11 March 2011

Five Months of Blogging

Celebrating 5 months of blogging and I got my wishes.  To hit 190 and have one more snow day while we're both home.

And you know what? It's nearly supper time and I haven't even gotten out of my jams.

Life is good.

Meanwhile, here's what I did to Tim's hot elf chicks.  Made me some stock. Thanks, James. This was fun.

You might not be able to tell, but I have pointy ears under my hat.  And while I am hot, Johnathan takes first prize as the OSR's Hottest Elf Chick.

Thanks so much, especially to the gamers and Warhammer dudes, who've made me feel so welcome. Thanks also, to everyone who visits my little corner of the world.

Much appreciated. Until next time, Happy Eating.

Also, I like pie.


  1. Love apple pie and stock, but not together.

  2. Man, that pie looks awesome. Now I just need some vanilla ice cream...

  3. I rescind my campaign against piedom for that pie. May cake and pie fans end this terrible war and walk hand in hand in peace forever.

    Still laughing about Johnathan being the hot elf chick of Google's choice.

  4. I just realized I've been blogging for around seven months......dam

  5. Congrats on five months of blogging! I love coming here for the scrumptious pics and your cool wonder woman ways.


  6. Congrats - you are a worthy addition to my daily blog reads!

  7. Congrats on 5 months and staying home in PJs! We must have started blogging about the same time. Well, I started my blog in May I think, but didn't start using it much or trying to meet people until October.

  8. James: We have vanilla ice cream. You're more than welcome to have some as well. Thanks again for the fun OSR hot elf chick. That was so fun.

    ckutalik: So the great dessert war of the OSR has ended. Cake and pie for all. I'm still laughing about the Johnathan hot elf chick too. It's just so good.

    LoneIslander: You have a great blog. Love the way you write about stuff that happens in your life. Congrats on hitting six months.

    Pierce: So are you :-) Thanks for stopping by.

    Jai Joshi: Thanks. It flew by. Love having you here.

    Matt: That's very nice of you to say. This is all very nice. I'm going to have to make more dessert to teleport to all.

    Thanks :-)

  9. Alexia: I missed your comment while I was writing the others. Congrats to you as well.

  10. Happy 5th month birthday!! That pie does look tasty!!

  11. Happy 5 Months! I like your blog. And pie. I like pie.

    And Elf chicks.

  12. Thanks, Carol, Ray and Alien: Hope you're all having a yummy weekend. Thanks for the drop-ins.

  13. Man, that pie looks fantastic!! It just goes to prove my point. Daisey is makinga chocolate cheese cake today though and I tell you, it is enough to to this hot elf chick into a crazy wanton drow matron ;).

    Hehe, at any rate, thanks for providing the commentary and the luscious tempataions. It has been much appreciated!

  14. That's good pie, you and Tim are good people and happy 5th month celebrations.

  15. Mmmmm, i like the pie, so much !!!
    Have a nice weekend

  16. Well done - on five months, and five months in style. It's always a pleasure to visit, or to see your comments in a discussion or on some lonely blog soemwhere out there in cyberspace. You make the whole thing much warmer, and of course Happier!

  17. Hmmmm, why do I now have a pie craving?

  18. Hi Johnathan: That Daisey is a keeper. Glad you enjoyed the hot elf chick stuff. It's still funny.

    Howdy Lurker: Thanks for the nice words. You are good people too. I enjoy your blog and you and Ray crack me up.

    Hey Bartender: Posted on your blog today. I never had pastrami yet or brie. So many things to still try. Nom nom nom.

    Greetings magda: I added extra butter to the crust and it was yummy. Have a great weekend. Eat well.

    Hi Porky: That is very nice of you to say and now I'm blushing. Thank you. I've had great fun talking to you, as well.

    Hey Jess : Come on by, we always have plenty.

    Hello William: You're more than welcome to a slice. And the ice cream is in the fridge. Just don't tell Tim I told you. He's still upset that I gave Lurker all his chocolate marshmallow.

  19. Better watch it--William will go a long way for pie.

    I'd like to try the turd on a spoon, in spite of that unfortunate name.

  20. Hi Norma: Can't go wrong, with turd on a spoon. Nom nom nom.

  21. Yay! Congratulations! I've been awol but hope to stop by more often for a dose of temptingly delicious pics and awesome Wonder Woman trivia. :)