28 June 2011

Good Morning Boogerbutts

While Tim gamed last night I played in my lab, making a batch of Cheesemen for a friend, along with another draft of peanut butter treats.

I wish I had more to say but I'm off to walk Wigglebutt for one mile and then onto Monster (that's my treadmill's name). Barring any injuries, I'm training for a half-marathon, jog-walk.

Fall equinox (autumnal if you prefer), is my deadline for the half-marathon. It's an equinox gift to myself.

I once believed that if a jogger walked during any part of a marathon, that it didn't count as actually doing the marathon. That somehow, it was cheating.

I don't believe that anymore.

Looky there, I did have stuff to say after all.

And with that, I bid you all ... a doo doo. Here's hoping you have a groovy and productive day.

Scooter, a friend's dog, loves cheese. I wrote this formula for him.
One batch with only cheese inside.  The other, inside and out.
These had the most peanut flavor yet. Woohoo, I'm getting closer.

24 June 2011


Guess what I made today?


Yeppers, I did.  Just as soon as my writing session was done, I took Wigglebutt for a walk, ate lunch, and made a beeline for my lab.

So nummy.

23 June 2011

Haven't Done a Damn Thing

Nada.  Zip.  Zilch. 

But in my defense ... I did just finish a manuscript.

And I know, I was supposed to get cracking on book two yesterday, along with the Etsy site.  But it's really hard to get that stuff done, when I have a new FoodSaver.

I just wanna suck the air out of everything.

I cut the bags into strips, used not from concentrate juice, and made frozen juice pops.  I love this new toy.

And for Tim, sugar mash peaches with whipped cream.  I even made scones.  Only I don't have a picture with those, because we gobbled them up last night.

Num num num.

21 June 2011

Afternoon Nookie

Happy Summer.  Or ... Happy Winter, depending on where you live.  Me? I'm celebrating the first day of summer with cleaning, garden stuff and afternoon nookie.

That's right.  I said nookie.  If that offends you, go somewhere else. Otherwise, I wish you all a Happy New Season.

Meanwhile, check out my new gift.  Haven't named her yet but she's my new FoodSaver.  She's a reward for finishing my manuscript and also, a Summer Solstice gift.  That ... and four chickens.

Gonna have me a massacre, and then suck all the air out with my nifty new toy.

Happy Holiday!

I wouldn't let myself get her until my manuscript was done.
Or, the Solstice arrived. But then both happened at the same time ...

So I bought four chickens. 

Because life is that good.

17 June 2011

Manuscript Done!

I finished.  9,500 words, 40 double spaced pages, and a very happy writer.  Feels good to be in this moment.

Real good.

My reward? Four clean chickens and a new Food Savor.

But right now, I got me some Nickelback to listen to, while I have myself a damn good jog.

16 June 2011

Pulled It Out of My Ass

Guess what I did today? I fell asleep at my desk, while reading my manuscript.

That can't be good.

But you know who I blame? Miss Wiggy.That's right I'm blaming the dog. It was rainy and cold, and she was snuggled next to me and the next thing I knew, I woke up with my pink robe under my head.

You know what else? It was a damn good nappy nap.

And dig this ... somehow, among all the distractions, nappy naps and poopy walks, by the end of the day, I still managed to pull a four hour session out of my ass.

Not too shabby.

And now, I leave you with the Chipmunks singing Burn It to the Ground.  Why ...? Because it's only the BEST jogging song ever, and this version makes me giggle.  Especially when they sing, hey, in the background.

Good stuff.  Good stuff.

Thursday Ain't Bad Either

It's time to fill my Wonder Woman mug, steal Tim's desk chair and go hide at my writing desk.

Ah ... heaven.

Until next time, please enjoy one of my groovy homemade raisin bagels, by simply pressing the teleportation button on your screen.

Enjoy and have an oogie boogie day.

13 June 2011

I Love Mondays

Why? Because it's writing time. That's right.

The puppy has been walked and is napping.  The husband has eaten and is out the door. And  in a few minutes I'm going to hide out at my writing desk for two whole quiet, wonderful hours.

And I tell ya ... I'm THIS close to finishing the manuscript.  THIS close I say, THIS close.

So with that, I wish you a doo doo.

Have a groovy one and remember to eat nummy things.

Click to enlarge today's breakfast.  Nom nom nom

12 June 2011

8 Months Blogging

Dig me. As of yesterday, I've been blogging for eight months. To celebrate I bought these bad boys.

I even got myself the Big Box.

Usually I buy the crappy brand but they are sucking more than usual. So I plunked down the eight smackers, and treated Miss Sally and I to the good stuff.

That's right. It's party time over here. Eight months of blogging, a new pup, and I re-started the blanket business, and manuscript is nearly done. If that ain't worth eight smackers, by gosh I don't know what is.

PS: Wiggy's photo is now working. Check out This Stinks.

09 June 2011

This Stinks

Nobody wants to play with me.
Hey. How 'bout you?
You wanna play?
Only you can't have my new blanket because Aunt Doreen made it special. Just for me.
And I like to nom on it while Mommy writes.
But I'll letcha' have half my ice cube.

06 June 2011

Blanket Maker

Today I start my new job as Blanket Maker.  I was putting on my sneakers this morning and thought, what if I fail? Then I told myself that failure is not an option. 

And I thought ... what if I don't fail? What if I succeed? Other people succeed at things.  By gosh why not me?

So, today marks my return to sewing and selling blankets.  We did craft shows on the weekends for about five years. Might have been six. Not sure. Anyway, when it was good, it was real good.  But when the women with the money stopped coming to the shows, it got bad.

Can't sell to no one.  But we can sell online.  So ... here goes.  The second jobs I went for didn't pan out, and I'm tired of getting crappy hours at the fabric shop.  So until I find a good second job, I'll start a new adventure right here at home. 

Meanwhile, dig these puppy treats I made during staycation.  The first one is baked peanut butter oat balls and the second, Puppy Pizzelles made with oats, egg and water. 

These were super duper easy to make.
And these were just plain fun.  I broke them into bits for easy training.

05 June 2011

Great Quote

Just make sure Mommy's standing by with a bucket of water.

03 June 2011

Snack Time

Rice cakes!
I LOVE rice cakes!