31 December 2014

404 Posts -That's a Wrap

Right now I've got every room torn apart. Only I got the vacuum tubey thing stuck in the handle, so I figured I'd sit down and take a quick blogger break.

Blogger just highlighted that entire first paragraph for errors but they can suck it.

Meanwhile, I'm loving this little bluetooth box speaker Tim got me for Christmas. I'm playing Nickelback's new CD on the tablet, but listening to it in the other room. I love this little speaker. Makes scrubbing the crappers go a lot faster.

And that my Boogerbutts, wraps up 367 days in a row of blogging, bringing me to 404 for the year. Best get back to chores. Because after this, I'm making waffle cookies.

Thanks for reading and boogie boogie.

27 December 2014

Behold ... the Beauty of the Double-Butt

Double-butt waffles are round waffles that are as big as a butt. My machine makes two at once. Eat too many double-butt waffles and soon you'll have your very own, double-butt.

Behold ... the beauty ...

26 December 2014

Friday Question: Ghosts of Christmas

To win a big plate of homemade double-butt waffles, name these ghosts of Christmas. Bonus waffles (with mold), if you know the rest of the gang.

Speaking of waffles, Frankenberry, put brunch together and boy, does it smell good. After we eat, we're headed to Staples to get him ink and long paper for 20% off. Hot dog.

Click Tim's Xmas Gifts to see the gaming gifts I got him.

Second brunch bell (Tim's mouth), just went off so I best get going. It's waffle time. Num, num, num.

24 December 2014

DMG vs Double Butt Waffle Iron

Tim just called and he gets to leave work early, today. Hot dog.

Meanwhile, we don't open gifts until midnight and I can see my double butt waffle iron just sitting there, wrapped and out of reach.

It's killing me. Killllling meee.

Killing me as much as it kills Tim that his DMG is under there. So when he called five minutes ago to tell me about leaving work early, we both took jabs at each other.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

23 December 2014

Cookies, Waffles & Wonder Woman

Oh my goodness. The gifts are wrapped and the house is clean. I love that. Love it, love it.

You know what else I love?

Coconut. Made draft 2 yesterday and ate 5 out of the 9 cookies. Guess what I'm having for breakfast today?


PS: Dig my new banner. Made it Sunday night, when Frankenberry was drawing his maps.

PPS: There's a great big double waffle iron under the tree and guess who cannot wait to play with it.  If you guess me than you win two frozen boogers and one slice of moldy pizza.


22 December 2014

Frivolous & Fun at The Manor

I'm offline today doing chores FIRST, and if there's time, draft two of my Chocolate Coconut Cookie Drops.

And, and, and, another batch of dairy-free biscuits, using my new shortbread pan that Tim gave me for the Solstice. I gave him a game for the 360 (xbox console). And so far, Tim made his Solstice goal but I haven't made mine yet.

That's what we do each Solstice and Equinox. We get a fun gift, preferably something frivolous. And we each make a three-month goal. It's a happy way to celebrate the seasons.

Wow, for someone that's not here today, I sure yapped a lot. As I write this, it's Sunday night and we're about to close the lids on our coffins and get some shut eye.

21 December 2014

Solstice Cookies

I woke this holiday solstice thinking about homemade lekvár (jam), and a dairy-free cookie idea I have. I'm gonna put the two together, and see if it works.

Meanwhile, the game's on and Tim just reheated his lunch.  Only he can't eat it because Bug is stuck outside. And she stole his hat again. Bug loves Tim's hat. Loves it.

As for me, I've got zero appetite today. Though when I do get hungry, I've got a big potato, good Kosher salt and coconut oil, just waiting to be chopped, cooked and gobbled up.

Happy Winter & Summer Solstice.

20 December 2014

No Cheese, No Bun, Still Fun

Hello Boogerbutts. It's Saturday here at The Manor and I'm soon to get out and get a few more goodies for under the tree. So fun.

But first, I'm gonna eat the last Chocolate Coconut & Oat Cookie Drop, that I wrote yesterday. Next batch, NO chia seeds.

Meanwhile, last night at Steak & Shake, even though I ate allergy-free, I still left with an itchy rash on my neck.

