12 January 2011

Wonder Woman Quiz 6

Meanwhile ... back on Paradise Island (staring Lynda Carter), the princess broke the deadlock by winning bullets and bracelets.  Her mother then gives Diana the golden belt, symbolizing Amazon supremacy.  For 1000xp and a lifetime supply of boiled head broth, tell us what two things the princess will retain, so long as she wears the belt, while away from Paradise Island?

Diana is also awarded the golden lasso which is made of indestructible material.  To win the Endless Decanter of Knowledge, tell us what the lasso carries with it?

For the Mega Bonus Round and an all expense paid round trip to the Underworld, finish this sentence: "Go in peace my daughter and remember, that in a world of ordinary mortals, you  _______________________."

Good luck and I'll see you sometime tomorrow, right back here at the end of comments.   Until then, Happy Eating.


  1. (a)Strength and power

    (b)Responsibility? The power to force people to tell the truth?

    (c)"...are a Wonder Woman".

    I see what you mean about your Wonder Woman being prettier than mine. Yours is Lynda Carter; you could say that any week - and no matter who 'my' Wonder Woman' was - you'd be correct. Lynda's one of the most beautiful people on the planet :D

  2. Remember you rock?

    You have an award today, Whisk!

  3. So long as she wears the belt, the princess will retain her chastity and self-respect.


    The golden lasso carries with it the bad guys.

    After they're lassoed of course.

    The sentence: "Go in peace my daughter and remember, that in a world of ordinary mortals, you are as a cyclops in the kingdom of the blind."

  4. I have absolutely no idea what the answer is, but I couldn't not comment. Porky's answer cracked me up!

    FYI, I never thought I'd hear myself utter these words but . . . Turd on a Spoon looks delicious!

  5. i don't know... so i am going to say chocolate bunnies and you are tall amongst the humans and push your dirty pillows forward.

    wrong answer... maybe?

  6. Well, damn. Porky beat me to the 'chastity' joke. But it's probably not that kind of belt...

  7. I don't remember any of these details. But someone said the lasso made people tell the truth. That's right because I recalled it when I read it in the comments. Not a clue about the others. This is fun!

  8. I don't know either, but the responses here are great.

  9. She retains her sense of humor and 5% of the gross

    The lasso carries with it a lifetime, money-back warranty

    And mom tells her that in a world of mortals, you "always check for open sores".

  10. Ooh,ooh...I know this one. Little Guy is in love with Wonder Woman. She's his girlfriend.

    Her belt helps her retain her cunning and strength, just like my spanx.

    The lasso compels people to tell the truth. It really does. I use one on the kids.

    And in a world of ordinary mortals her mom thinks she's real and she's spectacular.

  11. I wish I knew the answers. I could really do with the endless decanter of knowledge.

    Thanks for joining my blog. I've been checking yours out and it looks like such a fun place! I adore baking myself so I think we'll get on like a baked alaska.


  12. ha ha my sides are aching from these answers. I watch Justice League a lot but they dont really talk about WW family that much except maybe once

  13. all I know is wonderwoman is HOT!

  14. I have no idea, but I like her miniskirt. I remember being awed by her minor costume changes.
    Sorry, what was the question?

  15. No not a clue but after reading some of the replies I don't think many others do either.lol

  16. Time for the winning answers to Quiz 6. Drum roll please .....

    To win 1000xp, plus a lifetime supply of boiled head broth (a wonderful tonic for after a monster attack), you had to tell us what two things the princess would retain, so long as she wore the belt off the island. The answers: She will retain her cunning and strength.

    For the Endless Decanter of Knowledge you had to tell us what the golden lasso carries with it. It carries with it, the power to compel people to tell the truth. The decanter is yours, if you answered correctly.

    And the winner of the all expense paid round trip to the Underworld is Flea. Congratulations. While I enjoyed ALL answers, Flea completed the sentence correctly by writing, "....are a Wonder Woman."

    As always, you guys rock. This is a heck of a lot of fun. I'll see you back next week, for another round of Wonder Woman Wednesday.

  17. Ahhh, the truth thing! That's right!
    MAC cosmetics is coming out with a line of Wonder Woman cosmetics in the spring!!!

  18. Hi Kelly. Thanks for joining my blog. Wonder Woman cosmetics? What will they think of next?

  19. Shoot! I should know these!

    I made the mistake of visiting your blog when I'm HUNGRY. Perhaps you need a warning: do not view this blog unless you've eaten a satisfying meal. :-)