28 June 2011

Good Morning Boogerbutts

While Tim gamed last night I played in my lab, making a batch of Cheesemen for a friend, along with another draft of peanut butter treats.

I wish I had more to say but I'm off to walk Wigglebutt for one mile and then onto Monster (that's my treadmill's name). Barring any injuries, I'm training for a half-marathon, jog-walk.

Fall equinox (autumnal if you prefer), is my deadline for the half-marathon. It's an equinox gift to myself.

I once believed that if a jogger walked during any part of a marathon, that it didn't count as actually doing the marathon. That somehow, it was cheating.

I don't believe that anymore.

Looky there, I did have stuff to say after all.

And with that, I bid you all ... a doo doo. Here's hoping you have a groovy and productive day.

Scooter, a friend's dog, loves cheese. I wrote this formula for him.
One batch with only cheese inside.  The other, inside and out.
These had the most peanut flavor yet. Woohoo, I'm getting closer.


  1. boogerbutts.... ha!
    happy tuesday, my cookie ran off the plate.

  2. Rachel made fairy cakes at the weekend, but wouldn't let me take a photograph ;) They're all gone now!

    The heavens have opened in Southern England this afternoon and it's raining kittens and puppies - complete with glorious thunder and lightning.

  3. Angry Boogerbutt reporting to say have a good one with Miss Wiggy.

  4. I don't think walking is cheating.

  5. NO worries I only run when I'm being chased :) The eats look great as usual! Have a great day!

  6. iZombie: Happy Tuesday to you as well, Boogerbutt.

    Flea: Did you ever see that commercial with Ozzy and him and his twin are making fairy cakes? Love that bit.

    Raining kittens and puppies ... my that is a storm. Would love to see Rachel's fairy cakes. What a fun thing.

    Angry Boogerhead: Very funny about the dice and Ray. Miss Wiggy waves hello.

    Alex: I agree. I didn't agree awhile back but now I see that it all counts and by gosh, I'm counting it. Nice to be training.

    Hope your writing is going well. Did you see Green Lantern yet?

    Shorts: Your mom tells me it you and Dave's anniversary. Cool beans. Happy Happy.

  7. Have fun walking. I'm doing a 5K marathon in Aug and will be walking some, I'm sure. It counts - def!! A great gift to yourself.

  8. Well done on even contemplating doing a half marathon, I've come out in a cold sweat, just typing about one!!!

  9. I'll take the one with the cheese inside and out. Good luck with the training. I'm glad my cooking isn't as good as yours, or I'd have to train constantly.

  10. Mmmm...cheesemen! I feel a Goldimouse moment coming on...

  11. Sadly not enough people use the autumnal term anymore. It is my favorite...then summer solstice!

  12. I skipped my monster today because I had to finish spreading tanbark and only a month late at doing it. I did a half marathon three children ago. I think my feet still hurt.

  13. wow congrats! on marathon. great blog +followed

  14. A half marathon! Good for you! (Those cheese things look really yummy.)

  15. RaShelle: Mostly I'll be jogging, as I love to jog. But there will be walk breaks for the half-marathon when needed. Much fun to you on your 5K.

    Ray: I hear you do unspeakable to things to dice.

    Porky: Funny thing about the cheese on the outside, it made the cheesemen less crunchy. Next time I might sprinkle a wee bit of Parmesan on the top, at the end.

    Bard: Ohhh, Goldimouse, I get it. Hahahaha.

    Chuck: When the autumnal equinox arrives, I'll be sure to wish you a special greeting of the new season.

    Susan: Do you name your treadmill? I named mine Monster because he's so big. Cool beans on the half-marathon. Did you enjoy it?

    Onion: Howdy hello.

    MG Higgins: They weren't terrible. A little salt, more cheese, rolled thinner, and I'll have myself some nummy homemade cheese-its.

  16. Happy training! You go, girl! Oh wow, I'm typing this across from this MOST scrumptious photo of a lasagna. Or maybe that's a photo of a MOST scrumptious piece of lasagna. Whichever. It looks great, though. :) Your blogsite makes me hungry. When's dinner/snacktime?

  17. grats on the marathon - tough undertaking but im sure you can do it!

  18. hahahahahaha...boogerbuts :P So much food stuff! Very cool

  19. Carol: Any time you get here, is good. We always have food. Saving a piece of lasagna for you.

    Robot: Just a half-marathon right now. Jog-walk.

    Rabbit: Good job on your last piece of art work. Nice to see you here.

  20. Way to go on the half marathon! I have run a few 5ks, and I always take walk breaks. It still counts!!