27 January 2011

My Day Off

I'm off from work and playing in the kitchen.  Made maple ham, apple sauce and as I type, a small cauldron of chicken soup simmers on the stove.

The maple ham we ate for dinner (lunch), the apple sauce is for a big batch of apple muffins, and the soup is for tomorrow.

And now, my Wonder Woman mug is filled with organic decaf and it's time to do paperwork. Tonight, it's the bookshop and Wegmans for an ingredient run. Meanwhile, there's a snowman gaming comic posted at The Geek Gazette.

Enjoy the comic and eat well.

21 January 2011

Morning Frost

This weekend we're having homemade caramel drizzled over apples with chopped nuts and whipped cream.  For our main, brown sugar maple ham with cheesy potatoes.  See you when you get here.  
Click to enlarge photo of our backyard.

19 January 2011

Wonder Woman Quiz 7

For another shot at the super duper deluxe custom-fit platemail and, enough caramel popcorn to feed eight dinosaurs, answer the following:

Who am I and who wore this costume before me?

Good luck and as always, I'll see you sometime tomorrow at the end of comments.

18 January 2011

Caramel Popcorn

Caramel popcorn is one of my new favorite weekend treats. The salty and the sweet mixed together is pure heaven. Especially when using quality ingredients.

80g good organic light brown sugar
30g organic (or good), unsalted butter
2oz. organic (or good), double cream
Organic (or good) popcorn

Make plain popcorn and remove un-popped kernels.  Transfer to a cookie sheet lined with baking paper.  Lightly salt with Kosher (or good sea salt), and set aside.

Toss ingredients into a medium sauce pan.  Melt on low heat until sugar dissolves.  Hand-whisk on boil for about one minute.  Drizzle over lightly salted corn.

Click to enlarge photos.  Enjoy and Happy Eating.

13 January 2011

When Snowmen Sneeze

A little snowman humor along with the Wonder Woman Wednesday Quiz 6 Results. Thanks to everyone for playing. As always you guys crack me up.

Also, a BIG hello to all my new Readers.  Hope you enjoy your stay, as we have a very fun crowd here.

Until next post, Happy Eating.

12 January 2011

Wonder Woman Quiz 6

Meanwhile ... back on Paradise Island (staring Lynda Carter), the princess broke the deadlock by winning bullets and bracelets.  Her mother then gives Diana the golden belt, symbolizing Amazon supremacy.  For 1000xp and a lifetime supply of boiled head broth, tell us what two things the princess will retain, so long as she wears the belt, while away from Paradise Island?

Diana is also awarded the golden lasso which is made of indestructible material.  To win the Endless Decanter of Knowledge, tell us what the lasso carries with it?

For the Mega Bonus Round and an all expense paid round trip to the Underworld, finish this sentence: "Go in peace my daughter and remember, that in a world of ordinary mortals, you  _______________________."

Good luck and I'll see you sometime tomorrow, right back here at the end of comments.   Until then, Happy Eating.

07 January 2011

123 Readers

Holy cupcakes, Batman.  I'm up to 123 Readers.  When just this past November 7th, I was at 15.  That's super duper cool.  Special thanks to all my Regulars.  I love hearing your stories and you guys always make me laugh.

06 January 2011

Stuffed French Toast

Today it's stuffed French toast with Nutella for me, and strawberry jam with cream cheese, for Poopyhead.

I also made Mamam's French toast. She'd always set them out as a cold treat. And I'd sit at the table and gobble them up, while watching her cook.

For these, I used buttermilk bread, with cream cheese on one side and jam on the other. Close the sandwich and slice into fours. Dip each piece into an egg batter. Slightly cool on wire rack and sprinkle with icing sugar.

So simple. So good.

Here's the answers to Wonder Woman Quiz 5. Thanks for playing. Until next time, Happy Eating.

Click images to enlarge.

05 January 2011

Wonder Woman Quiz 5

Lynda Carter special guest stars in the television show below.  To win the snowball cloaking machine, name the show.  To win a second snowball cloaking machine, name the other guest star.

For the Triple Bonus Round, worth 18 sleep spells and a lifetime supply of snowballs, tell us what secret Lynda Carter's character reveals, on said show.

Good luck and I'll see you all sometime in the comment section tomorrow. Go to Wonder Woman Quiz 4, to see the answers from last week.

Enjoy and Happy Eating.

04 January 2011

Crumbles and Bumbles

Awhile back, I baked four apple crumbles, each in their own 236 ml (1 cup) Pyrex glass bowl.  Each bowl comes with a lid and holds two evenly sliced apples, plus crumble topping. Which works great, when I have a hungry Bumble and only a few apples left. 

Freezer, microwave and oven safe, these glass bowls are one of my favorite kitchen toys.

For more fun, I also bought the larger bowls for personal servings of cheesy pasta and homemade eggplant Parmesan.  But that's for another post.  Until next time, Happy Eating & Happy Cooking.

Here's the crumble.
And here's the Bumble.

02 January 2011

Who wants ice cream?

I love these containers because they hold two scoops of chocolate marshmallow. If I'm not here when you teleport in, just look in Ethel's top left freezer drawer. We have plenty.

Just don't tell Tim I told you.

01 January 2011

Lemon Shots

I shot these lemons yesterday. They make me smile. And they remind me of the Irish lemon shortbread I made using ground almonds, good butter and organic lemons.

Enjoy and Happy Eating.