27 September 2011

First Sleepover

Tim dropped Wiggy off at the vet and said it went good until he tried to leave.  That's when Wiggy looked back, as if to say don't leave me here all by myself.

Poor little pup.

I was going to take her in to get fixed, but instead I got too weepy.  It's her first night away from home.

Meanwhile, I'm here with Bug.  She's contently numming on a rib bone.  We're training today.  She already had her first session and did super duper. Yes she did.

Which is better than last night when we had a big-ass storm.  Lots of black walnuts smashing into the house.

Scary stuff for little girl Bug.

That's about all from me.  Have an oogie boogie day.


  1. Hope Wiggy is alright and say hello to Bug, have a good day my Queen of the Boogerbutts.

  2. Wiggy's going to be unhappy when she gets home...

  3. Lurker: Hope your birthday was great. The vet called and said things went well for Wiggy. We get to take her home tomorrow.

    William: Why's that?

  4. Poor little Wiggy! Glad she gets to come home tomorrow!

  5. You didn't use the word 'fixed,' did you?

  6. Bard: Her little sister is keeping her blanket warm. And I can't wait to have her back.

    Alex: Yeppers I did.

  7. The fixed word is enough to make her unhappy! She'll take it out on some slippers....

  8. Be prepared some some Wiggy payback for this little trick you pulled on her. Oh yes, there will be gnawing...

  9. Well, I'm glad I missed the worry and only got the good news. I'll go against the grain and bet she'll be very pleased to see you when she gets back.

  10. Ah, no matter the reason it's hard for animals to have sleepovers at - of all places- the vet.

  11. William: You've got her pegged wrong.

    Chuck: Nope. That's not in her nature.

    Porky: Yeppers. You got it right. Happy. But also, really itchy and uncomfortable. Just wants to snuggle and rest.

    Holly: I agree about the sleepovers being hard on the pets. It was a lot of stress for Miss Wiggy. Now when Bug goes, I don't know if it will be as stressful, but not fun just the same.

  12. Aww.. poor thing.. hope she's doing alright.

  13. :(
    Hope all is well with you & the puppy!

  14. Many greetings and kisses!
    Lovely pup!
    Many greetings

  15. WritingNut: Still has the cone on.

    Rusty: Got any more of that steak?

    Needles: I dropped you an email.

    magda: Many greetings and smiles.