13 June 2011

I Love Mondays

Why? Because it's writing time. That's right.

The puppy has been walked and is napping.  The husband has eaten and is out the door. And  in a few minutes I'm going to hide out at my writing desk for two whole quiet, wonderful hours.

And I tell ya ... I'm THIS close to finishing the manuscript.  THIS close I say, THIS close.

So with that, I wish you a doo doo.

Have a groovy one and remember to eat nummy things.

Click to enlarge today's breakfast.  Nom nom nom


  1. I'll have two, better than the abomination I had for breakfast at the show. Get typing woman.

  2. May the Muse be with you.

  3. Man that looks good! And I can't even eat it! :(

    Allergic to eggs. T_T

    Enjoy those two hours. They go quick.

  4. Happy writing Monday! It's so exciting when you're close to the end.

  5. KarenG knows where it's at - and I want to be like you too. And if that's just not possible, I'd go one or three of those burgers instead.

  6. That breakfast should give you energy for all day. Have fun.

  7. I'll have what she's having.

  8. Mondays wouldn't be half as bad if I started with a breakfast like that!

    Write On!

  9. Good luck! I'm sure you'll bring that manuscript in for a happy landing! :)

  10. Good luck with your writing! :)

  11. Are you into the revision/editing stage, or are you finishing a first draft?

  12. It's waaaay past breakfast for me but that sausage biscuit is making me hungry.

  13. Lurker: Loved the lighting stuff. I have OttLites that I did a short piece on here somewhere, but then we got the big desk and floor OttLites for all over the house. Great stuff.

    austrodavicus: Thank you. Hope you and Susan are doing well this morning. Rainy and cold here. Burrr. I don't mind though, since I'm working from home again this morning.

    Jess: I did indeed have fun yesterday. Plan on having me a little more fun today. Yeppers. I do.

    KarenG: Who me? Nobody ever wants to be me.

    Barking Alien: Allergic to eggs. Oy. Not to sound dumb but does that mean in anything. Even if the egg is hidden. Thanks. They did goes fast. Whoosh.

    MG Higgins: It is. Feels wonderful. And yesterday while cleaning I came across another manuscript. I think it has only 5 or maybe 10 chapters. I didn't look at the whole thing, but I look forward to checking it out when this is done.

    Porky: I will teleport you some now. They are nummy. I'm into those double fiber muffins. I just love 'em. And they freeze great.

    Susan: It did a good job, that's for sure.

    Bartender: Then you're in luck because you have an Aldi by you. Those were Aldi sausage rounds. They used to sell the maple ones but I haven't seen those in awhile.

    Bliss: Thanks for the Write On! And I agree. It sure makes a Monday better. Nom nom nom.

    Bard: Thank you for that. I'm still not done but it's SOOOO close.

    Golden Eagle: Thanks for stopping in. I hope your writing is going well these days. I haven't been out of the blogs much this week, but I'll make sure to stop by your place, soon.

    DocStout: This is my eigth draft and the last draft that I'll do at this stage. More work will come, but not for a bit.

    Risus: That's what I love about breakfast foods. They are nummy all day long. Last night we have French toast, Coleman bacon and fried eggs for supper. So so good.

    And also, I left you a message over at Paladin's place and guess what ...? I still can't hear you. La la la la.

  14. Alex: I missed your comment. My bad. Thanks. I'm hoping by the end of the week.

  15. No need to freeze this end. Food that good vanishes fast.

  16. Porky: You know I bought two packs of the double fiber muffins. Usually I fork split and freeze one pack straight away. But this time, I've cracked into the second pack before it even hit the freezer.

    Haven't had them in awhile ...

    Now I've got a chicken roasting. Cold here this afternoon. Perfect for roasting birds.

    Eat anything nummy today?

  17. I wish you success!
    Lots of kisses

  18. That looks like one truly delicious breakfast.

  19. Looks delicious. Now after you're done with your manuscript, how much will you spend revising it?

  20. A mushroom risotto, one of my favourites at the moment. The grass is always greener though, especially here - your menu always tempts!

  21. magda: Thanks bunches :-)

    Mr. Cactus: It was yummy. Had it again yesterday.

    Timmy Therobot: Not sure what you mean by revising, but this is my eight draft.

    Porky: I make a brown creamed rice dish (that has no dairy), and I LOVE it with mushrooms. Never made Gordon's mushroom risotto, but he cooks his similar to the way my Hungarian Gram taught me how to make mine.

    Everyone: Thanks, as always, for stopping by. It's now Thursday morning here and I hope you're all having a rockin' week.