31 May 2015

Big Sigh of Happiness

It rained all ding dong day and we loved it because it was the good rain.That kind of rain that dances on the roof top, and makes curling on the couch with a book and a nap, that much more perfect.

Not too shabby.

Almost None Days Left

And then there were none days of staycation left. But wait, that's not all the way true. There's still ONE more day, tomorrow. Our plans are, stay home if it storms, hit Barnes if it doesn't.

As for right now (a little after midnight), we're headed to The Lemon Tart Room, to watch something. Not sure what, but that doesn't much matter because I'll be lucky if I make it through the opening credits.

Let me tell ya', aside from a few allergic reactions (none to dairy), this past week was killer.

There's no place like home.

29 May 2015

Friday Question? Pineapple

I recently got a hold of the best pineapple, in the history of ever. So I chopped that baby up and froze the chunks. Later, I blitzed them into ice cream. No dairy, no refined sugars, all yum.

What's your favorite way to eat pineapple?

28 May 2015

Swingin' Feet

Hanging out at the kitchen table. Breakfast and dish, long done. Sipping cold coconut cacao coffee (so good), and swinging my barefoot feet.

27 May 2015

Tim's Birthday & 504 Days of Posting

Lots to celebrate today. It's Day 6 of staycation, we're headed to Barnes, I've been posting for 504 days in a row and the BEST of all, it's Frankenberry's birthday.

I love that pooper scooper. He's the best!

26 May 2015

My Semi-Evil Captain America, Plan

If you guessed chocolate of some kind, you win. The answer is raw cacao nibs. One of my favorite treats.

In other news, we're at Barnes now. I've got a big smile on my face because Tim wore his Captain America shirt to the cafe'. What he didn't know is I smuggled my Cap shirt in. Soon as he went to get a book, I put the same shirt on (over my current shirt).

Tim was not amused. I however, am still smiling.

Tuesday Question: What Am I?

Here's an early What Am I? Because I don't feel like waiting until Friday. In keeping with the fun, tell us what this is and win three ping pong balls and broken office chair.

Click to expand and have a Yummy Day!

25 May 2015

This One I Believe - Fun Fact

Woohoo, day 4. Yesterday, we hit Barnes and Wegmans. Lots of reading and writing at the cafe' and at Wegmans, I got new freezer-safe glass jars to replace ALLLLLLL the little plastic containers that I tossed, on Day 2.

I love being free of those containers because one, I stopped using them and two, I have a firm rule in my kitchen.

Use it or lose it.

I'm outside again. Sunny, muggy, windy and wonderful. That's all from me. Enjoy your day and eat yummy things.

PS: This Fun Fact, I do believe.

24 May 2015

None for Me, Thanks - Fun Fact #2441

Don't know if this it true or not but either way, yuck. And I don't know if I mentioned this yet, but I love staycations.

Today, we're both writing. I'm outside and Frankenberry is inside. After we stuff our faces with waffles and bacon, we're off to Barnes.

Don't wait up.

22 May 2015

Friday Question: Which Would YOU Eat?

If you had ANY kind of cupcake or muffin in front of you right this minute? What kind would it be?

Mine would be lemon. Cupcake or muffin doesn't matter, but I would for sure, pick lemon.

PS:My bad, Tim has 10 days off, not 9.

21 May 2015

TIM LOVES ME MORE THAN CORN (he said so himself)

I'm freezing for the third day in a row, so today I crumbled, and restarted the furnace. So much better.

In other news, it looks like I'm able to eat dairy without severe allergic reactions (double high-five). But still not able to eat corn. And, as of last night's Thanksgiving meal, no more cooking corn either.

This one bugs me more than the others, because it's not just a matter of not eating it. I can't sit in the movie house or pump gas at the corner, without severe skin and throat reactions. But who knows? I'm able to eat dairy again. Maybe someday corn, too. Or at the very least cook it for Tim.

I feel bad that we have to completely remove corn because he loves it so much. But then last night, he told me he loved me more than corn. What a Honey Bunny, Smoochie Face, he is.

And guess what? When he gets home today, we start our 9 day staycation. 9 days. Hot dog.

20 May 2015

Can't Wait to Play

It's after one in the morning and I'm still awake but I'm rubbing my eyes, so it's about time to close the lid on this day. Before I go, check out the book that Tim brought home for me today. Can't wait to play. But first, sleep. Okay, no, first flip through a few pages, then sleep. Unless I fall asleep and hit myself in the face with the book.

Not that I've EVER done THAT before.

17 May 2015

Goal Hit - Fabric GONE

Looked at cars yesterday. Found a red Spark and a Blue Kia. Don't know that we'll get either BUT, the real news is that I felt zero shopping stress.

That is HUGE.

And dig me, once home I ditched alllllllll of the fleece remnants. Gone, gone, gone and gone.

Today, we're off to Barnes. No shopping, just a quiet afternoon at the cafe'. And that my Boogerbutts, concludes another broadcast day.

Thanks for reading and boogie boogie.

PS: I had pizza for breakfast. No rash!

16 May 2015

I Got My Red Boots

I was THIS close, THIS close to getting the boxed up and loose fabric sorted and out. THIS close, I say. But I just didn't make the deadline. Which, I'm okay with because yesterday I rested. Today, I've got my red boots on and I'm ready to shop.

Parsnip wins three dried boogers, two earlobes and a locket because she said, dates. These were organic Medjool dates and oh my flippin' gosh, they were YUMMY.