That's all from me. Have a groovy day and don't forget to eat all kinds of yummy things. Or, eat gross things. Really, whatever works for you.

Boogie boogie.

19 December 2014

Friday Question: Steak Salad

Steak salad is something I make for Tim all the time, but since I was a veghead most of my life, I never made one for myself.

But this past week, I gave it a go and made myself one too. And you know what? It was killer good. Meat sliced thin, tender and seasoned perfectly. Really simple dish, that filled me up and got rid of the headache I was having at the time.

Not too shabby.

Are you a steak salad fan? Maybe chicken? Have you ever tried blackened tuna on a salad? Heaven, I say. Heaven.

And that my Boogerbutts concludes Friday Question for this week. I'm headed offline to make a bowl of mushrooms and rice, clip coupons and get ready for my trip out tonight. Shopping and hanging at the Barnes cafe.

Love it, love it, love it.

17 December 2014

You Can Suck It - Twice

It's overcast, snowing and a very nice day. Love this kind of cold because it doesn't hurt, says the indoor baker with nowhere to be.

At any rate, here are the knuckles I just finished for the pups. I can't stand the smell of them in my oven, so I grill these babies outside, in a big heavy cast iron. Before that, I roasted them in a foil-lined hog pan, but decided to use the hog pan as a toy bucket.

Below are the finished knuckles and marrow bones. Far less expensive than Tractor Supply (or overly-priced pet stores). Instead, I make these at home, from local beef.

Love that.

And that, my Boogerbutts, about wraps it up for me. Back to making my lab allergy-free, which today, is going very flippin' well. I didn't want to be a food allergy writer, but between last night's dairy-free caramel success and this morning, I've counted to ten and made my peace.

I'm gonna play, write, test and rewrite. So take that snot-filled dairy allergy. You can suck it.


NOTE: Consult your vet. As some dogs have sensitive bellies, and cannot handle these goodies.

BAKE TEMP & TIME: 400F/200C outdoor grill, about 20 minutes, turning half-way through.

GARLIC: Some add garlic to these but it is believed that garlic is toxic for dogs. 

NOTE: Fat drippings will clog and harden in sink drains. Use the fat for cooking or properly bin the lard.

QUESTIONS: Just ask or email me.

16 December 2014

I'm a Happy Baker

Not only did I get knuckles for the pups (the butcher was out of marrow bones), but earlier today, I found organic coconut flour for a killer price.

So I'm standing in the isle, smelling my treasured bag of coconut flour and boom, a cookie formula writes itself.

Love that.

Then on the ride home just now, I wrote another cookie formula in my head. The second one has bananas and chocolate and coconut and, and oh my gosh when will it be tomorrow? Because I don't wanna do no stinkin' chores today.

I wanna bake.

But no, I'll finish dish and clean the crappers. That way tomorrow can be a full lab day. Muhahaha.

15 December 2014

1004 Posts - Now with MORE Freezer Space

1004 posts today, right now, pretty cool, blogging is so fun, thanks bunches for reading, you're the best Boogerbutts, ever.

I'm not sure that's supposed to be one sentence, but being that this here is my blog, I'm gonna make it so.

In other news, last night I redid our bottom freezer with NEW boxes. I flippin' love it. The bottom boxes are all ingredients. The top area and side door will be for Frankenberry (Hubby), Wiggy and Bug. Now I know Wiggy and Bug can't open the freezer, but Frankeberry does okay most of the time.

13 December 2014

Shhh ... Don't Tell Tim

I've been banned to the Christmas room because Tim's out there wrapping a few goodies that came in the mail today.

What he doesn't realize is, that he left me alone with these. Not that I would open them. But I would ...

12 December 2014

Friday Q: Food, Allergies & Stinky Stuff

I'm having whack-a-do throat and nose reactions to all cheese, double cream and butter. I can't eat any of it, without a box of tissues. And the smells ...

Today, I made Tim's lunch with cheese.  Phew.  So Stinky. 

So for the next 44 days I'm off all dairy. Which bummed me out, at first. But after already feeling better, coupled with the stinky smell, I'm good to go.

