30 May 2017

My New YouTube Channel

I started a YouTube channel. Today, I learned that holding my camera the way I did, makes the video long and tall. But when Tim shot his Zombie Crawl side-ways, his came out widescreen. Now I know. Cool beans.

In other news, allergy-wise, I did good at the second-hand estate store. Just a small rash. Zero breathing problems. I'll take it.

Early Friday Question: What movie will I see during our staycation? Rabbit turds and wad of earwax to all who get it right.

PS: Videos below go to my new channel.
PPS: Wait. I lied. They don't link.

Click, The Happy Whisk - YouTube.

22 May 2017


A big Thank You to my friend Alex for hosting me on his blog today. I almost chickened out. BUT, once I got out of my own way, I had a great time. You rock.

Guess what? We survived our first weekend with a bedtime. I love it. No, no. I lied. I flippin' love it. And, if it's possible, I have more energy now than I did before. Who knew? Not me.

Remember last week when I was shootin' off my mouth, saying that I'd be done mudding walls by Friday and painting by today?

Lies. All lies.

19 May 2017

Friday Question & What Am I?

This past week we started a 10 PM bedtime. The first night I struggled with it but the second night I had to pull Tim in. I like that we're doing this together. Tonight will be our first weekend. Feels odd to have a bedtime on the weekend but I'm enjoying the calmness. Plus, I get back to baking in the early mornings.

What's not to love about that?

Friday Question: Do you have a bedtime? Does it change during the weekend?

Now for the bonus round ...

Tell us what this is and win three boogers, a dead mouse and a broken chair.

17 May 2017


I just crawled out of the coffin and now I'm at my desk. I didn't brush my teeth or pee, which I think borders on TMI.

Today's goal: Apply a second coat of mud to the walls (Tim's new office). Let compound dry. Do a third coat on Friday. Prime next week. Paint. Install new floor.

Time to get this fucker finished.

In other news, I'm learning Twitter. Anyone on there? What do you like or dislike about it? I'm interested to hear your views.

15 May 2017

Happy Much? (you betcha)

I finished round one of sanding the walls in Tim's new office and had zero breathing problems.

Up next, I go to the movie house once a year as a tester for my immune system/allergy to corn. Even the smell would rash me out and/or cause breathing issues.

Well guess flippin' what? Small rash, slightly pooped but ZERO breathing issues. Happy much? You betcha.

Lastly, I dropped the sorghum flour from my egg-free Cinnamon French Toast and it worked better in terms of taste and coating. Turns out, I don't need no stinkin' eggs for French Toast.

Yeah, baby. Life is good.

12 May 2017

Friday Question: FOOD

Before I got sick, I lived on whole foods. Then a chance to attend cookery school arrived, so I ate meat, dairy and eggs. But I never went to school. I got sick. This included intestinal parasites, edema, horrible infections and an immune system gone whack-a-do.

Even though having an excellent outlook, plant roots and being a recipe developer made giving foods up easier, I struggled with chicken. I liked it. It hated me. It was the last to go. At the time, I wasn't happy.

Friday Question:

What foods would you NOT want to give up?

11 May 2017

Egg Allergy (you can suck it)

I just crawled out of the coffin. Must have needed the sleep because I feel darn good ready to rumble. More sanding today. Didn't get far yesterday.

I'm about to have Egg-Free French Toast (something I'm working on, thank you egg allergy), and here's what I pulled from the woods yesterday.

And that my friends, is all that's fit to print.

Draft 1 (from yesterday)

10 May 2017

Baby Bagels (now with more zombies)

The bills are paid, new dough is proving (aka proofing), and soon I'm gonna put my pink zombie shirt on and crank Bryan Adams. Today, I need to sand Tim's new walls and I think it might be warm enough to open the windows.

PS: Bagels from the weekend. These guys weigh 50g each but don't let that fool ya', they're killer good.

PPS: I've been taking lots of photos and videos (WITH ME IN THE SHOTS). None of which are here but I'm getting closer.

And that's all I have to say about that.

03 May 2017

1 Year Anniversary of The Great Declutter of 2016

Guess what? Today is one year since I started to declutter. Four weeks after today, I hit 80 percent of my stuff gone. Soon after that, another 15 percent escaped.

Best. Choice. Ever.

A big thanks to all who have commented, read, shared your stories, showed me before and after photos of your clutter, as well as shared your struggles with me on private email.

You. Guys. Rock.

In other news, here's a few Birch Polypores we found last Sunday. Also found purple dead nettle. Both can be made into tea.

02 May 2017

Garlic Mustard Tea (homemade)

I'm so excited that I had to log on and do a post. I just made (and drank) my first homemade tea powder from oven-dried garlic mustard leaves.  Similar to matcha tea in terms of the leaves being ground into a powder (that's where I got the idea), but without the hefty price tag.

I am over the moon.