23 March 2011

Wonder Woman Quiz 12

Now with More Steve
This is Tim.  Whisk is busy in the kitchen and asked me to fill in for the day. For those of you who don't know who Steve is, he's Wonder Woman's sidekick.  Probably the most useless sidekick in superhero history.  But I like Steve.

This is Steve. He can't hear you over his awesome hair.

Confused Steve. Steve gets confused a lot.

Action Steve. Gotta love a man ready to rumble in a 3 piece suit.

And this is concerned Steve.

Steve writes down his first clue, dog.

Oh no! Steve arrives to find five dogs?
He has to find the one wearing the vest.

Hmmm ...

Doesn't look like he's wearing a vest but Steve can't be sure.

If you help Steve find the right dog ...

This freaky dude will bring you chicken meatballs and a lawn chair.

Damn it, that's another dog.

 Is that dog wearing a vest?

This is hard.

Wonder Woman can't help because she's busy catching leprechauns. 

And plants.

Steve checks his notes. Dog. Vest.

The bad guy shoots. That's a whimpiest gun I've ever seen.

Even Kelly Garrett has a bigger gun.

And she can throw tires.

As you can see Steve is pretty much useless, but I like him.  I want more Steve.  Steve is the best.  He gives great face.  Gets into trouble.  And can't find his way out of paper bag.

We all need more Steve.


  1. ohhh the hair, it's like fine wine from the seventies. does the bag have holes, steve needs no holes... he's a magic man!

    if there was a quiz, i missed it... ohhh that hair!

  2. I enjoyed 'the many faces of Steve."

    Of course Steve is useless, he's Wonder Woman's damsel in distress. Every hero needs an incompetent love interest to rescue ;)

  3. The male version of a bimbo, a himbo:D

  4. You can't dis Steve! He's the real hero of the show!! (quick duck!)

  5. @Angry Lurker: Here's a useless piece of trivia: "Bimbo" originally referred to a brainless but pretty GUY. It came out of a "Betty Boop" cartoon. Somehow, over time, it got applied to women.

  6. This post was hilarious! Steve is great, I want more Steve too.


  7. Thank you for the laugh! Too, too funny. I agree; more Steve. (That vest sure looks uncomfortable when he's fighting.)

  8. I just want to run my fingers through Steve's hair and mess it all up ;)

  9. Trendy hair, looks good in a suit, essentially useless.

    Oh God, I AM Steve.

  10. Can't fight his way out of a wet paper bag? It's the suit. Everyone knows you can't throw a punch in a three-peice suit. He needs to punch his way out of that waistcoat. THEN just who watch him take it to that bag. Burst it Steve. Burst it. We believe in you.

  11. STEVE!!!

    I want a tee shirt with Steve's face on it. I'm not sure how my life would be any better, but it wouldn't be worse. And I'd have a tee shirt with Steve's face on it.


  12. cool picture series. had to laugh about some of these :)

  13. This was great - I laughed out loud when Steve checked his notes!

  14. Wow, they did a total reversal traditional roles – gotta love that.

  15. Hello Guys: This was so much fun. Tim really likes Steve and when we watch Wonder Woman, it's Steve that cracks him up. Glad you all enjoyed it, as well.

    The answer was the third dog had the vest. Chicken meat balls and lawn chairs to everyone. Expect the freaking space unicorn dude to arrive some time this week.

  16. Hahahaha, this was funny :) I like the freaky unicorn guy.

  17. This was so funny!
    Have a great weekend.

  18. LOL - Ah, Steve. Love you (and your perfectly styled head of hair. =D

  19. Steve - the guy every man wants to be!

  20. I remember thinking how cute I thought Steve was even though he was an old guy. Who is going to be Steve on the new show?

  21. I know, Steve really is the man. Glad you guys are enjoying Tim's guest post. Cracked me up.

  22. I read this whole thing and I'm half asleep. Funny!

  23. Glad you enjoyed it, Anita. I've read it quite a few times and I still laugh.

  24. Man, that was a subtle quiz. Tim must be a tough DM.

    I'd have gone with the dog in the middle in the bottom row, for no reason except the window's small and there's no light coming in the side. That would have made it harder for Steve to see. Too much thinking I think.

    Great face maybe, but a great tie for sure - if you like that sort of thing. Dare I say it's not much different than a dog collar?

  25. Steve really needs to ditch the tie and vest. I mean, no self respecting incompetent confused fighter will fight in a suit vest.