27 September 2011

First Sleepover

Tim dropped Wiggy off at the vet and said it went good until he tried to leave.  That's when Wiggy looked back, as if to say don't leave me here all by myself.

Poor little pup.

I was going to take her in to get fixed, but instead I got too weepy.  It's her first night away from home.

Meanwhile, I'm here with Bug.  She's contently numming on a rib bone.  We're training today.  She already had her first session and did super duper. Yes she did.

Which is better than last night when we had a big-ass storm.  Lots of black walnuts smashing into the house.

Scary stuff for little girl Bug.

That's about all from me.  Have an oogie boogie day.

22 September 2011

Winter Mode

I had such a fun day at work.  Rah.

And tonight the living room goes into winter mode. We do this twice a year.  In the fall we make the space cozy and warm.  And in the spring, open and airy.

Then tomorrow is the fall equinox or if you rather, autumnal.  Either way, it's a holiday for me.  Only this year, I forgot to request off.  But ... I only work until noon.

Not too shabby.

That's about all from me.  Suppose I should be getting to my chores.  Hope you're all well.  Have a groovy first day of fall or spring, depending on where you live.

But before I log out, here's another photo of Bug.

21 September 2011

Wiggy got a puppy ...

And she's about as cute as can be. She's a little pup with a lot of energy. Better yet, the two are getting along great. Even though Wiggy sometimes thinks she's Troy Polamalu.

Hope you're all having a groovy Halloween season.

Eat well and dance often.

14 September 2011

Dancing Fool

My boss and I reached a compromise and now I'll only open salad bar, but I won't have to maintain it.  That job will be for the kids.  Meanwhile, I get to stay in prep most of my work week. 

And now, I'm a dancing fool. 

In other news, four original cast members of Willy Wonka will be on Bravo's Just Desserts.  Can't wait.  And since it's on past my bedtime, I'll make sure I'm in my jams with my teeth brushed.

Such a good girl.

In other other news, I took Wigglebutt for a 40 minute walk after prep today and now she's pooped.  But ever so cute.

And that's about all from this end.  You boogerbutts have a groovy day, eat well, dance often, and stay safe.

08 September 2011

Salad Bar Sucks

I'm dressed and ready to chop big veg into small veg and I love that. So fun.  And I'm thrilled that I don't have to do salad bar today.  If salad were my main source of hours, I'd shoot myself.

In other news, Miss Wiggy no longer has her kennel.  She's a big girl now and aside from a few moody days when I started prep, she's been doing great.

Right now she's rolling a treat around on the floor.  I can make her all the bone shaped treats in the world, but her favorite remains food that rolls.

That's it for me guys.  Have a groovy day.