09 June 2011

This Stinks

Nobody wants to play with me.
Hey. How 'bout you?
You wanna play?
Only you can't have my new blanket because Aunt Doreen made it special. Just for me.
And I like to nom on it while Mommy writes.
But I'll letcha' have half my ice cube.


  1. Sorry, Wiggy, I'd share you blanket but not your ice cube.

  2. Oooo, is so sweet!!!
    I love your humour!!!
    Many greetings and kisses

  3. HAHAHA i like it.. do some more ;)

  4. awww look at those puppydog eyes :)

  5. One's Woobie is not to be messed with!

  6. You'll have to finish that ice cube.

  7. Ok, only if I get to go first then I'll share some of my chocolate with you :-)

  8. Hahah WWWAAAAYYYYY too cute! :D

  9. How can you say no to them eyes??

  10. I think we'd all play if we could. That would be one great party.

  11. BRILLIANT! Love the second caption!

  12. Pat: Okay, but you can't have it for too long. Five minutes, tops.

    Lurker: I like sticks. They're nummy.

    magda: Thank you. I get it from Mommy.

    BigMike: You'll be seeing lots of me now that I have my VERY own profile.

    Niki: These puppydog eyes got Daddy to let me on the couch.

    Auntie Shorts: That's what I say, too. But I'll still let'cha have half my ice cube.

    Biff: Ruff ruff, back. Only I don't think that's what you said.

    William: Are you sure. They're nummy. And, I like to chase them around the floor too.

    Michelle: I could num on my new blanket all day long.

    Alex: I am a girl puppy. Mommy says I'm a princess.

    Jarmara: Mommy says I can't have chocolate. But I can have stuff with oats in it, if you got that.

    bee: Thank you for the nice words.

    Ray: Daddy can't. I'm allowed on the couch now because I'm too cute to resist.

    Porky: That would be so FUN! Did you notice my brand new pink collar?

    Jack: Thanks. Do you have a doggy?

    Bartender: That's Daddy's favorite, too.

    MG Higgins: Yum is right.

    Suzan: Thank you, Miss Suzan.

  13. Oh that poor lonely dog!!! A dog with a blankie is all right by me! Those photos are adorable!

  14. It's very pretty. Pink's a good colour and looks great against your fur.