Delish, delish, delish, delish.

15 May 2015

Friday Question: ACK!

I hate car shopping. It's hard for me to wrap my head around the cost. The last time we tried this, my hair fell out for six months afterward. Big clumps of hair. It sucked. This time, I'm a little better prepared for tomorrow's car shopping but I'm not looking forward to it. To put it in one word, ACK!

FQ: What's your least enjoyable kind of shopping?

Big thanks to everyone from last Friday. I loved reading your answers. Below is my answer. Tell us what it is, and win three dried boogers, two earlobes and a locket.

14 May 2015

Time of Death

I'm calling time of death. No more sorting fabric and papers for the day. Instead, I'm sitting at the best cafe' table in the world, ours. I've gotta cuppa organic ginger tea, two pups and a hubby that I'm meeting later, for a movie.

Not too shabby.

And dig this, thanks to my mask, I didn't have not ONE single stinking rash or sneeze.

Yep, yep. That's good stuff.

UNPLUGGED & ON TARGET (yeah, baby)

Everyone is still asleep, there's another cauldron of beef stock simmering and by gosh, it's cold outside. And here, I thought it was safe to put away the winter sweatshirts. Duh.

In other news, my household projects are moving along according to plan (shocking), and it looks like I might see the end by the close of Friday.

Hot dog.

Until then, you Boogerbutts take care and I'll catch up with all your blogs during the weekend. Cheers with a great big side of boogie boogie.

PS: Now it's time for me to go jump on the bed and stick my cold feet on Tim's belly. I never tire of that one.

13 May 2015

I'm Still on Auto Pilot

Today, if all goes well, I'm making these for the pups.

12 May 2015

Fingers, Nutsacks and Eyeballs (oh my)

Hey Boogerbutts, I'm not here again today. With any luck, I'm busy getting the house ready for staycation.  My goal is to have the pile of crap on the side wall of the bedroom, sorted, tossed and out the flippin' door by the end of this week.

But I've said that before. Fingers, nutsacks and eyeballs crossed, that I really hit that goal, this time.

07 May 2015

Spring Itch

Yesterday we hit the office store looking for a new chair for Tim. Half-way through, I was an itchy rash of a hot mess. What the flip? I didn't eat the chair for fuck's sake, I just sat in it.

Anyway ...

It's nearly lunch, I'm still in my jams, haven't brushed my teeth or been outside, yet. BUT ... it's super duper bright and I'm excited to unplug and get crackin'.

True or False? Fun Fact #2045

06 May 2015

World Domination in 4...3...2...1..

While my allergic recovery time is MUCH better these days, hits like this weekend, still require time. I'm 100% okay with that. So yesterday, I hung out in The Lemon Tart Room and watched Three Coins in the Fountain and Houseboat.  Loved them. These movies were perfect for a full-on rest day.

Today, I'm back to yoga and taking over the world.

Okay, so not the world, because let's face it, world domination doesn't start with collecting morning poo, waffle experiments, dishes and bills. But it's pretty close.

05 May 2015

Dragging My Knuckles

I've fed all the monsters and I'm still a tad on the tired side. Not so tired that I'm dragging my knuckles across the kitchen floor, but not so awake that I'm throwing Tim out and blitzing through chores, either.

I'm sorta in the middle, though that might not be true because as I'm typing, my eyes were closed.

I wanted to get some sauce on this morning but since I'm almost sure I'll be napping soon, I best not. Though later, the plan is to bake organic chicken meatballs. Tim loves them, they last awhile and are delish.

But for right now, I'm just gonna take another snooze, even though it's not even eight in the morning yet.


Today's Score: Immune System ZIP!

04 May 2015

Because THAT'S How I Roll

Today, I worked in the lab on yet another funky monkey waffle formula, using homemade flours of millet, flax and oat groat. I got the taste right but the science is off. No matter, back in the lab tomorrow for another go.

Because that's the fun of it.

Know what else is fun? Being done by 4PM on a Monday. AND, my kitchen is clean and supper is ready for reheat. We're having chicken & waffles (leftover from the weekend). But first, I'm off to shower and sip licorice root tea.


PS: I kept eating bits and pieces as I peeled them off the waffle iron. Which gave me three new ideas.

I love that.

Fun Fact #2548 -True or False?

03 May 2015

Belly Attack

With yesterday's attack LONG gone, I'm jumping into a new week. I began ours with yoga and an organic bird in the oven.


Now, I'm gonna go crack open Hubby's coffin and jump on him with my, surprise, aren't my feet cold on his belly, attack.

Wish me luck.

02 May 2015

When Did I Become Such a Cupcake?

Today, we hit the movie house. By the time the movie was over, my face, arms and neck/chest area were covered in a rash. I never eat at the movies. Maybe it was the food smells in the air. Or something funky on the seat.


Then on our way to Barnes, we stopped at the store to get a new pair of jeans but I had to leave because the smells and fabric made it hard to breathe. No rash, but still. When did I become such a cupcake?

The only good news to report, is my recovery time is MUCH better than before. That gives me hope.

Hope is a good thing.

PS: The Avengers ROCKED!

Anything Goes

We're off to see a 10AM showing of The Avengers. Tim's got two days off. It's sunny bright outside. I've got a big bag of the best tasting apples, in the history of ever.

Later for lunch, more immune bustin' Apple Cinnamon Flax Jack and good bacon.

After that ... anything goes.

PS: Yesterday's answer: Millet, blown-up.

01 May 2015