21 June 2011

Afternoon Nookie

Happy Summer.  Or ... Happy Winter, depending on where you live.  Me? I'm celebrating the first day of summer with cleaning, garden stuff and afternoon nookie.

That's right.  I said nookie.  If that offends you, go somewhere else. Otherwise, I wish you all a Happy New Season.

Meanwhile, check out my new gift.  Haven't named her yet but she's my new FoodSaver.  She's a reward for finishing my manuscript and also, a Summer Solstice gift.  That ... and four chickens.

Gonna have me a massacre, and then suck all the air out with my nifty new toy.

Happy Holiday!

I wouldn't let myself get her until my manuscript was done.
Or, the Solstice arrived. But then both happened at the same time ...

So I bought four chickens. 

Because life is that good.


  1. Thinkin' of you's workin'
    up my appetite
    looking forward to a
    little afternoon delight.
    Rubbin' sticks and stones
    together makes the sparks ingite
    and the thought of rubbin'
    you is getting so exciting.

  2. iZombie: Clearly, you are not offended. And, you made me laugh. So great. Happy Summer! Or, Happy Winter! It's all good.

  3. "Gonna have me a massacre, and then suck all the air out with my nifty new toy."

    Each to their own I say.

    And I thought the title was just a tease for us.

  4. Porky: Sometimes the titles just present themselves. Anyway, the chicken chopping is something I've done since not being a veghead anymore. Saves money, time, and I get a wonderful stock from the leftover carcasses.

    Nothing beats homemade stock. Love it.

  5. Nookie at anytime of the day is good, that's a nice piece of kit my friend.

  6. Nookie and massacres! You're like one of those ancient, middle-eastern goddesses of love and war. Ishtar, or Inanna. :)

  7. Haha, happy solstice you guys!

  8. If the massacre and nookie are mutually exclusive, I don't know what we're getting so worked up about.

    Is this a subtle extension of the LotFP debate?

  9. Nookie, dead chickens, and a sucking food saver. That's a trifecta of some kind. . . not sure of what. :) Me, I'm going to the library and borrow me some books. No nookie allowed there, unless you're very very quiet.

    Happy summer to you in return!

  10. Lurker: That's true. Anytime is good. Good point. And I love my new toy. Going to be so much fun making chicken meatballs and freezing them, minus the freezer burn.

    Cake: Lucky me, too.

    James: I spit tea out of my nose but it was totally worth it. Thanks for the laugh. Happy Summer!

    Johnathan: To you and Daisey as well. Happy New Season.

    Porky: Noppers. Just having a damn good day. Though I will warn you ahead of time before posting homemade chicken meatball massacre.

    MG Higgins: I'm just going to have to stop sipping tea, all together. You guys crack me up. And you know ... I don't believe I ever did it in a library.

    Happy Summer right back at'cha.

  11. an afternoon of sucking and nookie? that's one way to celebrate the Solstice

  12. Dungeonmum: It's the only way :-)

  13. what are you doing with these chickens?

  14. I missed congratulating you on finishing your manuscript. A belated high five!

  15. The best part of the first day of summer is that every day from now on features just a little less daylight, and winter's coming.

    What? I love the winter!!

  16. TIMMYTHEROBOT: I choke them.

    Thanks, Cake: It was a long haul and I'm real real happy about it being done. Tomorrow I get back to work and start cracking on the sequel.

    Appreciate the congrats. Always great to see you here. Really enjoyed your retelling of your recent adventures.

    William: If that's how your celebrating the holiday, then you're doing it wrong.

  17. I was expecting a picture of a nut covered cookie or something. Bravo.

  18. I just returned from winter in Fiji to summer in Texas. What an experience. I too like the food saver!

  19. Hmm, nookie and butchery, all in one day?

    Busy over there.

  20. Look at you, living the rockstar life. Gotta love that.

  21. Tim had a good day. He ran a great GURPS session and got sweet lovin', too.

  22. Now i want to see the after pictures of 4 chickens in food saver bags!

  23. an appropriate way to celebrate I say.

  24. Brutorz: Smiles on the first day of summer are always good.

    Alex: Very funny. I'm enjoying these comments.

    Pierce: There were nuts but I don't remember a cookie on them.

    Chuck: Wow, winter and summer, all in the same week. Whew.

    CounterFett: lolololol. Busy day indeed.

    Tanya: Tomorrow, it's back to writing. Want to get crackin' on the sequel.

    Christian: Game day was last night but he did have a yummy shrimp and pasta dish for supper, followed by an old black and white movie.

    BigMike: You will, that's for sure. Hope you're not smoking is going well today. I didn't get about the blogs too much. Busy you know.

    mshatch: I think so. Thanks for dropping in. Happy Summer!

  25. My dear friend with beautiful homour!!!
    I wish you a very nice summer!!!
    A hug

  26. magda: Υπέροχο να βλέπεις. Ευχαριστώ και έχουν μια μεγάλη μέρα.

  27. Any time of day nookie is always a plus...not to mention that whole food saver thing :P

  28. Meowlissa FTW!

    Congrats on all counts Whisk!

  29. Nothing offensive about nookie -- nookie is a good thing. :)

  30. Hey Guys: Hope you all had a groovy first day of the new season. Just finished making shortbread. They are cooling ...

    Serving them with sugar peaches and whipped cream. Nom nom nom.

    Catch you guys again soon.

  31. Happy Summer! Congrats on completing your manuscript!

  32. Congrats on finishing your manuscript! I love how you held off buying your new toy until your manuscript was done - what a fabulous idea!

  33. Thanks, m.s. jackon and Susan: I was getting the FoodSaver for whichever came first, the manuscript or the solstice. Just so they arrived at about the same time. That's what the bonus chickens were for, along with more bags.

    Ah ... the good life.

  34. Jen: Thanks. I'm digging my new solstice/manuscript gift. Life's too short not to be rewarded for holidays and completed tasks.