29 March 2011

Stupid Sewing Room

So I didn't get very far yesterday but I have a good reason.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed yesterday's Who am I? Quiz 2. Great answers. Strawberry toothpaste for everyone.

And looky here, it's time for me to go to work. Guess I won't be able to get to the sewing room today. Oh darn.

Homemade crusty bread with pizza toppings.
Then I made cabbage wraps with shrimp, brown rice and raw ginger.

And just when I thought I'd get to cleaning the sewing room ...
I decided to make fortune cookies instead.


  1. I biscotti della fortuna sono fantastici!!! *-*

  2. The crusty bread looks wonderful Whisk.

  3. A typpical case of avoidence. When I find myslef cleaning, I know I'm avoiding writing usually because I've hit a wall that needs climping. I guess cooking does the same thing for you.

  4. Fortune cookies! I didn't know you could make those at home. They look delicious--so crunchy. Now get back to the sewing room, girl.

  5. Every time I visit, you make me hungry!! (well, until I scrolled down and saw the dingle dangle, lmao!) :)

  6. oh, I do the same thing, lurker! Clean or wash or even (ugh) attend to the dreaded cat box. I wish I could cook like that instead - altho I'd probably have 20lbs to lose instead of 10! Those cabbage wraps looks delicious and I suspect those fortune cookies are a million times tastier than the mass produced ones you get at the Chinese restaurant.

  7. I think "I had to make Fortune Cookies" is an acceptable excuse for not cleaning. :)

  8. Wasn't there an old fortune cookie trick that went something like this?

    The secret of getting ahead is getting started [in the sewing room].
    You should be able to undertake and complete anything [in the sewing room].
    Believe in yourself and you will succeed [in the sewing room].
    Motivation is what gets you started [in the sewing room].
    To achieve great things, we must act [in the sewing room].

  9. Please go on a cooking tour and stop here in Tucson! :)

  10. When I make my pilgrimage to the other end of PA, I'll send in my order ahead of time. I'll also pick up some steaks for you and Tim (and maybe Rob, if he gives me a Staff of Wizardry).

  11. Mmm. Homemade pizza. I've never had homemade fortune cookies.

  12. Those fortune cookies look yum!


  13. Caterina: Grazie. Purtroppo, i biscotti della fortuna non ha il buon gusto. Cercherò di nuovo. Così bello vederti. Mangiare bene.

    Lurker: Thanks. I love to make bread. It's relaxing.

    Pat: I would rather write or cook, than clean that stupid sewing room. But if I get the room done, I'll get heirloom seeds for my veggie garden.

    MG Higgins: You know, I really would have but I had to go to the shop tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Although I have an idea for bagel bites filled with pepperoni and cheese so that room might have to wait ....

    Sadly, the cookies weren't good tasting. I'll give it another go and when I get it good, I'll blog the formula.

    Donea Lee: Hahahaha. Your comment made me laugh. Thanks.

    mshatch: Sadly, the cookies didn't taste good but that's okay, it was fun to give it a go. Do you like to cook?

    Alex: Anytime you get here. We always have food.

    Jen: It's that room. It's become a storage unit since we stopped doing the blanket business.

    Bard: Hahahahaha. Thank for the great comment. I will chant this tomorrow when I have off from work and that stupid room is calling me.

    Bliss: I always thought it would be cool if we could all hang out sometime in real life. Like a Blogger convention.

    Rusty: Sounds good. I'll make you anything you want. Except I really stink at steaks. But I make a mean bok choy and bean curd.

    Susan: They were really easy. I'll post how to do it when I get the formula right. But they were super easy to make.

    Jai: Thanks. They look better in the picture than they tasted.

    Everyone: Thanks for stopping by. I just got home from work a little bit ago and I enjoyed reading all of these comments.

  14. I told you many times, has wonderful humor!!!!
    And I prefer instead to clean, cook!

  15. It's all stunning, but the homemade fortune cookies really take the biscuit. Have you thought about putting together a cookbook? With Tim too you've surely got all the skills you need to do it indie.

  16. Magda: Thank you. Cooking is fun.

    Porky: Yes, we've talked about it.

  17. Not fair! It's only morning and I'm starving :)

  18. Nice to see you, Carol. Have a yummy day.

  19. Those fortune cookies look really sumptious :)

  20. Hi Bartender: They didn't taste good though. Next batch.