17 March 2011

Wonder Woman Quiz 11

To win a warm plate of Irish potato cakes and a bag of apple flavored gum drops (that's for you Lurker), tell us the secret identity of the cobbler below.

For an additional bonus of moldy soda bread and all the beetle bug porridge you can eat, also tell us what the bad guys want? Along with what's buried in the cobbler's basement? How the cobbler escaped the box? And lastly, why Wonder Woman can't help him?

Meanwhile, here are the results of Quiz 10. And as always, I'll see you back here tomorrow, at the end of comments.


  1. I don't know. It seems to me these are getting harder. Was he a leprechaun?

  2. I'm alright because i won an unlimited supply of apple gum drops before but I could do with some Happy Whisk potato cakes.

  3. Lurker: Oh crap. That's what I meant to give you, the cakes. Okay, my bad. We'll just give the extra apple gum drops to Porky, since he's up to his eyeballs in rotten peaches.

  4. Man, I can't wait till they put these on Netflix instant watch.

    I'm going to guess that he's really Vulcan/Hephaistos, that he has Mercury's sandals hidden in his basement, the box is empty and she can't help him because of some Amazon law.

    And yes, I'm pretty sure I'm wrong on all counts.

  5. Yes I am.

    As for the quiz, need more time. And possibly divine intervention.

  6. Holly might be right - these seem to be getting harder. So far so good though. Let's do this collaboratively this week. Here's what I think we know.

    If the first question is for the name of the actor, it's probably either Dick O'Neil, Brian Davies or Gary Epper.

    The bad guys want printing plates which can be used for counterfeiting money.

    Buried in the basement is almost certainly gold.

    How he escaped could be related to his mysterious nature, as could be the reason Wonder Woman can't help. Perhaps he was an accomplice at some point or stole the gold?

    All contributions welcome!

  7. It seems more likely now it's Dick O'Neill (double 'L') and - get this - he might actually be a leprechaun!

    If I'm keeping track right, all we really need now is a reason our heroine can't help.

  8. that be me uncle joe... yaah, his bees a one of those leprrekhanies.

  9. I would try harder but the prizes just aren't calling me, ha ha...

    Happy St Pat's Day!


  10. I think he's secretly Santa and the thieves want to steal his presents. Mrs Claus is buried in the basement, he escaped by magic and WW won't help because she's a Greek myth and doesn't believe in Christmas. How's that?

  11. I couldn't even hazard a guess. what are Irish potato cakes?

  12. A round of beetle bug porridge for everyone, along with moldy soda bread, apple gum drops and fresh off the griddle, Irish potato cakes.

    Here are the answers ... drum roll please ...

    Secret identity: Leprechaun.

    What the bad guys wanted? The leprechaun's pot of gold.

    What was buried in the basement? His pot of gold.

    How did he escape? Teleporation.

    Why couldn't Wonder Woman help? Because according to the writers of the episode titled, Pot of Gold, only the leprechaun may reclaim his gold, and he must do it alone.

    ms hatch: The yummiest little things.

    Flea: Very close, leprechaun law and he did use a sort of magic to vanish. I don't know why they made it Christmas in that episode, since it wasn't important to the story.

    L'Aussie: What? Not feeling the moldy soda bread or the beetle bug porridge?

    iZombie: Uncle Joe got his gold back.

    Porky: Pretty good. Printing plates were used in this episode but not in the above scenes. Gold and leprechaun were dead on. Apple gum drops for you.

    Matt: Close. Leprechaun law. Netflix instants are the best.

    Luker: Hope your potato cakes arrived safely and still warm. Tim likes sour cream on his and I like icing (powder sugar), and honey on mine. Not sure about you, so I teleported you both ways.

    Miss Holly: Leprechaun. Extra pancakes for you because you got here first, along with a lifetime supply of beetle bug porridge.

  13. I kept scrolling down trying to find a fruit cobbler to tell you what kind! Then I realized what you meant! Not a clue, and I really wanted those potato cakes!

    You made it to my blog before I had a chance to notify you about your award! Congrats on being so stylish!

  14. Thanks, Maria: You still get the cakes, and the moldy soda bread. Yummy stuff.

  15. I don't know, to any of your questions. But she sure looks great in that outfit, doesn't she? I'm in the market for a new bathing suit. I wonder if anyone makes a Wonder Woman model.

  16. Whoo-hoo! They'll cover that peachy whiff!

  17. Those are great pics! Every time I see your blog pic, I get hungry! Plus, now I really want caramel popcorn. =D

    Have a great weekend. =D