16 June 2011

Thursday Ain't Bad Either

It's time to fill my Wonder Woman mug, steal Tim's desk chair and go hide at my writing desk.

Ah ... heaven.

Until next time, please enjoy one of my groovy homemade raisin bagels, by simply pressing the teleportation button on your screen.

Enjoy and have an oogie boogie day.


  1. These look ahh-mazing :) Hope you're enjoying the week so far.

  2. Teleporting them as I type, have a good writing session and rub Miss Wiggy's tummy for me. Have a damn good day Whisk.

  3. I want to teleport so bad! Always have. I wish someone would figure out how. Although people popping in and out everywhere could be a little disconcerting.

  4. Tip your head to the right and that top bagel looks just like a Sleestak. You're more talented than I thought..!

  5. Those look so tasty I drooled all over my teleportation button and nearly shorted it out! But it worked in the end! Yum! :)

  6. Meowlissa: The week is pretty darn good. Learning my new schedule and enjoying working mornings from home. How's your week going?

    Lurker: Glad you got some bagels over your way. I gave Miss Wiggy a tummy rub and told her it was from her Uncle Lurker. She said Thanks!

    MG Higgins: It could be, that for sure. But maybe if they gave teleporation notice.

    Porky: Hey, it really does. Neato.

    Trey: I feel asleep writing at my desk. But on the upside, I have a blog for tomorrow. Go me. Rah. How was your day?

    Alex: You don't see it? Wait ... did you have one installed when you bought your computer? That's the first thing I make sure my new computer has. A food teleportation button.

    Ray: Thanks. They were. That's an old photo. They had organic cinnamon and organic raisins. So nummy.

    Bard: I've shorted out mine, four times now. Glad you got yours fixed