30 March 2011

Once Upon a Time

There was a beautiful princess (that's me), and an evil sewing room. The princess didn't want to clean the sewing room. Instead the princess (still me), wanted to make bagels filled with pepperoni, homemade sauce and cheese.

So she did ...

Meanwhile, have you seen this? Pat sent it to me and Tim posted it. It's for sure how not to react to a bad review.

That's all from me. I'd chat more but you know, I gotta get to cleaning that stupid sewing room. Otherwise, I won't let myself buy the heirloom seeds for my veggie garden.

Have a yummy day and Happy Eating.

I stole this from Tim's plate to show you the inside.
And I'll tell ya, nothing makes him happier then when I steal his food.

29 March 2011

Stupid Sewing Room

So I didn't get very far yesterday but I have a good reason.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed yesterday's Who am I? Quiz 2. Great answers. Strawberry toothpaste for everyone.

And looky here, it's time for me to go to work. Guess I won't be able to get to the sewing room today. Oh darn.

Homemade crusty bread with pizza toppings.
Then I made cabbage wraps with shrimp, brown rice and raw ginger.

And just when I thought I'd get to cleaning the sewing room ...
I decided to make fortune cookies instead.

28 March 2011

Who am I? Quiz 2

Who am I?
And what am I holding?

23 March 2011

Wonder Woman Quiz 12

Now with More Steve
This is Tim.  Whisk is busy in the kitchen and asked me to fill in for the day. For those of you who don't know who Steve is, he's Wonder Woman's sidekick.  Probably the most useless sidekick in superhero history.  But I like Steve.

This is Steve. He can't hear you over his awesome hair.

Confused Steve. Steve gets confused a lot.

Action Steve. Gotta love a man ready to rumble in a 3 piece suit.

And this is concerned Steve.

Steve writes down his first clue, dog.

Oh no! Steve arrives to find five dogs?
He has to find the one wearing the vest.

Hmmm ...

Doesn't look like he's wearing a vest but Steve can't be sure.

If you help Steve find the right dog ...

This freaky dude will bring you chicken meatballs and a lawn chair.

Damn it, that's another dog.

 Is that dog wearing a vest?

This is hard.

Wonder Woman can't help because she's busy catching leprechauns. 

And plants.

Steve checks his notes. Dog. Vest.

The bad guy shoots. That's a whimpiest gun I've ever seen.

Even Kelly Garrett has a bigger gun.

And she can throw tires.

As you can see Steve is pretty much useless, but I like him.  I want more Steve.  Steve is the best.  He gives great face.  Gets into trouble.  And can't find his way out of paper bag.

We all need more Steve.

20 March 2011

Burn It to the Ground

Guess what? After six months of a bad neck, I celebrated the holiday weekend by getting back to training.  And guess how long I was able to jog for? 14 minutes in a row to my favorite jogging song.

How about them apples?  

And you know what else? Not a darn thing hurts right now.

Life is good.

17 March 2011

Wonder Woman Quiz 11

To win a warm plate of Irish potato cakes and a bag of apple flavored gum drops (that's for you Lurker), tell us the secret identity of the cobbler below.

For an additional bonus of moldy soda bread and all the beetle bug porridge you can eat, also tell us what the bad guys want? Along with what's buried in the cobbler's basement? How the cobbler escaped the box? And lastly, why Wonder Woman can't help him?

Meanwhile, here are the results of Quiz 10. And as always, I'll see you back here tomorrow, at the end of comments.

16 March 2011

The Big 200

To celebrate, I'm going to show you my feet because after six months of healing, I'm finally back to jogging. And plus, I think it's been awhile since you've seen my feet.

Thanks Guys. Irish potato cakes for everyone!

15 March 2011

Zzzzzz .....

Hope you all ate yummy things today. Tim and I did another round of crappy pizza night, with a side of shoe strings, and chicken strips.

What was really nice is that we pulled into the drive this evening at the same time. Then had a quiet evening and watched another Doctor Who. Now, we're headed to bed.

Zzzzzz .....

A Swift Kick

12 March 2011

Crappy Pizza Night

Is when I take an Aldi plain pizza (for under a buck), and split it in half. We each get our own half, topped with goodies. Along with a side of chicken strips and raw veg. Ranch dressing for Tim's veg and honey for my chicken.

Simple. Easy. Fun.

And while I've enjoyed our lazy snowed-in weekend, I'm ready to get back to work tomorrow. But for now we're headed to the couch to watch Doctor Who, while we enjoy what we call, crappy pizza night.

Mushrooms, pepperoni, organic garlic and cheese.  Life is yummy.

Zombie Makeover

Having a lazy kind of few days, which has led to my zombie makeover.  Looking more like this than a hot elf chick. 

So far today, I've done nothing.  Well, I made a yummy lunch of breakfast goodies but other than that.  Not a darn thing.   

I might play around with a new brownie formula I wrote, or I might continue being lazy.  Really, it could go either way.

Hope you're eating yummy things and thanks again to all those that said such nice things about us.  

And if you've missed it, here are the results for Wonder Woman Quiz 10. As always, you guys were great fun.

Thanks for playing.

11 March 2011

Five Months of Blogging

Celebrating 5 months of blogging and I got my wishes.  To hit 190 and have one more snow day while we're both home.

And you know what? It's nearly supper time and I haven't even gotten out of my jams.

Life is good.

Meanwhile, here's what I did to Tim's hot elf chicks.  Made me some stock. Thanks, James. This was fun.

You might not be able to tell, but I have pointy ears under my hat.  And while I am hot, Johnathan takes first prize as the OSR's Hottest Elf Chick.

Thanks so much, especially to the gamers and Warhammer dudes, who've made me feel so welcome. Thanks also, to everyone who visits my little corner of the world.

Much appreciated. Until next time, Happy Eating.

Also, I like pie.

09 March 2011

Wonder Woman Quiz 10

To win eight spinach flavored lolly pops, two apples and a pair of old scissors, tell us where Diana Prince is, why she's there and what's going on around her.

For an additional bonus, plus Tim's favorite chocolate marshmallow ice cream, currently in our freezer and up for grabs, answer the following.

In effort to divert Wonder Woman's attention, the bad guy in the scene below is about to throw something off the building and into a small crowd. Wonder Woman jumps down and catches said something before it injures anyone.

What is it? 

08 March 2011

Salmon and the Princess

I love smoked salmon and Aldi cream cheese. Aldi's is usually less money than the other markets and for not being organic, it aint too bad. Stick it on a toasted Thomas' double fiber muffin and it's nummy.

And, 20% of this little muffin is fiber. I love that. I haven't tried making homemade English muffins yet but that's something I look forward to. For now, I'll continue enjoying these little 5 grams of fiber treats.

Hope you're all eating something yummy. Meanwhile, check out Of Cabbages and Kings Food Blog. Great guy. Great photos. And, he even snagged a picture of a 40 foot Wonder Woman. You can also find Bartender at his Double 0 Sven blog.

Thanks, Bartender. Great blogs. Great food. Great fun.