08 September 2011

Salad Bar Sucks

I'm dressed and ready to chop big veg into small veg and I love that. So fun.  And I'm thrilled that I don't have to do salad bar today.  If salad were my main source of hours, I'd shoot myself.

In other news, Miss Wiggy no longer has her kennel.  She's a big girl now and aside from a few moody days when I started prep, she's been doing great.

Right now she's rolling a treat around on the floor.  I can make her all the bone shaped treats in the world, but her favorite remains food that rolls.

That's it for me guys.  Have a groovy day.


  1. You too. Enjoy the veggie shopping.

  2. Just munching on some salad now for lunch at work as my workplace has shut down the canteen.

  3. Dogs have a thing for balls and other round objects!

  4. Evil Corn

    1. Fresh corn preferably white, cut off the cob.

    2. Pan-fried Bacon.

    3. Remove the bacon from the pan and set aside. Dump some of the bacon grease.

    4. Pour fresh corn into the pan of bacon grease and cook.

    5. Add lots of butter.

    6. Crumble bacon into the corn.

    7. Add more butter.

  5. Your post title made me laugh. My cats prefer rolling things, too. Groovy day back at ya.

  6. I could use a salad at the moment.

    Meanwhile, my pets only liked things that were sweet. :P

  7. Everyone: Thanks for stopping by. I'm home from work and just finished walking Miss Wiggy. Headed to make supper. Not sure what.

    Although, I do have a bit of corn and bacon left, so maybe I'll make that evil corn.

    Num num num.

    iZombie: Howdy Hello to you. And back at cha, back.

    Trey: It went well in prep today but tomorrow it's a double day. First in prep, then over to salad. Oh boy. But on the very good news, I like the people and so far, the hours are great.

    I just popped over to see how your presentation went. I hope it went well.

    Lurker: What kind of dressing? Sorry to hear they shut down the canteen.

    Alex: So true. And if Wiggy can play with and eat her food. Well then, she's just even happier. If that's possible. She's a good pup.

    James: Evil, evil, evil corn. Does sound very good. And I'll be trying that for sure. Thanks.

    MG: Glad you got a laugh. Hope your writing is going well.

    DWei: Me too. Salads are nummy. I don't know if Wiggy ever had anything with sugar. I don't so. What kind of pets did you have?

  8. Jess: Hey, did you see that Just Desserts on Bravo is going to have the cast of Willy Wonka on next week?

    I can't wait. It's on much later than I like to stay up, but I'm going give it a go.

    My day was indeed groovy. Hope yours was as well.

  9. Good Girl Wiggy! Hope the veggie chopping love continues to out weigh the salad bar suck!

  10. You have a groovy day, too! Would you like to come to my house and chop some veg? Chopping is just not my thing (probably because I manage to also chop my fingers much of the time.)

  11. Daisey: Me too.

    Susan: Welcome back. Welcome back.

    I hurt myself in the kitchen as well. But I do love to chop, bake, cook and play.

  12. "Miss Wiggy no longer has her kennel. She's a big girl now..."

    (Wiping tear from eye) They grow up so soon... Before you know it, la demoiselle will be une dame.

    Sorry to hear you hurt yourself in the kitchen -- not too serious I hope?

  13. Bard: They do grow up fast. And no pee pees or poop poops in the house. But now that I said that ....

    I didn't hurt myself at work, but I do often do stupid mistakes at home like tonight, when I grabbed a hot hot handle. Duh.

  14. Grub that rolls are always good, meatballs, cheese and doughnuts among others, I'm sure Wiggy would get these....well maybe not the doughnuts!!

  15. Playing with food makes me happy too, and if I can eat it too, I'm over the moon. Reincarnation as a dog in Wiggy's paws wouldn't be the end of the world for many of us I'd bet.

    Bad news about Angry's canteen. Unless it was really dodgy of course, and shut down for health and safety reasons.

  16. Chopping vegetables seems easier than sticking in the cake mix but the aromas and the oddly discoloured fingers put me off dicing with veg ;)

  17. Ray: I've been meaning to make her chicken meatballs. She loves chicken.

    Porky: She's just a tad spoiled but I can't help it. She's too cute and wonderful, not to spoil.

    Elaine: Prep does the dessert baking as well. It's a bunch of fun. Any kind of prep really, I enjoy.

  18. So do you find you don't want to make salad type of items at home? That evil corn does sound like a good one. The Wiggster is growing up way too fast, out of the kennel already? Are you all prepped to back and prep some more? Have a fabulous weekend my little prepster.

  19. Lo-mo: I make everything at home and I love veg and salads. But salad bar at work doesn't involve making anything. It's just refilling containers and cleaning dirty containers, while dealing with rude and messy customers.

    So far I've been more prep but to bulk me to full-time I do salad bar.

    You have a great weekend as well. I'm prep all weekend and lovin' it.


  20. Miss Wiggy. I love the name and the dog already.

  21. Oh my, should I tell how much I love a good salad bar? Maybe not...

  22. Kim: She's a great pup.

    Miss Holly: Wonderful to see you. Welcome back.

  23. lol i love your blog this is so chill