What Am I?

Tell us what this is and win three stinky gym socks, two empty turtle shells and one orange tic tac.

I'll return Tuesday with the answer.

And now ... time to hit the slab because tomorrow, I gotta move a dresser back out of the closet. No pictures of that, but here's the progress on the red wall.

PS: Those flowers are also going, going, going ...

PPS: Click, ANSWER to be taken to the answer. Thanks for playing and boogie boogie, boogerbutts!

06 March 2018


Hello Boogerbutts. What's up? How was your weekend? Mine blew chunks. Spent the ENTIRE time in bed with a head cold that was so heavy I fell over each time I sat up in bed. So that was my weekend.

Today, I'm back to work with lots of rest breaks. Two thumbs up for sitting upright!

In other news, well, I don't have any other news. That's pretty much all I got. Catch ya'll in a week or two. Happy Almost SPRING !!!! (or Autumn!).

PS: I still love air frying. (video links below)

Mini Burritos
Onion Strings
Dinner Rolls
Homemade Salsa

Video Links:

Mini Burritos
Onion Strings
Dinner Rolls
Homemade Salsa