Take the cheese, take the butter, just get it the heck away from me, PLEASE.

Now for the Friday Question bits. Do you have food allergies? If so, what ones?

Someone told me that wheat was coming for me next. I hope not but if it does, then I'll learn new baking. Because it sure beats feeling all whack-a-do.

And now, my lovely Boogerbutts, I'm off to finish working on this one cabinet area that holds the food storage containers. It's a constant battle because I love storage containers, and my storage area doesn't love me.

After that, I'm going to enjoy another fun 1.2 star Christmas movie and a nice big cuppa something dairy-free. That's right. I'm living wild over here.

Bring on the weekend.  Muhahaha.

11 December 2014


I'm hanging out in the Christmas Room and just finished another 1.2 star Christmas movie. Got a pup snoozin' on either side and I'm still feeling all whack-a-do.

Add to it that Frankenberry (Hubby), got hit today with a killer migraine. So, not so fun all the way around, here at The Manor.

On the upside, each time I finish a crappy 1.2 Christmas movie on Netflix, they recommend three more just like it.

10 December 2014

Chicken Men

I forgot how much I hated working with celery in dog bakes. More on that another day. As today, I'm not feeling all that great due to some kind food allergy or with any luck, I'm just getting sick.

Either way, I'm off to rest.

PS: Thanks for all the wonderful comments yesterday. 

PPS: I told Bug and Wiggy that they weren't allowed in the kitchen as I baked the chicken men. See below.

09 December 2014

Dig My New Christmas Banner

So much going on at home today.  But first, dig my new Christmas banner.  Made it last night.  I flippin' love my tablet.  Best Halloween gift, ever.

As for today, I just finished staple and fold duty for Tim's zine.  Now we're ready to ship.  So fun.  Makes me want to write and publish my own food zine.

Also today, there's a cauldron of chicken stock simmering away, as I stay home waiting for Santa's helper to drop off a few packages.  Tim said I'm not to shake them but being the brat that I am, I'm going to send him pictures and tell him that I shook them, anyway.

He'll love it.

Meanwhile right now, I'm done with the major chores and off to make chicken men biscuits for the pups.  Boy do those girls got it good.  But then again, so do I.

Thanks for reading and boogie boogie.

08 December 2014

Your Guess is as Good as Mine

When last seen, I was in my lab baking raw pumpkin, and chopping chicken parts into smaller parts. By the time you read this, who knows where I'll be.

Maybe the kitchen. Maybe the market. Or ... very possibly, resting in the Christmas Room watching yet another fantastically crappy 1.2 star holiday movie.

So where am I?

Your guess is as good as mine. Cheers & boogie boogie.

07 December 2014

Here's My Sunday Bake

As I write this post, my oven is filled with raw pumpkin, happily baking away. Bug is running up and down the hall like a crazy dog. Tim's got the game on, and Wiggy is hiding from her sister.

It's a good day.

06 December 2014

Doughnut Shoppe Hangover

Is it morning or afternoon? I didn't know as I stumbled down the hall with my doughnut shoppe hangover. Thanks to everyone who played yesterday. I enjoyed reading the comments.

I'm writing to you now from our kitchen table with coffee perking for background music and Tim off to my far left, working at his desk on his zine printing press.

Beside me are almond milk and eggs getting to room temperature so I can make another box of waffle sticks for the freezer.

I usually make spelt waffle sticks but this time I'm going to give hard white spring wheat a go. I use spring wheat for cookies and I love it.

Coffee is done singing. Time for a nice quiet cuppa before I dive into waffle stick making madness.


05 December 2014

Friday Question: Food or Seating?

After lots of shopping, and very little money spent, I stopped into the doughnut shoppe for a little hot chocolate and bagel lunch.

I had the choice to go to the shoppe downtown where the food was better, or stay here on the hill, where the food isn't as good but the seating is fantastic.

For me, better seating won because I want to sit here, fart around on my tablet and sip my crappy little cuppa hot chocolate.  As I write to you now, I'm tucked in a corner nook, tip tappin' my happy little fingers, away.

Which would you pick, food or seating?