02 January 2011

Who wants ice cream?

I love these containers because they hold two scoops of chocolate marshmallow. If I'm not here when you teleport in, just look in Ethel's top left freezer drawer. We have plenty.

Just don't tell Tim I told you.


  1. mmm, that looks yummy - and just what I don't need after my month long sow out. Still, since I'm here, maybe just one bite...

  2. Sure thing, iZombie.

    MS: Maybe just one ...

  3. Great photographs! I wish we had chocolate marshmellow flavour in this country. That said....I had whiskey ice-cream today....

  4. No chocolate marshmallow anywhere? Not even way in the back of the freezer? None?

  5. Mmm. Mmmm. You terrible whisk, you - I was trying to start my new year's cut back today and now I'm going to have to go and eat a whole box of chocolates to get this image out of my mind!

    On another note, I am really enjoying our new sofa thank you. So comfortable!

  6. I have come to the realization that I visit your blog:

    1. For the food porn

    2. For the friendly, witty words

    3. For the food porn

    4. For the food porn

    Conclusion, your blog is bad for my lose 10 pounds by February resolution. (please don't stop posting the yummy food porn.)

  7. No marshmellows-not even around the campfire
    :( It's too wet here for campfires.....

    There is a Krispy Kreme near me that do marshmellow donuts. That's a start....

    I suspect that milky chocolate is more popular here like Cadbury's and Nestle. Sainsbury's Supermarket stocks marshmellow cream in pink tubs which I would really love to try!

    If you are looking for American food, you can go to Selfridges Food Hall, there is a whole cupboard stocking American treats and cereals.

    Another new trend here is Italian ice-cream. That appears to be the new cupcake. lol!

    Anyway, I hope you had a nice bank holiday in the States :)

    Take care!

  8. Wow guys, these were some great comments. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

    Bartender: Marshmallows are super easy to make. I have a blog post on them from the past and I'll be doing another one again. PS: I love Cadbury.

    Thanks, Becky. Glad you enjoy the photos. I really enjoy taking them.

    Katie: I am a terrible, Whisk, I know. So glad you're enjoying the new sofa. It's nice to get new stuff like that.

    Beaming you all up some chocolate marshmallow, now. Nom nom nom.

  9. Oooh.. yummy.. what a great way to start the year!

    There was this amazing gelato place downtown that carried chocolate marshmallow... but sadly... they closed down, and now I have no idea where to find it :(

  10. I use those to put my cheesecake filling in. I use it as portion control. . . unfortunately, it doesn't help if you eat more than one cup in a sitting. *sigh*

  11. Looks delicious. Now I'm craving ice cream.

  12. Hi Guys. They are great little containers. I use them for many many things, and they freeze great.

    Thanks for stopping by. Happy Eating.

  13. Your blog is pretty much bliss. I think we're all just going to move in with you, okay?

  14. Sure, come on by. We have plenty of room, here at the inn. Thanks for the nice words, Alexia.