16 June 2011

Pulled It Out of My Ass

Guess what I did today? I fell asleep at my desk, while reading my manuscript.

That can't be good.

But you know who I blame? Miss Wiggy.That's right I'm blaming the dog. It was rainy and cold, and she was snuggled next to me and the next thing I knew, I woke up with my pink robe under my head.

You know what else? It was a damn good nappy nap.

And dig this ... somehow, among all the distractions, nappy naps and poopy walks, by the end of the day, I still managed to pull a four hour session out of my ass.

Not too shabby.

And now, I leave you with the Chipmunks singing Burn It to the Ground.  Why ...? Because it's only the BEST jogging song ever, and this version makes me giggle.  Especially when they sing, hey, in the background.

Good stuff.  Good stuff.


  1. Good job on salvaging some writing time! I was exposed to the Chippettes version of "Single Ladies" last week while in Belize ... we hired some teenagers to help wash ceramics and they brought their music. Weird, but overall it help me to pull my respective 4 hours of tedious archaeology out of my ass that day. Still, it's not something I want to bring back stateside.

  2. Nicely done. Day in and day out, you have to write if you want to be a writer.

  3. Good grief Whisk that music started some sort of epileptic fit, good that you pulled it out of your ass but still that's no reason for that music, you and Miss Wiggy have a good day though.

  4. I'm with Angry.

    NoooOOOooo000oooOOOoooooo to Nickleback!!!

  5. Yeah, it's hard to get stuff done with puppy snuggles near by.

  6. Spawn of Endra: Good comment. I love hearing stuff about what you all do. And while I enjoyed the giggles from that Chipmunk song, I wouldn't be able to listen to it every day.

    Matt: I treat mine like a job, usually not falling asleep at my desk. And like with other jobs, come weekends and staycations, I don't write. Noppers. My off time, is my off time.

    And today, I only need to get two hours done to meet quota. After that, I get the REST of the day to do whatever I want. Love that.

    Lurker: Yeah, that version sure would. Thanks. It was a good session all in all. Got a lot of good stuff done. Woohoo.

    biopunk: Been a long time fan. Love 'em. And that's one song (not the Chipmunk version), that will get me to keep jogging, when I want to call it a day.

    Barking: I know, right. How can I work with puppy snuggles so near by? Woke up late today because I went to bed late. And before Tim left he put Wiggy in the bed with me and she was all snuggls and cute. Love that.

  7. Nothing wrong with a nap. I'd blame the dog as well.

  8. Nice tune! Glad you got some quality writing done even with the nap thrown in there!

  9. Alex: Those nappy naps are good.

    Bard: I think that is the first time I ever fell asleep at my desk. But boy, it was cold, rainy, the puppy was snuggled in. Too much for me to resist.

    Everyone: Hope you're all having a groovy day. Just got back from a short Wiggy Walk and you know what? She did much better today when walking past Zoe, the Big Dog.

    So great.

    So ... what are you all eating today? Anything yummy? I had a chicken salad sandwich for breakfast. And it was goooood.

  10. There's a lot to be said for a short heads-down on a busy day, and good music as a driver when flagging. Another classic title.

  11. I can't point fingers. I fully blame my last puppy nap on the Federal Civil Procedures textbook, not the beagle. (This was Winona, rest her soul.)

    Try the Chipmunks' Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Chipmunks from the Urban Chipmunk album.

    How about cheese and veggie quesadillas made with fresh tortillas?

  12. alexia: And to think, before I meet my husband, I never even took a nappy nap. But I'm living good now.

    Porky: That is a good title, actually, I like it a lot. Funny.

    Suzan: Love fresh flat breads. So yum. I'll have to check out that song. Thanks.